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Sheryl is one of my favourite people here. I love her passion about Harry Potter and the fact she’s as canon as I am (which is not common here). I love talking with her, idk, even if we haven’t talked A LOT since we met, I’ve always loved our talking. She’s always been really nice and lovely with me… and well, I love her graphics!

alxndrjosephine asked:

Hi :) I've been meaning to send you a message for quite some time now, but I always get distracted. By the by, I just wanted to say that you're doing an awesome job with your Cinderella blog. It's nice to have something as such -- I kinda got addicted to it midway thru the movie. Lily and James were just a marvel to watch onscreen. And oh, your fanfics are such nice stories to read :) xxx

Oh, it’s alright :) Thank you so much, I’m glad you like the blog <333 Cinderella is amazing, it truly is! Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot :)

alxndrjosephine replied to your post: Seriously people, leave Cilla the fuck alone.

That’s just fucking rude. One, they’re not even real people and second, THEY’RE NOT EVEN CANON FOR FUCK’S SAKE!

I know. We can’t all ship the same ship people. If you like drarry, that’s fine, but don’t PERSONALLY ATTACK people just because they DON’T.The facts are these: Harry and Draco hate each other. Harry loves Ginny. Harry and Draco are both males. Therefore they CANNOT HAVE BABIES. Did I mention that they hate each other, and that Draco attempted to use an unforgivable on Harry. These are not signs of love, people.