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It may hurt that he shall be gone for a week, but take that time for yourself as he is for himself. Relationships consist of two parts, they and you. As much as it is nice to do stuff together, a relationship can crumble if a couple doesn't allow each other breathing room. Let him have his fun, and you try as well to keep entertained. Would you rather he devote his week wondering how much fun his friends are having and resenting you, or having fun and coming back to his mate after a fun week?

dropshadow13 replied your post dropshadow13 replied your post i think some of you pissheads are making this yahoo/tumblr thing a way bigger deal that it needs to be

First of, coolio owns the rights to his name, you owe him royalties. Secondly, what i just wrote had to be deleted as it sounded like i was attacking you, so i must take a moment to reword that lol also, im being like 0% serious. #Yahblr

okie doke haha i mean i don’t really care about the whole buyout. if yahoo makes changes i don’t like, i’ll stop getting online. simple. i just don’t like that other people are actually lying to make yahoo seem like a big douchebag company when it’s literally business. it’s what companies do.


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Perception is key my darling. What colors your senses describe may be different than mine. Never assume.

dtcfyvgbjlhkn;lm, you want to know what i’m doing right now

laughing so hard because i’m hearing those words in a really, REALLY southern accent

but yeah

the colors

reds and yellows and oranges and a heat so hot it burns your retinas out

that’s right colors have temperatures now

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1-7, 8. Top five favorite female butts (haha evil), 9-19, 20. Favorite pokemon is?


1. Sherlock, Doctor Who, I like the word boulevard and I couldn’t figure out a way to fit a SPN reference in. 

2. ffs


3. Because she’s absolutely hilarious, intelligent, honest, and doesn’t ever put me down because of what I believe. I can be my complete self with her and I feel comfortable.

4. A few days ago; because I felt a lot of pressure having to do with my future and what I’m to do. (college? if yes, when?, etc)

5. Four on each ear. Left ear: rook, 3 lobe. Right ear: 2 lobe, 2 auricle (side ear)

6. That’s such a hard question. Prolly a tie between TSO and DF

7. Disrespect and blatant stupidity

8. Yes very evil. I don’t even know. Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, my own, I don’t even know, I’ll get back to you on this.

9. Already said, but I’ll say again: 3-4 inch solid cross on the bottom of my forearm, a multilingual tattoo saying “the music is wonderful here”, and a few others that I haven’t totally planned yet.

10. Kindness, tall boys, wit, humor, butts (had to add it)

11. OVER 9000

12. Jeez… Depends. Could be a simple movie night with some pizza or chinese food or something, or a walk around a city or on a beach. Just hanging out, really. Having fun. Lots of laughter.

13. Try my best at whatever I do. Be kind. Read lots of books. Help people. Love people. Draw and paint and play lots of music.

14. Pfsh. A smiley/frenulum. One or two helix. Maybe a tragus.

15. Single, derp

16. The Dark Knight Rises

17. It’s not very busy

18. Being alone. Completely, literally alone.

19. Eliza

20. I CAN’T—


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a forrest cant run silly, the trees are rooted to the ground. What does your school teach you. Prolly how to get pregnant and be a reality tv star and the such. Poor generation

Just in case you aren’t kidding

forest = place where many trees grow

Forrest = fictional character in the movie Forrest Gump


If you were kidding… I have no comebacks 

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Anyways, speaking of music, I found a cool band im bout to blast to your followers (cough) and you. But I mean look up “Unleash the Archers”. They cool brah

well that is cool, dudebro. i’ll have to listen to them more tomorrow. (which song would you recommend first?)

i do have to get off the computer now ~ i need to read my books c:

g’night Jimmy, you mischievous person you