Blakea gracilis - A plant with outstanding aesthetic characteristics

Blakea gracilis (Myrtales - Melastomataceae) is a neotropical plant with splendid, relatively large, and showy white flowers, displaying yellow anthers which dehisce by terminal pores. Flowers are sweet scent and lack nectar. 

Like other species of Blakea, this species is hemiepiphytic in the wild. The open flowers, about a half-dollar in size, are borne singly in the leaf axils and have six petals.

This species can be found in Central and South America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Brazil and Peru).

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Photo credit: ©Nobuhiro Suhara | Locality: Kyoto Botanical Garden, Japan (2008)

Please Go Watch "The L Word Mississippi: Hate The Sin"

Please Go Watch “The L Word Mississippi: Hate The Sin”

I expect Ilene Chaiken’s work to be a voyeuristic playdate that transports me from my poorly lit bedroom into a magical lesbian environ. Without question, The L Word was about fantasy. The Real L Wordwas also about fantasy, albeit a fantasy where severely eyebrowed orange toddlers cried and threw things at each other in the wilds of Los Angeles. I have to come to expect that kind of technicolor…

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