southern crowned pigeon

Southern Crowned Pigeon (Goura scheepmakeri) 紫胸鳳冠鳩 | ©Sheau Torng Lim

This stunning bird is known as the Southern crowned-pigeon, and belongs to the species Goura scheepmakeri (Columbiformes - Columbidae). 

Its most prominent feature is the striking headdress of blue-grey, lacy feathers, with the rest of the plumage also primarily blue-grey; its breast and belly are rich maroon. A black ‘mask’ sits around the red eyes, and its legs and feet are purplish-red.

The Southern crowned-pigeon occurs in the southern lowlands of New Guinea (Indonesia and Papua New Guinea). It is a fairly sociable species, usually encountered in small groups of three to seven individuals, although large flocks of up to 30 have been observed in the past.



Just reposting the best archosaurs I encountered on my trip to Pittsburgh last August! These came from the Pittsburgh Zoo, National Aviary, and Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

via Parc des Oiseaux

Il y a 2 jours, le poussin gouras de Scheepmaker, déjà huppé, est sorti du nid et accompagne les adultes dans leurs déambulations sur le sol.

Ces gouras (les plus gros pigeons du monde) sont arrivés au printemps dernier dans la volière de la Jungle Tropicale et un couple s’est déjà reproduit ! Nous avons isolé les deux parents dans la Maison des Oiseaux, pour qu’ils y soient plus tranquilles.

Southern Crowned Pigeon fledgling :)) @ Parc des Oiseaux, France.