A One Night Detour

Slip your arms around my waist and tell me that we’re just friends,
No need for emphasis
I see the repetition when we close our eyes to kiss

You’re headed South, a lone bird with no room for company
You can allow me a night of lust
And when you begin to drift off against my warm skin
You might, for a second, love me

But this is the right place at the wrong time; a flight that’s been delayed

By noon you’ll collapse at the beach,
I’ll be making angels in the snow.

Hi ! My name is Kendall, I am seventeen, and i currently reside in florida. I will be majoring in international business with a minor in linguistics at USM, however, i am going to be a foreign exchange student at the London School of Economics. I somehow managed to become the varsity captain of both the tennis and cheer team. I love classical literature, Jesus, art, public speaking, writing, science, xbox, German engineering, the elder scrolls, wiener dogs, snowboarding, lord of the rings, chess, bands, anime, pokemon, netflix documentaries, and brushing my teeth. Asexual bi-romantic. Feel free to stop by and leave something in my ask and/or follow my lame blog. Id love to talk to you anytime!


PAX South pictures

I went to PAX over the weekend so I figured I would upload all the pictures I took.

Flying little kitty on a poster

Some dude in a pink unicorn suit

Markiplier (stood in line for like 4-5 hours to meet this awesome guy)

When I got to meet him :D


Bob (my dad goofed up the photo)

Booklet they all signed

Dosh from Killing Floor

Table Top room (room where they played board games and card games)

PAX booklet and a small PAX rubix cube we got for finding all the QR codes

Sweet ass Pikachu art!

Alienware booth/car


Look how big this 6 sided die is! 

Over all this was a very fun trip. Will be going next year!