I don’t buy the idea that there’s only one person who’s “meant to be” for everyone. I feel like every relationship that occurs is meant to be simply because it happened, and because every relationship has potential for personal growth, meaningful connections, emotional value, and being a learning experience.

And if you’re going to fall in love again
Fall in love with someone who will look at you
Like you are a magical illusion.

So when he looks at you
He’s mesmerized
He doesn’t quite understand you
Yet he’s vowed to spend as much time as he’s allotted
To deciphering your beauty. 

And if you’re going to let him kiss you
Make sure he kisses you honesty 
While he paints a Picasso on the canvas of your face.

You spent the last nine months
Wondering why you weren’t loved
Just make sure that this time 
You’re loved you properly.

—  Zienab Hamdan - It’s okay to let someone new hold you.

seeley booth appreciation week → day 2: favorite quote


Here’s the introduction pages of my webcomic, Soul’s Fate.

There’s a reason I’m putting these up here. So as some of you may or may not  know, Inkblazers, the site I had Soul’s Fate on (webcomic based off of the short jock/nerd comic strip) has closed down. Many people are still asking me whether or not I will continue posting this comic up.

For now, no; however, I do plan to continue it in the future (the exact time is uncertain). The webcomic was poorly planned, and my focus is currently stuck on to school projects. I would rather take my time to work some quality preproduction so that I may produce quality pages afterwards.

But thank you all for keeping interest in my comic thus far. It makes me happy knowing people like my little derp ahahaha. You’ll see more mini strips in the future of these characters at some point, and probably some sketches as well :3