gallerylefey replied to your photoBoat on Ganges River Varanasi, India

wonderful light.. nice capture..

soyarel replied to your photoBoat on Ganges River Varanasi, India


bsene replied to your photoWomen Bathing in Ganges River Varanasi, India



candiceatelier replied to your photoWomen Bathing in Ganges River Varanasi, India

Wonderful image! Do you know why some of them cut their hair? Is it something cultural or religious?

I believe some do it as a statement challenging Indian’s perceptions about female beauty since they want women to have long hair.

And after doing a little bit of Google searching, I’ve read that there is a temple in south-eastern India where women offer their hair as a gift to Lord Venkateswara, the presiding deity.

However, that photo was taken in Varanasi which is pretty far north so I believe that the women in the photo shaved their heads as a statement rather than for religious reasons.  But don’t take my word for it, I just took the picture as my boat was pulling off to the side.


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wnderlst: “Dalsnibba Mountain, Norway | Pavel Suslov”

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The Six Laws of Adorability by Jacob Andrews [collegehumor]

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