Hades, in a chariot driven by a winged Erinys (Fury), carries off Persephone (far right).   Side B of an Apulian red-figure loutrophoros, from the workshop of the Baltimore Painter; ca. 330-320 BCE.  Now in the National Archaeological Museum of Spain, Madrid.  Photo credit: Marie-Lan Nguyen.

imagine liam on tour, bored in his hotel room. he’s already watched everything and he’s done his workout and the rest of the lads and crew are asleep and even paddy is snoring in the adjoining room and god, he’s just SO BORED. so he’s on twitter and scrolling through and he’s being linked to this story. because he’s SO BORED, he clicks on the link and it takes him to a fanfic about the boys but this one isn’t like the ones he’s seen before full of imagines and girls wanting to be swept away by one of the boys. no, this one has a plot and liam’s a superhero and he gets so swept up in it that he’s rooting for himself and the kiss between him and zayn is a bit of a surprise but liam just really wants to get to the end of the story and find out what happens. he scrolls past all the sex stuff, a bit weirded out but god the story is just so good and liam can fly and man it’s awesome and he kind of likes the way the author writes him and he half wishes someone would love him the way the authors written zayn loving him. he’s half tempted to send it to zayn except zayn wouldn’t like the sex bits and liam’s a bit weirded out by it himself. but he starts exploring and yeah there are weird fics but he clicks on another one that sounds interesting and he ends up falling asleep somewhere after his fourth fanfic.

he does it again the next night except he explores some more and realises they don’t just write about him and zayn. there’s fics about him with all the boys and some of them are sweet and some of them are just sex stories as far as he can tell but he can’t click on them.

he’s in the liam/louis tag though and he sees a fic about them being famous footballers and he starts reading, a huge smile on his face as he gets swept away in this fantasy world. before he knows it, he’s reading the sex scenes and he’s oddly into it. it’s alright though because it’s not actually him and louis so it’s fine. and he reads more fic. and fuck, some of it is kinky as hell but the worst thing is, liam can kind of see it. the nipple twists and the sub/dom thing that he’s learning about because he googled it after one fic that actually got him hard and the hair pulling etc.

before long he’s reading the pure porn stories and jerking off to them, embarrassed but so, so hard and there’s this one fic writer that liam is totally in love with because they just seem to get the boys so on point. it’s not long before he’s reading a fic and there’s some lines in there that sound so familiar and it takes him a while but liam starts to suspect the author is actually one of them because they’re using lines that he’s heard louis or niall say and he starts snooping because he can’t just admit that he’s been reading fanfic.

Anyway it turns out that it’s niall, that niall’s been writing fanfic and he runs a blog and he’s got a secret twitter with like, 2k followers. and niall’s a lilo shipper because that’s all he writes and most of what he reblogs and liam’s like why?? and niall shows him gifsets and quotes and liam’s bright red and niall points out that liam’s been reading it so he must be into it a bit and liam denies it but niall posts a new story and it’s canon (liam’s learning these new terms) and it’s about liam and louis getting together and liam jerks off to it embarrassed and louis finds out somehow and he thinks it’s bloody weird but niall’s got no shame about it all and louis keeps teasing liam about it by reading excerpts except liam’s so embarrassed about it and somehow louis and niall start writing a fic together and louis realises its not funny anymore because he’s a bit turned on and he goes to find liam to try and laugh it off but somehow they wind up tangled together in the bed, and liam’s kissing him and god it feels so good that louis never wants to stop and when they’re both less embarrassed about it, liam shows him some of the fics he likes best with the kinky stuff in it and louis, unsurprisingly, is totally into it.

You know what I love most about this stupid website?

No matter what you’re currently obsessed with, however vague or not so popular, there’s always a corner of tumblr dedicated to it. In love with that band from the 80s no one remembers anymore? There’s a blog for that! That actor that none of your friends know and isn’t really in the public eye but you’ve somehow fallen in love with anyway? Theres a blog for that too! That tv show you love but everyone else around you hates? THERES A MOTHERFUCKING BLOG FOR THAT