okay i have something more; in that alternative universe, as I said before, Sovik and I are on the same starship and we are both science officers and that’s how we met but I changed my mind and want to go to command because I kind of find it dull being a science officer, even though science is really cool and the only reason I’m staying is because of Sovik but Sovik doesn’t know it so he just thinks I’m like, really into it but I always need help because I always ask him to help me like for example when we visit some new planet and run some tests when in reality I just enjoy his company and it’s really angsty you know because I can’t decide, because even if I switch to command I’m still going to be on the same  starship but we’re not going to be together like we are now, being a team and stuff, and then I’m going to switch to command and then, there’s going to be some missions and Sovik will be worried sometimes even though he won’t be showing it because he’s from vulcan and then I will be worried too because he doesn’t show it and then I will be thinking about this during a mission and then there will be an accident but not that grave and I’m going to end up in the sick bay and then Sovik is going to visit me and then and then and then there’s going to be tears -from my part- and maybe a vulcan kiss or something and ouch right in the headcanon

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T'sovik fans are cray cray

I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

I was worried I was being kind of an asshole but I feel the insane response warrented it.

indecentinkling2 replied to your post:Oh the joys of reading shipping wars~ It’s so…

*clap clap*

This post was for you ~


I’ve been reading those assholes answers about the T’sovik fanart you did and … holy fuck, can’t they just admit that they were dicks already ?? Not everybody can comprehend characters the same way, thus why some people think Javik is a complete asshole when others think that he’s just a guy that has been through a lot of shit and you can see him FUCKING GROW THROUGHOUT THE GAME >8C


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Thank you for your T'Sovik comics; despite people whining, I thoroughly enjoy them. Keep doing the thing, and feed off their whiny baby tears.

I think it’s funny how i get comments on how we can’t excuse javik’s behavior and at the same time they’re excusing Liara’s behavior against Javik.

I understand Liara and her frustration but saying how she’s flawless and so cute is insulting to her character honsetly. She desperatly needed some kind of character flaw and this was perfect for her.

They’re both giant 5 year old piss babies around eachother and i love them for it.

(tbf tho my comic did look pretty one sided and i should’ve explained it a bit better probs but eh.)

Thank you for your message .u.

Now if you’ll excuse me

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halfmassportalfortress 3

god bless u i can have fun tonight

half life:

Favorite Male: gordon. obviously.
Favorite Female: alyx
Favorite Pairing: gordon/alyx
Least Favorite Character: fast headcrab zombies. they gave me nightmares. alternatively, judith mossman
who’s most like me: dog definitely dog
most attractive: alyx
three more characters that I like: gman, eli, and grigori

mass effect:

Favorite Male: it’s a tie between the commander himself and garrus
Favorite Female: liara!
Favorite Pairing: t’sovik
Least Favorite Character: ash, but i let her die on virmire, and i never really got a chance to get attached to her
who’s most like me: maybe liara, i mean she was so into protheans and she kinda reminds me of how obsessive i get. also i can relate to javik kinda, cause he was asleep for so long so in a galaxy full of aliens, he’s the most alien of them all
most attractive: garrus
three more characters that I like: all of them joker, legion, and mordin


Favorite Male: wheatley!
Favorite Female: GLaDOS
Favorite Pairing: wheatley/chell
Least Favorite Character: morality core. sorry bud, you don’t say anything
who’s most like me: i wanna say atlas simply because of the way it hugs p-body, that reminds me of myself
most attractive: wheatley i guess. if you’re attracted to eye robots oh wait haha yeah
three more characters that I like: chell, cave, and space core

team fortress:

Favorite Male: sniper? maybe? idk
Favorite Female: miss p
Favorite Pairing: sniperspy
Least Favorite Character: the director is annoying and terrible
who’s most like me: ?????
most attractive: ?????
three more characters that I like: scout, medic, and saxton


indecentinkling2 said:

do do do, another one bites the dust! good timing tho i was planning to draw some fluffy t'sovik (◡‿◡✿)

A plan I fully support. Kinda doesn’t help that I didn’t get Jaavik in ME3 (lack of internet connection). One of those guys I’m just trying to catch up on so I can do more work with him too! :D