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Have you ever considered not jumping down the throats of anyone who ever tags anything? You're so fucking thin-skinned.

if this is about the t’sovik art:

if t’sovik was the most popular ship in the fandom with a fuckton of fanart and everybody liked it, I would be more thick-skinned, yes.

The problem is that it has so little fanart and fanfic, and us fans always have to CONSTANTLY deal with shit thrown our way from hateful liaramancers that are overprotective of their blue waifu

(haha nah they’re just shit-throwing, there’s plenty of people who love Javik and hate Liara but they don’t target those people, no, they target the t’sovik shippers. I wonder why)

So yes, I am thin-skinned, because I don’t want to see people discouraged from contributing to what little the ship has because of assholes making passive or otherwise tags or comments and just outright attacking them.

Get off your high horse

if this is about attacking people for tagging character hate:

character hate is bullying. it makes people who enjoy those characters feel intimidated and unwelcome in the fandom, especially unpopular characters. keep it off the fucking tag

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okay i have something more; in that alternative universe, as I said before, Sovik and I are on the same starship and we are both science officers and that’s how we met but I changed my mind and want to go to command because I kind of find it dull being a science officer, even though science is really cool and the only reason I’m staying is because of Sovik but Sovik doesn’t know it so he just thinks I’m like, really into it but I always need help because I always ask him to help me like for example when we visit some new planet and run some tests when in reality I just enjoy his company and it’s really angsty you know because I can’t decide, because even if I switch to command I’m still going to be on the same  starship but we’re not going to be together like we are now, being a team and stuff, and then I’m going to switch to command and then, there’s going to be some missions and Sovik will be worried sometimes even though he won’t be showing it because he’s from vulcan and then I will be worried too because he doesn’t show it and then I will be thinking about this during a mission and then there will be an accident but not that grave and I’m going to end up in the sick bay and then Sovik is going to visit me and then and then and then there’s going to be tears -from my part- and maybe a vulcan kiss or something and ouch right in the headcanon

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Replace Liara and Javik with any other two characters. I'm not very familiar with the ship but I know you like Optimus and Megatron. So I guess imagine something similar happening while Megatron has blue eyes(I assume their eyes go red when they turn evil so he's not an antagonist yet)? The comments would still apply. It's not so much the characters as much as character's actions in the comic which constitute the character being an ass and deserving of a good smack about the head.

no it doesn’t. Megatron/Optimus is much more popular within the transformers fandom than t’sovik. I am much more lenient of comments regarding it than I am with t’sovik, where I am (understandably) much more sensitive to people making obnoxious comments, in the tags or otherwise.

Seriously, when have I attacked someone for bashing megop? never. The most I’ve done is privately make comments about how some optimus/arcee shippers tend to deny optimus’s queerness in his relationship with megatron.

We have to deal with enough shit about it as it is, and there is much more outright hatred for the ship than there is for megop. I am protective over t’sovik, I’m not really all that protective over megop.

And had it been the tag “someone smack him” I probably wouldn’t have minded, especially from . But outright punching? “FUCKING PUNCH HIM” FUCKING JAVIK”? And the person in question very likely being a liaramancer?

Nah man, I don’t think it was meant innocuously at all.

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