Being the only well known African youtuber,i must appreciate caspar lee,because if you look at it technically or in any other ally, you find out that he represents a whole continent,thats why i say major props to caspar.

ok now,away from that murky emotional feelings bullshit,lets get to the  facts.i watched his videos n i find out that caspar is very goofy,if anyone still uses that word.

he derives his humor from very n i mean ‘extremely very’ awkward situations,if he’s joined by another youtuber he will make the situation awkward intentionally, but 4 us the viewers that shit’s funny as hell

 And thats y i like him.His personality has a warmth,even if i have never n may never meet him,he is pretty much big hearted,n you can tell this by just watching a couple of his videos.

(ooh Pieter but i thought you said away from that emotional feelings bullshit)says one of the readers…yeah,i know,but after watching Caspar Lee it’s very hard not 2 take a chill pill,relax n laugh already.So i think Caspar is pretty awesome, check his videos out:

 summary:I call caspar lee AFRICA’S YOUTUBE KING

.well,not unless you prove me wrong.(critics welcomed).

caspar lee’s youtube channel: