Gosh dang it coworkers who follow me! (But I still love y'all)

Like I want a post a cute story about the guy that I wrote about in my “Totes Presh Date” posts but like so many people from work follow me and like this one would be super obvious (as if the other one’s weren’t but it’s whatever this one would like totally blow our cover) and like… I don’t know if I’m ready for that because yeah? Yeah. 

But just know today was absolutely adorable and I am SO looking forward to this Saturday and next Monday/Tuesday because new totes presh adventures will be happening <3 <3 ^_^

So it rained a little today...


This is the school baseball field when I left at 3:00. If you look closely you can see a car almost completely submerged in water.

This is the baseball field twenty minutes later. Our baseball coach is livid. This field is his pride and joy.



Took a snap while I was waiting in stand-still traffic.



This is at a motel on my way home from school.


This is a few of our good ole country boys helping the car that was submerged in water in the pic above. My friend Hunter hooked a cable to his 4x4 pick up truck and the van. He grabbed a few of his buddies to help him and now the car is out. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s a true southern gent! I mean just look at them! They’re waist deep in nasty rain water in the middle of a storm trying to save that van! They didn’t even know the people that owned it and yet they’re doing all they can to get it out. I’m very proud to say these guys attend my school and are from my hometown. Yes, this picture makes them look like rednecks but would any Yankee risk ruining clothes or their health to get a van out of water? I don’t think they would, but I’m not saying they wouldn’t. All I’m saying is this is the kind of stuff we do in the south, we help each other no matter what. It’s this sweet little thing we call Southern Hospitality.

Frat Daddy

I am dreading his trip. 

I called him the other day to tell him how I was feeling with the hope that he would just cancel his trip, but I wasn’t so lucky. I told him that I wasn’t feeling the same as I was before and whatever we are just feels more like a friendship now rather than a…whatever it was we were doing before. He was very certain that as soon as I see him all of these feelings will come back to me and I will remember the way things used to be. Ugh. I decided that was a good time to let him know that we haven’t exactly been on the same page.

He asked if there were other guys and I was honest. I told him that I’ve been dating people here, and I was dating people when we were still in school too. Then he asked me if I’d slept with anyone else (HAHA) and I said yes but wouldn’t tell him how many because that’s not his business. I thought he was going to cry. Poor Frat Daddy. Instead of getting the reaction I was hoping for - a canceled trip - he decided to tell me that he also slept with someone else…mmhm sure he did. I don’t buy it, but I also don’t care. 

I made it really clear that I just wasn’t feeling it, and that if he decided to still come up here then he would have to respect my feelings, or lack thereof. He still persisted that I’d feel the feels as soon as I saw him, but I think we all know that there were never really any feelings there. He and I hooked up a lot and it was convenient, but there was no romance. I was pining over someone else. When I told him that all we did was hook up he then asked why we couldn’t just continue to sleep together when he came to visit…um…

That comment really pissed me off so I hung up to go over to the Southern Gent’s (who had been sexting me during the entire Frat Daddy convo).

I think I’m just going to have to suck it up and host him for a week, but it’s going to be terrible.