oh, hi (おはよ)

Sipping American-ized martini with a lemon twist while being told about the various sections of the capital of Lithuania and how each section was built based on a certain history. She was comparing the tall apartment building structures built by the Soviets to house as many people as possible to public housing projects built in New York City. And just how neighborhoods were torn down here in NYC, while the buildings in Lithuania were built on empty space…

Empty spaces. What a way to describe it. Revisiting the feeling, carving out a crevice for a line of connection made void by an unspoken disagreement. Slipping out of your hand, and coming home to discover someone else’s pain drunk at your doorstep. Guilty with sin that’s why the innocent ones are always kept around. A mirror of the untouched and sentiment towards what might have been. What might have been if it weren’t so fucked up…. Then to see the mess the next morning laying on the couch in a bra and underwear. Arms spread out, hoping someone would catch her in her sleep. But you have enough trouble taking care of yourself—and that’s who you have to focus on. Then to come out and find the house mother leaving an angry note on the fridge door. Upset to a point of not acknowledging a “Yo…” or “Good morning.”


25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall