Echo Park PDA Art Walk Feb 2010 in-store performance by Miles Moore at Feeding Birds Boutique.

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Who We Are..

SoundMasons were conceptualized and formed in Los Angeles in 2007 with the goal of making music that can be universally understood tomorrow, today, or in the distant past. Our musical style is heavy guitar bass & drums mixed with subtle undertones of popular genres including Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues, R&B & Hip-Hop to name a few. All music genres are studied by the members of SoundMasons and serve as the catalyst for inspiration and innovation. An unrelenting groove is the key to our syncopated sound and in the end the goal is simple cause & effect; to make music that you can dance to.

But the goal of SoundMasons is not just to create great dance music. It is to assist the audience in achieving some type of spiritual and mental awakening, that which can only be attained through thoughtful narrative. Our lyrics reflect real life experiences and observations on the nature of our special existence here on earth. The stories we tell are infused with a requisite sarcasm about life, love and the daily struggle to find a place in society’s standardized structure.

SoundMasons ask that you lend your Mind, your Body, your Soul, and especially your Heart to our visions in sound. We hope that through our music you may re-envision your place in this chaotic modern world, a world that is changing around us faster than any other period in human history… - M