Get him a holster - please!

I know this is going to sound a little off the wall, but I was rewatching E2 since it disappears tomorrow (today?) and remembering NP’s comments during the radio interview  about putting the gun in his pants (hilarious, by the way) and was thinking “I hope the guns aren’t loaded”; even blanks can cause grievous damage should the gun go off accidentally at close range to any body parts, particularly private.  Just sayin’.

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So my friend doesn't support transgender because "they can just get surgery" or people who identify as a different gender than born. She thinks gender inequality is "not a big deal" and "it barely exists" and idk what do do I'm pissed off

Sounds like she’s really ignorant, and you deserve a better friend x

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I just saw a post claiming that it wasn't okay for Charlie Cox to be cast as Daredevil because, supposedly, a lot of blind people can use echolocation. 8l While that is true, I highly doubt it's to the same extent as Daredevil's senses, and do they not have any concept of how fucking difficult it would be to find an actor who fits all of that extremely specific criteria?

Daredevil’s powers provide him an actual image to work with, not just sound that bounces off objects.  And you’re right, it’d be ridiculously difficult to fill that.



NXT Superstars’ Advice for WWE Tough Enough Applicants - WWE Inbox

What should you avoid when filming a WWE Tough Enough video submission? On this special edition of WWE Inbox, trainer Billy Gunn joins Corey Graves, Solomon Crowe and Blake & Murphy in sounding off.

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Your boy is in the place! I’m about to take over TMZ Live for a bit. All the topics I wanna sound off on. Harvey didn’t know what he was asking for! Get ready because it’s about to be on and poppin!


1. Universal Fanfare - Elizabeth Banks & John Michael Higgins
2. Kennedy Center Performance - The Barden Bellas
3. Lollipop - The Treblemakers
4. Car Show - Das Sound Machine
5. Winter Wonderland / Here Comes Santa Claus - Snoop Dogg & Anna Kendrick
6. Riff Off - Das Sound Machine, Tone Hangers, The Barden Bellas, Green Bay Packers & The Treblemakers
7. Jump - Das Sound Machine, Tone Hangers, The Treblemakers & Green Bay Packers
8. Convention Performance - The Barden Bellas
9. Back to Basics - The Barden Bellas
10. Cups (When I’m Gone) [Campfire Version] - The Barden Bellas
11. We Belong - Rebel Wilson & Adam DeVine
12. Any Way You Want It (World Championship Medley) - Pentatonix, The Filharmonic, The Castasticos, The Singboks & Penn Masala
13. World Championship Finale 1 - Das Sound Machine
14. World Championship Finale 2 - The Barden Bellas
15. Crazy Youngsters - Ester Dean
16. Pitch Perfect 2 End Credit Medley - Mark Motherbaugh
17. Flashlight - Jessie J
18. All of Me (Bumper’s Audition) - Adam DeVine


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When he walked in the room during the audio. She may just see with her sensory skills and picking up vibrations in the air and making out facial features by sound bouncing off things. Idk why the anon is so anti- blind hinami

Like hyper senses for blind people are outstanding, you can imagine nearly everything you would normally see visually

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OH and we can walk my dogs and I have a telescope that we can look at the stars and stuff I love that ( im the swim and basketball guy)

ok ya msg me off anon sounds fun n good in the hood

charlie charlie challenge

recently this has gotten popular on vine. you set up pencils on a piece of paper. yes is written in 2 corners of the paper and no is written in 2. you’re supposed to say ‘charlie charlie are you here’ and then ‘charlie charlie do you want to play’. if the spirit/demon is there the pencil points to yes. so basically
1) DO NOT DO THIS. I know that you may think it’s funny or maybe reading this it makes you scared, idk. but playing around with that shit is not good and it brings the same risks as ‘playing’ with a ouija board does. a demon can get attached to you and such it’s no good.
2) if you’re just watching videos be careful for screamers. some have scary pop ups and such at the end to trick the viewer as the pencil is supposed to ‘move’.
3) also since idk how it works i would turn off the sound too? this isn’t guaranteed but just in case…

We’re the Spice Girls yes indeed
Just girl power is all we need
We know how we got this far
Strength and courage and a wonder bra!
Would this work with only one?
Just with me I’d have no fun!
Would this work with only two?
We need more for what we do!
Would this work with only three?
Three’s a crowd, bad company!
Would this work with only four?
No way girl we need one more!
Listen up take our advise:
We need five for the power of Spice!
Give it up, give it out, take a stand, scream and shout!

this article by the Mary Sue is really making me blehghghe? it’s talking about DC’s new “DCYou” campaign where they are publicizing their new line up of books coming in the summer, alongside the fact that they are diverse! except TMS is treating it with a terribly critical eye (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), and acting like they are talking a big talk without walking the walk.

they’re getting to the core of something that is probably the most #toxic in all of this #diversecomics business, which is the fact that certain companies (Marvel) have been very persistent about publicizing the moves they make with respect to diversifying characters and leveraging that for goodwill. DC, on the other hand, is not as into that whole business of publicizing that stuff, so the narrative is shaped as Marvel: Good, DC: Bad. (a narrative that excludes independent press and non-cape comics)

obviously that binary is false by the nature of the fact that … it is! you can’t do that. but everyone knows how DC had the reputation of being the welcoming place for women and not-white people in the eras of cassandra cain and stephanie brown and the birds of prey and wonder woman, while Marvel was the company that canceled all of its female led books at once at one point. this sort of thing is is in constant flux.

the thing is DC is doing well by metrics that really matter!* very consistently, DC has been hiring more women to work on its books than Marvel. that new lineup “DCYou” is showcasing? it has Gene Luen Yang and Greg Pak on the major superman books! (two asian dudes are in charge of superman completely!) it has a black man writing cyborg’s first ongoing book EVER! it has a gay man writing midnighter’s first book! a book about POC youth on the streets of gotham written and illustrated by POC! the female-fronted, racially and sexually diverse, all-ages gotham academy, co-written by a woman! starfire, being written and illustrated by women!

there’s other stuff: an actually egyptian dr. fate, catwoman continuing a run under the wonderful genevieve valentine, prez - a book about a teenage girl as president of the united states, annie wu giving a very novel direction to the new black canary book she’s illustrating, MING DOYLE both writing and illustrating books about DC’s magical side, etc etc

DC is really stepping up its game not just in terms of character diversity, but diverse creators, genuinely diverse voices bringing their line to life. and that’s important

it’s annoying to see TMS not recognize that, tbh.

they do have a point that DC’s solicits for this relaunch actually show a drop in the number of female creators compared to earlier in the year, which is dismaying. however the fact still stands that it consistently outpaces Marvel on that front, despite the drop. Tim Hanley’s own analysis also makes the point that part of the reason for the drop is less one-off and variant jobs for women in these new solicitations, which is upsetting. however, attention should be drawn to the fact that DC’s relaunch is majorly upping diversity in more than one way - nurturing offbeat corners of its publishing line that include Batgirl and Gotham Academy, giving new diverse characters and ideas direction from authentically diverse voices in stuff like We Are Robin and Cyborg and Midnighter, and actually putting diverse voices at the forefront of DC’s most important books with its Superman and Dark Universe stuff. the fact that diverse creators have solid, important, consistent positions in all of these corners is important, too!


Being relieved to know you’re the same as someone else is stupid. I want to resist going along with all of those normal people. Maybe not everything, but you kind of get it right? That sort of unexplainable feeling. I want to become special. I don’t want to be the same as others. That’s why I play the trumpet — to become special.