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[Sooyoung] I AM (Inu yasha Opening)(Kor. version)

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
 Rule 2: Answer all the questions the person who tagged you asked and then write 11 new ones. 
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I was tagged by the always delightful ziyums

1. if you could pick a color to describe you what would it be and why?

I’m brown. Brown is considered to be kind of an average colour and I am average in a lot of ways but brows has hidden richness and it can be a classy and fun colour. WOW I AM SO FULL OF MYSELF. I’m so great.

2. what is your dream job?

TV show writer.

3. if you could live anywhere where would it be?

I’d like to live everywhere for a bit. Be a nomad. But if I had to choose one place it’d be London.

4. did you have a dream last night? what was it?

I did dream but I don’t remember it clearly. 

5. what are you wearing?


6. what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

There was this Italian ice cream parlour in town that made this amazing yogurt flavoured ice cream. It was my joy.

7. do you believe in aliens? 

Hell yeah I do. Aren’t we aliens ourselves?

8. cats or dogs?

I used to automatically respond dogs to this question but look at my darlings


9. are you wearing socks right now? 

no. I’m never wearing socks when it’s not absolutely necessary.

10. what is the first fandom you participated in? 


11. what is your go-to starbucks order (or coffee order in general i guess)?

I rarely ever order coffee but when I do it’s a cappuccino. 

My questions:

1. Who was the 1st person to ever make you question your sexuality?

2. What is your go to comfort food?

3. What was your favourite subject in high school?

4. If you ever met one of your heroes and got to spend a whole day with them what would you do?

5. Favourite exotic animal?

6. favourite tv show growing up.

7. Your motto in life?

8. How is your mum doing?

9. last movie you went to see?

10. Last concert?

11. Favourite Beyoncé song.