Jensen explains the sunset photo
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  • Fan:umm, I just had a really quick question about the photo that you took with, uh, Misha, the sunset photo, where you were jumping in the air. Wondering, how did you take that photo? Because it looked like you were kind of perfect (?), and wondering how many times you had to jump to get that pose, and the sunset was perfect, and the fallout photo with the sunset was perfect, were you in (?), or?
  • Jensen:Yeah, all day, we just... we sat there, and it was... it was a tasters choice moment.
  • Jared:Misha and Jensen often in between takes just start jumping up and down, so someone just happened to see the sunset behind them and take a picture.
  • Jensen:uhm, no, we uh, we were shooting, if- if you had, from the cameras perspective, if you had turned around, there was a farm house that we were filming at, literally right, right across the road. And.. so a bunch of- I looked across, and Misha and I were talking, and they were setting up another shot, and we- just right across the road, there was a (?) there, and that (?) went right up and then down, and there was a, a, it was the, about the worst living- It was the (?)? It was the- it was the (?) river. So it was the (?) river going out to- to the sea. And.. uh, there were a bunch of people up there, like, taking pictures, the sun was starting to set behind Vancouver island, and it was, it was really, beautiful, and I said, 'hey look at that, what's everybody taking pictures of up there?', so we walked over there, and saw, like, oh wow, this is- is great, and, uh, so I just put my arm around Misha, and I said 'We should just- we should, like, tweet a tasters choice moment right here.', he's like, yah, alright, so we took the picture, and then uh, and then somebody walked down the road, so from the roads perspective, you're kind of looking up, and all you could see were these kind of silhouettes, standing on this- on this hill, uh, with the sun as, as the background, the sun in the background... and so, so people started taking pictures of, like, these silhouettes, there was about, what about six or seven people standing up there, some of the crew... and then uh, and then we asked, I asked- who was it, who took that photo, was it you? (muffled speaking) Right, right... So, anyway, if you've got an Iphone, when you take a picture, you know you can take the rapid fire? You just hold your- hold the thing it's like (makes rapid clicking sounds), takes like sixty (?) pictures, so that's all we did, we jumped once. We just happened to pick the one- er, Misha did, actually, pick the one where I look like a ballerina. so... thanks a lot for that.
Spiritual Chills and How to Understand Them

Have you ever been having a conversation with someone, and suddenly experienced chills, or gotten goosebumps?

Or maybe you’ve been sitting meditating in the sunshine, or just thinking about something and feeling perfectly warm, but you’ve gotten the shivers?
If you have experienced either of these, you’ve likely experienced ‘Spiritual Chills’.

What Are Spiritual Chills?

Getting chills that aren’t at all cold or illness related are a common sign of spiritual activity. When I’m talking about chills, it’s not like you’re shivering… But more like an energy flows in which causes a tingling, a slight shudder, and maybe even goosebumps.

Next time you get this sort of psychic chill… Pay attention! Your guides may have a message for you, or there may be something which was being discussed, or in your proximity which you need to understand or notice.

Spiritual chills are often a direct sign from your guides or angels. Chills can act as a validation that you’re right on track, or they can signify a yes answer, confirming an underlying truth.

Spiritual chills may also occur because your spirit guides or angelic friends are reaching out and touching you, and the surge of their pure spirit energy physically manifests through you as chills.

For me, Spirit often uses chills as a gentle, and yet un-ignorable sign to pay attention because this is important. A jolt of energy which causes the chills is also a method of quickly and clearly communicating a direct-hit, or yes answer. I get a similar, though less sudden, energetic surge or chill right when I connect with a high vibrational guide or angel to channel.

Spiritual chills and goosebumps are often one of the first psychic senses to open up for those on a spiritual path. You may feel chills down half of your body, on your arms, legs, the top of your head, or really anywhere.

What do these ‘psychic chills’ mean?

The biggest tip I can give you on how to decipher what your chills mean, is to pay attention!

For example, if you’re having a conversation with someone, and you have the urge to say something, perhaps related to spirit, or really whatever, but then you doubt whether you should mention it… And then you get the chills. I would take this as a sign to speak up, the person you’re speaking with may need to hear exactly what you were about to say, and your guides are nudging you to say it.

You may also receive a chill as a warning of sorts. If you’re feeling a bit off about someone you meet, they look at you in a funny way, and you get the chills. It may simply be a validation of your initial feeling, and a reminder to call in love and light to protect your vibration so that you’re able to stay in a state of love and joy.

On the other hand your chills may simply be the manifestation of a truth which has been spoken. They are a gentle way of getting your attention, so that you will really listen, and can then take action.
Pay Attention!

Next time you feel the chills, shift in the mode of the observer. Notice what was happening around you leading up to the spiritual chill, take a breath, and ask “What am I supposed to know or understand”.Whether your psychic or spiritual chill was a direct result from an angelic encounter, a run in with your spirit guide, or simply a validation of truth, getting the spiritual chills is a good sign. Act on your inspiration when you feel the chill, or simply note the present truth, and then continue forward in awareness.

With meditation and becoming more and more aware you can understand the spiritual chills you receive with increased clarity, and learn to hear and experience the expanded guidance often present alongside.

Spiritual Connection can come in many forms. As you work with your Spirit Guides, Angels or other Deity, you will find they have favorite ways of connecting with you and will use those ways most of the time so that you immediately recognize who has come calling. Once you’ve come to know the patterns of your spiritual connections, you’ll no longer wonder what was that. You will easily recognize them all from Grandma Bell to Archangel John.During connection you may experience some of the following:

  • A flash of heat. Sometimes the room heats up while I am working, but they someone like an Archangel arrives, I get a flash of heat that descends through my Crown Chakra and I sometimes break out into a sweat.
  • Cold chills. I personally feel like I have a shiver in my spine.  It’s not a true shaking, but like my spine wants to shake, but can’t quite do it.

  • Feel or sense a “presence” or an energy. It can feel like someone in the room you can’t see, or just a knowing that someone is there.

  • See shapes or shadows. Spirits can appear in any way from the movie-like version of ghosts to sparkles or lights and orbs.

  • Feel pressure at the base of your brain. This is the location of one of the main spiritual energy gates in the body.  When it isn’t open or functioning properly, you will feel pressure and sometimes get a headache.  Proper grounding can keep this energy gate functioning fully and keep your energy distributed properly so that you don’t develop a headache.

  • The top of your head may begin to tingle, or you like something is in your hair and want to brush at it

  • Third Eye pressure. The Third Eye, also known as the Brow Chakra is located between your eyebrows. You may experience a slight ache there when contacting your spirit guides.

  • Hear voices without a physical source. Sometimes these voices seem a bit outside of your head, No one is there, they are in your head, but yet seem outside of it.  I sometimes hear a very clear voice without seeing a body.

  • You may see symbols, colors, words, flashes of light, or pictures through your 3rd eye. These seem particularly prevent just before you fall asleep, but can be present during meditations and psychic exercises.

  • Smell odors without a physical source. A well known phenomenon from departed spirits. People often report smelling dad’s pipe or Aunt Claire’s White Shoulders Perfume.  Some smells are associated with certain angels and deity too.

  • Taste flavors without a physical source. These seems a rare occurrence compared to the others.  I’m not sure why.

  • People show up in your life and say something, or hand you something that is a direct correlation to your guide’s contact. I was a bit frustrated with my connections one day and adamantly demanded that my guides be more obvious in answering me.  A couple of hours later, a lady walked into my office saying she had been pumping gas across the street and got this urge to bring in a brochure she had in her car. The title was Angels Heal. She left as confused as she entered, but I knew that was the answer to my demand.

However your spiritual friends and help-mates choose to show you they are around. All it takes is being aware of your surroundings. You’ll find there are plenty of signs to show that you have connected with your Spirit Guides.

By: Melanie Beckler & Elder Airwolf 

why go veggie for earthday?

The UN has said for years that if we want to make lasting and larger steps to environmental improvement, we as a society must begin taking steps in reducing our consumption of livestock: one of the most significant contributors to nearly EVERY SINGLE SERIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE, at every scale from local to global. (x)

Global emissions? Accounts for over 18%! That is more than all of transportation emissions COMBINED (13%).

Water waste? The livestock industry uses up over one-third of all of Earth’s available water (x). “One pound of animal protein requires about 100 times more water than producing one pound of grain protein” (x). The animals themselves need water, too! Irrigation? Uses up nearly ALL (80-90%) of the United States water (x). The drought in Cali right now? Yeah, keep your almond milk. Cut out the meat

Land use?! Yeah, over half of the United States land is being overgrazed, causing soil erosion and degradation (x). Nearly half of available land, in all of the WORLD btw, is occupied by livestock (x). Environments under water are even damaged by over fishing. Oh and deforestation? You can thank animal agriculture for nearly ALL (91%) of the Amazon’s destruction (x).

I get there are some people who cannot go vegan, I get that there are a lot of things out of our hands!!! I had to wait till I could pay for my own shit because although a plant based diet can be significantly cheaper on it’s own, providing it as an addition to a meat eating household diet is a considerable amount. 

I also get that a lot of people just like meat. Meat and cheese and fried eggs, they are really, really good. No one really denies that. But the point is to realize that this is not about YOU. It’s so much bigger than us! Than your appetite and taste buds!! It’s the literal planet we live on, suffering from the undeniable detrimental affects our diets have on the world. If you give a shit about the environment and you have the resources, please, please consider going vegan (or at least vegetarian)


Yay!  Another series of Five Nights at Freddy’s portraits!  Created in Source FilmMaker over 2 days.  I love doing these!

Wallpaper versions and more can be found on my DeviantArt gallery