ANGEL CARD READING - 5/24/15 Today’s card is from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Michael deck and is the “God is in Charge” card. It contains the following message: “Dear God, please help me let go of this situation, giving it in faith and trust to your divine wisdom and infinite love in order to resolve and heal everything and everyone involved”. Clear Quartz will complement and enhance the energy of this card. Please feel free to use the code HCTUMBLR10 for 10% off your order.
<3 Stephanie T.

why go veggie for earthday?

The UN has said for years that if we want to make lasting and larger steps to environmental improvement, we as a society must begin taking steps in reducing our consumption of livestock: one of the most significant contributors to nearly EVERY SINGLE SERIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE, at every scale from local to global. (x)

Global emissions? Accounts for over 18%! That is more than all of transportation emissions COMBINED (13%).

Water waste? The livestock industry uses up over one-third of all of Earth’s available water (x). “One pound of animal protein requires about 100 times more water than producing one pound of grain protein” (x). The animals themselves need water, too! Irrigation? Uses up nearly ALL (80-90%) of the United States water (x). The drought in Cali right now? Yeah, keep your almond milk. Cut out the meat

Land use?! Yeah, over half of the United States land is being overgrazed, causing soil erosion and degradation (x). Nearly half of available land, in all of the WORLD btw, is occupied by livestock (x). Environments under water are even damaged by over fishing. Oh and deforestation? You can thank animal agriculture for nearly ALL (91%) of the Amazon’s destruction (x).

I get there are some people who cannot go vegan, I get that there are a lot of things out of our hands!!! I had to wait till I could pay for my own shit because although a plant based diet can be significantly cheaper on it’s own, providing it as an addition to a meat eating household diet is a considerable amount. 

I also get that a lot of people just like meat. Meat and cheese and fried eggs, they are really, really good. No one really denies that. But the point is to realize that this is not about YOU. It’s so much bigger than us! Than your appetite and taste buds!! It’s the literal planet we live on, suffering from the undeniable detrimental affects our diets have on the world. If you give a shit about the environment and you have the resources, please, please consider going vegan (or at least vegetarian)


I made a little music video for ‘GLaDOS’ Song’! Was a fun one to make. =)