Not everything is a mermaid
that dives into the water,
so I am becoming a fiction.
Once we helped each other
swim and tried to drown
one another at the same time.
My bikini fell to the floor
of the ocean and marked an x;
made a whalebone reanimate
by force of will. On land I leave
fragments of magic for you
to wish upon, my fallen eyelashes
asleep on your pillow, lipstick ring
kisses so you won’t miss the curl
of my tongue.
—  Zoe Dzunko, “X,” published in Souvenir

#finland #sweden #souvenir

お世話になっているデザイナーから頂いた北欧土産。フィンランドバーチとトナカイの角で出来たククサにくくりつけられた紙切れには『白夜やオーロラなど独自の気象に育まれた希少な白樺』とある。ストックホルムの焙煎屋のケニアも 攻撃的でジューシーな酸がたまらない。軽々と世界が繋がりだすと より民藝的視点でいう土地土地に息づく風土が面白くなる。他者の習慣や知恵 地場の財産を自分暮らしに取り入れることはいつだってエキサイティングだ。


Ode to my family

I went as every year in my family’s house this summer, in Dordogne on the southwest of France.This place full of souvenir brings peace and happiness in my soul. Faces, traces of my grand-parents everywhere, echos of laughs and love, pieces of childhood.This is the place I can see my own path, and find my place between others storys. This is where I sometimes grew up.
This is an ode to my family.