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The Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea.

(EDIT: Clarifying this in case it becomes a problem later on. I am not a professional reporter, neither am I writing this post due to a request from a professional reporter. I gain no profit from this post. I have merely written this because the lack of truth everywhere has angered me very much.)

Please do not scroll past this. This is lengthy, but please take care to read it. Our government is lying to us and trying to shut up the efforts of the families of the missing who are trying to tell the truth.

1.There were constant miscommunications and false announcements in the process of the rescue mission.

On April 18th morning, there were reports on KBS that the mission team managed to enter the Sewol ferry, and that they were now in the dining room where many of the missing passengers were believed to be held.

(screencap of the KBS footage that was included in a report from Nyuseutapa(뉴스타파), a news report podcast.)

This was an official governmental report from the Central Disaster and Safety Management Ministry from the Safety Administration. However, there was another announcement an hour later from the Equipment and Technology minister of the maritime police, Myeong-seok Koh. The announcement was that the report was false. From about 11:30 a.m. to 15:30 p.m., different news websites made contrasting reports about the situation with some websites saying that the report was false and some saying that it was true. And at 15:30 p.m., there was another official announcement from the Central Disaster and Safety Management Ministry that the mission team had in fact failed to enter the ferry. It was later revealed that the maritime police’s position was that there was no confirmation whether the entering had succeeded or not, and yet the government decided to officially announce it without any solid information.

(There is a report about this which you can watch here.)

This is only one example of the constant false announcements from the government that were marked as official. At the initial stage of the disaster, the Central Disaster and Safety Management Ministry announced that 368 people had been rescued only to change it to 175 people. Even that number was later proved to be false when the father of one student searched literally everywhere - the Paengmok port (the port near to the site of the disaster), the hospital, even the sewers for his daughter. Only then was it confirmed that the announcement of 175 survivors was false and the daughter who had been on the rescued list was in fact one of the missing. Even when the government announced that there were 555 people, 121 helicopters and 69 ships working on the mission, that announcement was later confirmed to be false when the family of the missing saw that there were not even 200 people working on the mission. Also there were only 2 helicopters and 10 ships.

Even the report that a marine diver had lost his life on the search was later turned out to be untrue. The said marine had lost his life from falling while changing the light bulbs of one of the ships.

(One of the news outlets with the false report on the death of the marine.)

2. There is hardly anything being done on the rescue mission and the government announcements and the media reports are making it seem otherwise. During nighttime, star shells have to be used in order to continue the search and the government announced that they were doing so. However, when KBS was showing a footage of a star shell exploding and brightening the site of the disaster, (20:30 p.m.), civilian rescuers and two rescue teams were on standby because there were no star shells to work with. When the families of the missing requested for star shells to the person in charge, it took 20 minutes to get the permission for their use and 40 minutes for the plane they can use it with. 

Also, on the first night of the disaster, when the government had announced that the rescue mission was ongoing, the families of the missing borrowed a fishing boat and visited the site. According to the family member Joong-yeol Kim, there was not a single ship within 100m radius of the disaster site. Even when the family members approached right next to the ship, there was no rescue team or ship to stop them. 

(You can hear this interview here.)

(EDIT: Listen to the April 17th report if you wish to hear the interview.)

And when president Geun-hye Park visited the site, the whole mission had to be paused for three hours for her visit.

3. The government is trying to stop the families of the missing from telling the truth. The families of the missing, angered by the constant false announcements and lack of control in resources decided to pay a protest visit the Cheongwadae (residential area of the president). It turned out that there were plain clothes policemen sent among them and they reported about this. Consequently, 10 police buses were sent and the police stopped the family members from advancing.

(Police members stopping the progress of the family members.)


Messages faked

South Korean police say that text messages and kaokao talk messages claiming to be from survivors inside the ferry had been faked.
The messages surfaced at around 10 pm on Wednesday and quickly spread through twitter and Facebook.

POLICE say that those behind the messages hurt the families of the missing and caused confusion in the search efforts, will face criminal charges including defamation and obstruction of justice by deception.


For those who are not aware of the misdeed of Captain:

I didn’t want to post anything about the tragic accident of South Korean ferry because it has already broken my heart into pieces but I saw some misunderstood opinions online and thought this isn’t right. 

Captain’s behaviour was completely HUMAN?!! WTF am I reading. That son of Satan knew he was sailing on a wrong track and when he figured out the ship was malfunctioning, he announced the passengers to stay still. What did he do after that?  He gave up the ship and ran for his life leaving all 474 people behind. 

What’s more,

After he got rescued and sent to a hopital, he was drying a bunch of paper money on a radiator. WTF????!!! Does this even make sense? SAVING MONEY INSTEAD OF HUNDREDS OF LIVES????????? Do you still think his behaviour was COMPLETELY HUMAN?????

Remember this line from Pirates of Caribbean ( Captain J. Sparrow) and Star Trek: Into Darkness (John Harrison) :

No ship should go down without her captain.

I am truely devastated by the news that more deaths are confirmed. We shall not lose hope for our young students and other victims down under somewhere dark and cold. RIP to the bravest heroes who died while saving others and those who deserved a better life. Let there be mercy.

So, it took some time for my mind to process things and then it really hit hard, and a song started to play in my head. 

I’m coming home, I’m coming home. Tell the world that I’m coming home.

Translation: “Do-Won!! Hurry back, I miss you! I’ll be waiting.”

Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday.

I know my kingdom awaits, and they’ve forgiven my mistakes.

I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming…

Brother who gave his life jacket to his sister, as of now her brother and parents have not been heard from. 

Park Ji Young, one of the heroes mentioned who did not survive.

Please pay respect to those who did not make it, the missing, the survivors, and a nation who is mourning together. Please come home soon, your friends and family are waiting for you, don’t leave them waiting. 우리는 당신을 사랑합니다 - we love you. 우리는 당신을 그리워 - we miss you. We’ll be waiting until you arrive home. “Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday.” One day, we will watch the sea and remember how vast the world actually is, the struggle of trying to survive. We will watch the stars, and each one that twinkles is those who have left behind the world, they’re waving down to their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends, sons and daughters. I hope that those 25 that are gone have parted peacefully. I hope that those 271 still missing, if alive, keep holding on to live, if not, I too hope you parted peacefully. I hope that the 179 survivors stay safe and well, that they get to see their friends and family again. I hope that parents and family, get to see their kids again. I hope that the children who made it, will see their mommy and daddy again. I know it’s not much but I give my condolences to those in South Korea, stay well.

I am not Korean and I do not own any of this pictures. 

Literally fuck all the Kpop/Kfashion/K-anything blogs I follow.

You cannot tell me you respect my music, my food, my clothing, my culture when you fail to spread our news, when you fail to pray for the recovery of our people, when nothing is done to make us feel more than your entertainment.

My heart goes out to those in South Korea. No one deserves to go through this, especially not the mother who blames herself for her daughter’s disappearance (her daughter did not want to go on this trip but the mother insisted). My South Korean immigrant mother, luckily, has never experienced anything of this magnitude but I have seen her blame herself for the faults of my sisters and no individual should ever blame themselves in such a way. This is a tragedy. This is news. This needs to be heard, you assholes waving your Kpop flags and bitches catching up on the latest Kdrama gossip. 

Please send love for my country.

Please pray they can find even ONE more life. 

No one deserves to go through this.

Stay strong, South Korea.

To everyone being rude about the ferry disaster

How dare you. People are missing, some dead, and you’re worried about everything coming to a halt for the time being?!?!? You should be ashamed. I keep seeing posts like “it’s so irritating that everything is set back.” “omg, does this mean that their comeback is going to be reset, that’s so stupid.” “why does everyone care this much?” Just hear me out.
Imagine if it was you, or your loved ones in that ship right now. I bet you’d want people to help try to rescue you, and you’d want people to pray for you, and your loved ones safe return, wouldn’t you? Yes you would, because I know I would.
Think about it this way, even if you’re truly pissed off, (which you shouldn’t be to begin with,) keep it to yourself, and most certainly don’t tag your absurd hate under tags like #prayforsouthkorea and #staystrongsouthkorea.
It’s rude, and enraging. “Hundreds of people are freezing and starving in a dark ship that’s almost fully submerged underwater, but hey, as long as i get my music video, it’s all good, i don’t even care.” fuck. you. I’m a kpop fan, but this is WAY more important than a comeback.
These are real people, this is a real tragedy. People like you sicken me, and you should really be upset with yourself.

You can’t take responsibility, or say you do, for nearly 500 souls, and then be the first in the lifeboat.
—  Navy Capt. William H. Doherty • Offering harsh criticism for the captain of the ferry that sank in South Korea this week, Lee Jun-seok. Lee, who is currently in jail over the incident, was one of the first people off the ferry. While a captain abandoning ship is generally frowned upon in most countries, giving captains some leeway to assist from a distance, South Korea’s law essentially makes it illegal. The ship took roughly two and a half hours to sink, but crew members reportedly told many on the ship to stay in place according to survivors, a situation which likely doomed many of people on board.

If any of my followers are watching for updates on the South Korea ferry, live feed has shown that it is now completely submerged, and there is a large chance that any existing air pockets have collapsed. As of now, there are 28 confirmed dead, 179 rescued, and 268 missing. At this poit the reality of anymore survivors is low. Whether you are religous or not please take a moment to resepct the lives that have been lost in this tragedy, and hope for some miracle that more of the passangers might survive.



As a South Korean ferry began sinking with 475 people believed to be aboard — 325 of them students from Danwon High School.

While a few have been rescued, hundreds are still missing, some students reached for their cellphones and began sending messages to their loved ones. The following are transcripts of those exchanges.

- - -

Shin Seong-hee heeded the advice of the ship’s communications officer, who told passengers to stay inside rather than evacuate. Her sister showed a reporter these text messages to her father.

Seong-hee: “Dad, don’t worry. I am wearing a life vest and my friends and I are all holding on together. I am inside the ship. Still in the corridor.”

Father: “I know the rescuers are coming, but why don’t you try to come outside?”

Seong-hee: “Dad, I can’t walk now because all the kids are in the corridor. And because the ship is tilting too much.”

She has not been heard from since.

- - -

Continue reading the main storyShin Young-jin’s exchange with his mother, which makes a reference to a messaging service, was broadcast by the South Korean news media.

Young-jin: “Mom, I say this now because I may never be able to say it: I love you.”

Mother: “Why…? I was wondering why you weren’t checking KakaoTalk.

Me too, son… I love you.”

He lived.

- - -

The South Korean news media broadcast a male student’s exchange with his older brother.

Student: “We were on a ferry going to Jeju Island. Then the ferry hit something. The boat isn’t moving and this thing called water rescue team or something is coming or something.”

Brother: “Is it completely crushed?”

Student: “I am inside so I don’t know about that.

The data reception is not that good, either.

But the coast guard just came, apparently.”

Brother: “Ok if the rescue team is coming, it will come soon.

So don’t needlessly go this way and that. Just keep yourself alert and calm and do as is announced.

Move as fast as they tell you to.

Contact me again when you get data reception.

According to KakaoTalk, the last string of messages from the brother were unread, and the student on the ship has not been found.

- - -

Kim Beom-soo: “Dad, I am wearing my life jacket and lying in my bed. What should I do?”

Father: “Drop all your belongings and hold on to anything, a pole, anything.”

Kim Beom-soo: “Hope we can meet again alive (sobbing)”

He remains missing.

- - -

Kim Hyun-yi, 16, called her father and told him that the ship was sinking. She said she was holding on to some sort of pillar and, crying, told him she wanted to live.

Father: “You must be with your friends. Never lose them.”

They lost contact, but a few hours later she called her father to say she had survived.

- - -

Kim Min-kyu, 16, sent his girlfriend, Jeong Geum-hwa, a text message from the ferry.

Min-kyu: “Ahh… Ship is turning…”

Geum-hwa: “What? What are you talking about?”

She has not heard from him since.

- - -

JoongAng Ilbo, a South Korean daily, published messages from a group chat on Kakao Talk between 39 students and their teacher.

(9:10 a.m.) Student 1: Teacher, are you O.K.? (28 members didn’t read this)

(9:10 a.m.) Student 2: Did you wear a life vest, teacher? (28 members didn’t read this)

(9:11 a.m.) Teacher: Yes!!! I wore a life vest (28 members didn’t read this)

(9:13 a.m.) Teacher: Guys~ don’t move and stay still~ Wear a life vest if you can (28 members didn’t read this)

(9:16 a.m.) Student 1: Yes, teacher (29 members didn’t read this)

(9:16 a.m.) Student 1: Guys (29 members didn’t read this)

(9:16 a.m.) Student 1: Let’s meet again alive (29 members didn’t read this)

(9:22 a.m.) Student 3: I love you all (31 members didn’t read this)

(9:28 a.m.) Student 1: Guys, I love you (32 members didn’t read this)

The fate of the students and their teacher is unknown.

- The bottom image is the Captain of the ferry

  • Dear South Korea,
  • Please stay strong. Please don't give up. Please know that the world cares. Please know that millions of humans are praying for your people. Please know that you are important to us and that we will mourn for those lost and cheer for those who survived. Please know that we lend our shoulder. Please know that we want to take your hand and pull you back to happiness or at least safety. Please known that your young heroes and your matured ones are doing their best. Please know that everything is going to be alright.
  • Sincerely, us; the humans of the world.
  • #PrayForKorea