Went to go see Soledad Goats Goat Cheese.  He makes some great goat cheese.  They are a small goat farm that has a “no kill” policy based out of Mojave, California.  They have several dogs and horse that have been rescued.  Even a pig, donkey, a cow and some sheep that have also been rescued.  Most of the goats and dogs are very friendly.  There was one goat named Modesto that insisted that you give him attention.

Julian (one of the owners) loves to have people come by and give you a tour, just call ahead and wear some boots.  The goats will chew on things on your person so keep that in mind if you go for a visit.  Also when you pull up it does not look like much but trust me, give it a chance and you will be just a surprised as I as.

Soledad Goats Goat Cheese is at several different Farmers market in Southern California.  Check their Facebook page to see if they are near you.  

I found an article that KCET did on the farm if you have time take a look.



Hey everyone!! I regret to inform that we won’t be able to keep either of our cats due to my boyfriends allergies, the upcoming arrival of my newborn son, and the move we are going to be making across the country. We need to find them a new home as soon as possible!! 

This is Mittens. We got her for free on Craigslist when she was only 9 weeks old. She’s been raised in a one bedroom one bathroom apartment as an indoor cat. Here are some other facts about her! 

  • She is 9 months old, shes in the junior age group aka she’s at that playful stage between kitten and young adult.
  • She is not fixed, but she hasn’t gone into heat yet. She hasn’t had her shots either. 
  • No past health issues or parasites. 
  • Mittens is crate trained and likes to sleep in her cage at night! This is incredibly helpful with making her feel safe at her new home as you build a bond.
  • She’s been taking baths since she was a small kitten so bath time isn’t an issue. She even likes to hang out with you as you bathe/shower. 
  • Here are more pictures and videos of her! 

Personality traits

  • She’s shy at first and will take a while to warm up.
  • Cuddly. She enjoys being pampered.
  • Believe it or not she actually plays fetch! 
  • Responds to her name
  • She’s been trained to go to her cage when she’s in trouble 
  • Calm cat that likes to lounge but still gets bursts of energy and likes to play! 

She comes with cool stuff! 

  • Mitten’s crate is the large one. (it folds down flat for traveling) When you take her home you get her crate and the blanket inside. 
  • Water and food dish
  • Her favorite toys, jingling toy balls! 

Things we can’t promise to you but that also need to go. These are more on a whoever needs them the most.

  • Large bag of dry cat food
  • Kitty litter box
  • 5 ft used cat scratching post

We live in Riverside CA and are hoping to find someone in the area. Please consider taking her home! We’ll be taking both her and her brother to our local rescue shelter where there will be a possibility of them being euthanized.


Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Central Park Invite in style. Saucony, A Snail’s Pace and Fountain Valley HS teamed up for one more day of XC action in Huntington Beach, CA.

After a few months of planning, hours of set-up and with over 4,000 runners competing it is pretty amazing that the Saucony crew was still able to sneak in the photo booth for some shots….Looking good guys! Another cross country season in the books for So Cal, thank you Snail’s Pace for partnering on such a great event