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Have you ever watched 'Kissing Cousins'? It's an independent movie (you can watch for free on youtube). It's about amir, a 'professional heartbreaker', who's cynical about relationships. His friend is getting married but doesn't want him as best man because of 'bad relationship karma'. Then Amir meets his long lost cousin and as a joke they pretend that she's his girlfriend but then they start to develop feelings for each other.

I’ve never seen Kissing Cousins, Anon, but it sounds amazing!!!!

A romcom with cousins? WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

Here's the link on youtube for all interested. (And you should all definitely be interested!)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I am not the girl you fell in love with. You fell for my smile and my laugh and the way I blush when I mess up my words. You fell for the sparkle in my eyes and the happiness that dwelled in their glistening hazel pools. You fell for the pure and lively aura that enveloped me and for my loving arms that embraced you and made you feel whole. You didn’t fall for the way I fall unusually silent when I can’t muster up the voice to speak. You didn’t fall for my manipulative and guilt-ridden personality. You didn’t fall for the murkiness that forms in my eyes when I’m internally decomposing. You didn’t fall for my broken bones and bleeding heart. You fell for the better half of me. The half that no longer exists. I am not the girl you fell in love with.
—  I am not the girl you fell in love with

In the infinite sea of love that we share no words shall be found….. come come your heart knows our time has come. No obstacles, no distance, no circumstance have the power to come between our love and the magnetics of our soul’s orbit. Galaxies have failed in separating our souls… our time has come to unite once again … listen to my heart song without fear and you will recognize who you are and remember …. breathe with me and feel we come from the same breath…. feel our souls dancing together in the velvet sea of eternal love…. beyond time, age and form. 

… see beyond the physical appearance of matter and allow your heart to feel and see my soul’s essence, not the colours of my eyes but the colour of my soul, not my physical age but my eternal youth… not the clothes that cover my body, but the light robe that adorns my temple …. come come come …. surrender to the calling in your heart and dare to go beyond ……. trust the Beloved within shall not deceive you …… for how shall love mistake love, when it sees with the eyes of love. ~ Linda El Lumina

pixiv sourcing: how to ask for permission the smart way

Bringing this up cause I feel that sometimes, people oversimplify the issue of asking an artist’s permission when reposting things from pixiv. I hope this post can help people see that the issue is a complex one, and definitely more than simply firing off a generic message to a pixiv artist and judging their one single response.

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