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{requested by cargsdoodles; dedicated to sourwolf, theacheofmodernism, lycaons, ronfuckinswanson, and punkderek}

[L I S T E N]

(feat. amazing artwork by the one and only cargsdoodles!)

now that my photo’s got leaked anyway (thank you) I wanted to share this with you!

I asked Tyler if i could crown him to “flower-wolf” instead of “sourwolf” and this is what happened. He lost it and couldn’t stop grinning. (Me neither by the way) Best moment so far! ♥

And please if you want to use the photo or something, just ask me. I won’t say no, but don’t steal it!

I was in school and someone I didn’t like talked to me and I screamed: “Shut up or I’m gonna rip out your throat with my teeth!”
A really cute guy on the otherside shouted back: “Dean! Calm down, Sam and Cas will be here every minute!”
I laughed so hard!

So later I screamed it again to see the cute guy again and another really cute guy answered: “Don’t be such a sourwolf Derek!”

And now I’m kinda happy.


little kid Dean and Cas, holding hands because I can