So while you’re here in my arms, let’s make the most of the night/
/Like we’re gonna die young!

I like the idea of modern pop songs being like these golden oldies in the future. 

"But Papanorth this is so OOC" Yes. Are you complaining it’s freelancers being happy and dancing 


Faced With Invasive Snails, a Bird Learns to Use Tools

by Mary Bates

Many birds use tools for diverse reasons, such as extracting and capturing food. It may look cognitively sophisticated, but some of this tool-use behavior is stereotyped, built into the species’ genetic inheritance. An example of this is ‘anting’ — some birds rub live ants on their feathers, apparently to spread the insects’ formic acid over their bodies as an antibacterial or insecticide. There is no indication that the birds are engaging in this behavior, in which case the ants are the tools, intentionally or with a conscious understanding of what they are doing.

However, there are also more cognitively flexible examples of tool use, which could indicate more complex underlying thinking. Scientists recently described the use of tools in birds called great antshrikes. The birds were observed using stone anvils to break open the shells of land snails. The behavior is almost certainly of recent origin, as there were no previous reports of these birds using tools and the land snail was introduced to the birds’ habitat very recently, in the 1980s.

In northern Brazil, Richard Ladle and colleagues observed a male great antshrike catching juvenile land snails, bringing them repeatedly to the same oval-shaped stone, and breaking their shells by striking them against the anvil. They watched this same bird engage in this behavior four times over several days...

(read more: Wired Science)

photos: Bertrando Campos and Jereme

Peruvian Shadow-Winged Butterfly

A beautiful creature, this butterfly casts a heavy shadow and can make corners it settles in unnaturally dark. Powdered wings from this butterfly are believed to be the key active ingredient in Peruvian Darkness Powder, and are used in some Deep Sleep and Dreamless Sleep Potion formulas, as well as in some Calming Potions. 

Oddly for a butterfly it is more commonly found flying at night, apparently preferring the dark, and some specimens can quite agitated in bright light, trying to get away. While not a common pet, some potioneers and Apothecaries keep large mesh cages of these butterflies, which tend to draw crowds of adoring children.

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(I was unable to identify the variant of butterfly, for which I apologise. If anyone can identify it/knows what is, feel free to send in an ask to tell me, it would be much appreciated. I hate that I have to include this but PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE MY CAPTION OR THE SOURCE.)

Ela era apaixonada por flores, cheiros e cores. Vivia mais em seu jardim do que dentro da sua própria casa. Amava a vida ao ar livre, adorava se aventurar e conhecer coisas novas. Mas hoje ela não passa da porta de seu quarto. Se prendeu ao seu próprio mundo, dentro de si.
—  Ilusões de Esther.