Allow the relationship with your Self to be strongest and all others after will remind you that before all else, it is you.

Be weak to the heart and find strength in that.

Submit to the love only you can give yourself and see what comes of it. It’s a given. You are giving. Now be giving to yourself. It will all relate to the source. You.

Outside of that, nothing else exists. Don’t give away what was given to you without gifting your Self.

Be present in that.

—  Ekow
I would like

For my future children to remain connected to their natural abilities, intuition and everything.

I see the results of listening to that inner voice or just simply following those gut feelings.

Encourage a child to trust in themselves allows them to trust in life and become limitless in all that they would love to do.

Imagine a child vibrating at 3 stacks at 3 years old. There goes my mind running wild again. Lol, smh. 👀


Yay!  Another series of Five Nights at Freddy’s portraits!  Created in Source FilmMaker over 2 days.  I love doing these!

Wallpaper versions and more can be found on my DeviantArt gallery


14 of the Wackiest Half-Life Mods

The Half-Life series can be quite glum at times, especially with no resolution in sight for the series. Good thing we have the modding community to deliver us some wackiness. Here are fourteen wacky mods hand-picked to help relieve those blues.

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