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Ben laid there waiting for someone to come along. He had gone on a walk and yet again didn’t return. He stared up at the sky with the sun beating down on him.

Poor Ben.

Always wandering off. The IV bag was running low of the cure and after being treated again (this time more aggressively) for KV he had less stamina than normal. The recovery process took it’s toll more than the virus itself.  Now Ben was laying there desolate and alone. 

Its so strange because growing up Mikey was my ultimate favourite however, as of recently getting back into the show I find myself growing more and more to enjoy Leo? I mean after seeing the way carnalclown and the girls in the Body Snatchers RP portray him seriously how can you not.. so I suppose this one is for you guys southernblossoms hiddenshadowwolf loonilum and rossen-wolf 

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The basics

Name: Nicole

Nickname: Pink, Nicoleberry

Age: 27

Species: human


Religious Belief: Spiritual and Spiritist 

Sins: Gluttony, Envy, & Wrath

Virtues: All

Primary Goals in Life: making myself happy and others happy as well

Languages: Mainly English. Some Spanish, Some Italian, Some Japanese

Secrets: come here… no really come here… ***burps in your ear*** HAHAHA!!

Quirks: I gotta make a list… ready?

  • I say “okie dokie” A LOT!!
  • I made up my own language somewhat
  • I like to check up on people and say “Hi”
  • I dance around the house and sing out loud when no one is home
  • I buy a lot of Bath and Body Works products

Savvies: I can cook, give advice, become a mole for people


Height: 5’4″

Weight: I have no shame… large and in charge

Scars/Beauty Marks: gots lots of scars, hehe. Beauty mar on my left wrist.

Abilities/Powers: I have deja vu at times. I also am able to get 53 school-age children quiet and listen to me. Amazing, huh?


Drink: Alcoholic would be Wine, Margaritas, Sangria, Daiquiris/ non-alcoholic is coffee, sweet tea, seltzer and juice

Pizza Topping: Sausage, chicken

Color: PINK!!

Music Genre: all

Book Genre: eh, fanfiction this time around.. LOTR and HP

Movie Genre: Cartoons, Fantasy, and documetaries

Season: Fall

Butt Type: all types of butts

Swear Word: WTF, ass

Scent: uhhhhmmm.. anything floral or sweet

Quote: gots too many

Fun Stuff

Bottom or Top: Bottom 

Sings in the Shower: “Don’t stop believin’!”

Likes Bad Puns: yup

Morality: Do unto others as you would have done to yourself

Build: Short and stout like a teapot

Favorite Food: Food.. just nothing too spicy

"Boss" Theme Music: Gohan Vs Frieza by Bruce Faulconer

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Things I love

Things I love

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One song: Ah yeah (black radio) Robert glasper ft musiique soulchild and Chrisette michelle

Two Movies: TMNT (2014) Dangerous liaisons (Chinese foreign film) 2012

Three Shows: Blue Mountain state, H20, Big Bang theory.

Four (groups of) My immediate fam husband and two kiddos, My dental fam, My workout friends (getting buff all day erry day , and the friends I’ve made on here.

Five Foods: Bacon,kale salad, protein berry smoothie, Greek yogurt, toad in the hole (Google it so good)

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southernblossoms I KNOW RIGHT? and that hamper is kept in my bathroom and we didn’t even put anything from the wreck in it! It’s the weirdest thing, and none of us can explain it. Everything else in my purse except for my wallet, is gone. Just literally gone into the void somewhere. But I’ve been good, had clinicals all weekend, got to see and do some pretty cool stuff, then class last night, work tomorrow lol the never ending cycle. How have you been?

southernblossoms replied to your post “One more section to go!  I’m actually going to finish this chapter…”

Excited as I am, take your time. You’ll know when it’s ready.

Thanks for the understanding.  I’m the slowest writer ever.  It takes awhile for me to get in the zone and with real life in the way it can take even longer.  (This past week in particular was killer for me.)  So I actually had this chapter halfway through weeks ago, but am only now getting back to it.  Even so, it still has to go through a rigorous beta process so it won’t be posted for awhile yet anyway.  I do like to let people know I haven’t forgotten about it though.

Using only song names from 1 artist/band cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat a song title, it’s a lot harder than you think!

This was AWESOME and made work a little more bearable. Thank you mamasouthernblossoms!

pick your band/artist: Katy Perry

are you a male or female: California Girls

describe yourself: Hot n Cold

how do you feel: Wide Awake

if you could go anywhere, where would you go: Waking Up in Vagas

your favorite form of transportation: Walking on Air

You and your best friends are: Double Rainbow

Your best friend is: Part of Me

Favorite time of day: Last Friday Night

If your life was a TV show, what would the title be: This is how We Do

What is life to you: Not Like the Movies

Your relationship: Circle the Drain

Your fear: Dark Horse 

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“So who do you like shipping the TMNT boys with?”

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I’m the type that tends to be a monogamous shipper in a fandom.  I am practically blind except for the one thing I really want.  In TMNT, I’m a big supporter of Raphril these days (no surprise there).  I also strongly support Leorai, though I don’t go out of my way looking for stuff pertaining to it.  Regardless, I enjoy it when it comes across my dash and want it to become established canonically.  It also depends on the iteration.  For example, I really liked April and Casey together in the 1990 movie, but it’s not at all what I want to happen in the 2012 show.   





If you’re in the tmnt fandom, are in the slightest attracted to any of the turtles, and haven’t seen this yet, I wish I could see your face as you watch it.
I think Leo steals the show here (my god man), but each one is perfect, and I love the inclusion of Usagi. (Donnie you are so precious)

This makes me ridiculously happy to watch!

I’m so glad this is back!!!!

I can’t not reblog this!💚💚💚

My FanFiction

Hey all! Id like to share with you some of the TMNT fiction I wrote. This post includes two that I finished a few months back and one RP that I did with the lovely carnalclown. Anyway I’m in the process of developing an OC for my favourite Bara Leo and I have to be honest I wasn’t down with the whole OC thing before discovering tumblr, but after following some wonderful people and reading so many kick ass stories I’ve been delighted and inspired to make my own. I want to give shout outs to those who inspire me, you are wonderful artists and I look forward to seeing you on my feed everyday.

turtle-sketches carnalclown wumpusinthetardis southernblossoms dorkinhighheels your blogs make me smile.

Now on to the stories

Warning for adult situations and NSFW thank you pls enjoy

MNT:In Lust we Thrust
you can find the 15 chapter story here: In their early 20’s guys learn about life and love.

A little truth or dare: (Raphril quickie) April invites Raphael up to the farm house to move stuff around.
Found here:

Dark passion RP: Fun little role play. Warning explicit acts of pleasure.



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The basics

Name: Denese

Nickname: Dennis, Neicy, D, Denetrix

Age: over 30 under 35
Species: human

Religious Belief: I’m spiritual

Sins: Gluttony(I’m a foodie ok) and lots of sex

Virtues: Loyalty, Humour, Honest but tactful

Primary Goals in Life: Be happy but that’s such a subjective word. I have my ups and downs.

Languages: Just english and a little french. I can also do Jamaican Patois if I feel inclined to.

Secrets: If I told you then I would have to hunt you down and kill you.

Quirks: apparently I talk to myself a lot but not in a bad way just to walk myself through stuff.

Savvies: I am a great cook of Caribbean food .

Height: 5’11

Weight: a lady doesn’t tell

Scars/Beauty Marks: Beauty mark on the corner of my left eyebrow I think it’s beautiful.

Abilities/Powers: I can bend my thumbs behind my hands can you?

Drink: I actually don’t drink but champagne is nice

Pizza Topping: Pepperoni bacon

Color: Green

Music Genre: hip hop jazz and Neo soul

Book Genre: Horror or paranormal and smut

Movie Genre: Comedy and action

Season: Fall

Butt Type: I love a tight ass on a man and well rounded

Swear Word: Fuck Off (I sound like a donkey when I say it lol)

Scent: cookie smelling candles

Quote: to long to put here

Fun Stuff
Bottom or Top: Bottom 😛

Sings in the Shower: Most definitely

Likes Bad Puns: yup

Morality: Do unto others as you would have done to you

Build: Curvy tall and somewhat toned (I’m working on it)

Favorite Food: curry chicken Roti (Google it)

"Boss" Theme Music: well right now "Alright" by Kendrick Lamar

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