Expedition 31 Landing

The Soyuz TMA-03M spacecraft is seen as it lands with Expedition 31 Commander Oleg Kononenko of Russia and Flight Engineers Don Pettit of NASA and Andre Kuipers of the European Space Agency in a remote area near the town of Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan, on Sunday, July 1, 2012. Pettit, Kononenko and Kuipers returned from more than six months onboard the International Space Station where they served as members of the Expedition 30 and 31 crews. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

Watch the full video of the Soyuz TMA-03M spacecraft undocking from the ISS and returning to Earth: http://youtu.be/2UQcK2xG570


Col. Chris Hadfield: “Safely home - back on Earth, happily readapting to the heavy pull of gravity. Wonderful to smell and feel Spring.”

Read about Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield’s return to Earth following historic five-month mission here: http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/media/news_releases/2013/0513.asp

Photo credits: Mikhail Metzel/AFP/Getty Images/Guardian/space-pics/NASA 


Top: Space Shuttle Atlantis docked with Mir on 4 July 1995.  Cosmonauts Anatoliy Y. Solovyev and Nikolai M. Budarin, who had arrive onboard Atlantis five days earlier, took Soyuz TM-21 for a fly-around photo survey prior to Atlantis undocking for her return to Earth.  This was the first time a shuttle had docked with Mir.

Bottom: Two shots of the Space Shuttle Endeavour docked with the ISS, as photographed by the departing Soyuz TMA-20 spacecraft on 23 May 2011, during the STS-134 mission.  (There are a lot more from this fly-around here)


The Soyuz TMA-09M Spacecraft Departs the Station

The Soyuz TMA-09M spacecraft departs from the International Space Station’s Zvezda Service Module and heads toward a landing near the town of Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan on Nov. 11, 2013 (Kazakh time). Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin, Expedition 37 commander; along with NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg and European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano, both flight engineers, are ending a five-and-a-half month stay at the space station where they served as members of the Expedition 36 and 37 crews.

Russian Soyuz-FG rocket with the Soyuz TMA-12M spacecraft and a crew of US astronaut Steven Swanson, Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev aboard, blasts off from a launch pad at the Russian-leased Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, early on March 26, 2014.



NAZ-3 Cosmonaut Survival Kit

  • Makarov pistol and ammunition 
  • wrist compass 
  • 18 waterproof matches with striker 
  • machete; fishing kit 
  • strobe light with spare battery 
  • 8 fire starters 
  • folding knife 
  • antenna 
  • 3-pair wool gloves 
  • signal mirror 
  • NAZ-7M type medical kit 
  • penlight 
  • R-855-YM or R-855-A1 radio 
  • two “Priboy 2S”, ПРИБОЙ-2С radio batteries 
  • three wool balaclava hoods. 

(Source: The Appendix)