Trapped Under Ice 03/10/2012 Break The Ice Fest

Melbourne, Australia

Can’t wait to see these dudes in Munich on the 24th! 


Trapped Under Ice.





About the Manipulation of Insanity

// I discussed this earlier on my blog. like months back, But I never delved too much into it! So Let me try and Dig deep into this power of hers. If the Event is going to have her and her alternate use it, Might as well cover the bases so there’s no confusion during fights or whatnot! Under a read more cause I KNOW I’ll be talking about this for a bit…

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will sell my soul 2 vice 2 b a cameraman 4 all expenses paid edgy™ ethnographic trips while im on a break frm art 4 like who knows idc

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Opinions on Hallelujah? Also-what do you think Panic!'s next album will sound like?

I liked it a lot. I wouldn’t say love, I haven’t sat down and listened to it on repeat or anything, but it definitely makes me excited for the album! I’m worried about Brendons vocals this album, if only because they sound over processed to me on hallelujah and god knows he’s got pipes that barely need correction. I think the new album is gonna be good though, very Too Weird, but with some of the soul from Pretty Odd + Vices that I feel he strayed from.

Jus a lil vent

All deez fukin people. Dey like leeches suckin at me. Im tired of um i jus want to be alone, with you. Nahh fuk dat cuz true colors is a bitch n im startin to see them on you n im not really liken them. Im so confused writing to the wind. My tears invisible to reality my pain my longing. Why? Why df is it so hard lil muh fukas in n out fukin and destroyin deez bitches souls. Vice versa. I guess a loyal one wait da longest

April , the Rest of

Now I feel obligated to update because of a certain reader in Europe (::waves fist angrily::)

Some interesting tidbits of stuff that I did in no particular order during the Money of April

  • I walked the entire length of Manhattan with K, from Inwood Park at 210+ Street where we saw the Whitestone Bridge all the way down the South Ferry. All walking included was 15+ miles. Interesting observations include Lunch at Sylvia’s, the Queen of Soul Food. It was OK. It certainly didn’t live up to the hype but because its such an old and trusted establishment I guess it has its reputation. While leaving we saw a very large crowd debate between a Black Messiah Prophet vs a Black Revolutionary. Ah Harlem. We also saw someone get hit by a car near Central park and witnessed (yet again) diffused responsibility where no one called the police so K and I did. Restroom stop at the Time Warner Building and PinkBerry. Those fckers wouldn’t take my Buy-9-Get One free loyalty stamp card from 6 years ago. -.- We ended at Fraunces Tavern, the Oldest Tavern in America, which also happened to be right across the street from my High School. The bartender spoke such a thick Irish Accent that it was incomprehensible. Like speaking a combination of Neptune-alien and Beijing-Dialect Mandarin. We ended the night at a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown. My legs were shot the next day. We talked about how some people just tied their lives to their work, the difference between doing what you love and loving what you do as well as the general New York Hustle. The closest synonym was the New York Jihad. The Jihad is strong in this one. 
  • I met up with two High School friends on the Fencing Team. It was good to see them and catch up. I’m realizing how great NOT having a Facebook is because you actually have content to talk about. One of them introduced me to TeaWithStrangers and I decided why not. Probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever did in terms of being more social. The Concrete Jungle feels overwhelming and superficial at times. Its nice to have just two hours to talk and get to know someone at a closer level without the aide of alcohol.
  • G, who is from Greece, and I decided to attend Night of Philosophy. It was horrible. People were looking at me like crazy with a down-ski coat but the wind chill was bone-cutting. We got there at 7 but the lines at the French Embassy were already 3 blocks long so we waited at the Ukraine Institute  that only stretched to the middle of the block. Still a 2 hour wait in freezing cold weather.  The Coffee machine apparently broke when we were inside. But this short Eastern European Grandma was simply demanding that the poor volunteer bring her more coffee, sugar, milk and other amenities. How entitled people feel. It was overcrowded and overrun and we couldn’t hear many of the speakers. The good talks, or atleast the ones we wanted to attend were already over or much later in the night. In summary, we waited 2 hours in the cold to see a man cramped in a wooden box, pressing buttons that made weird space ship sounds.
  • We left and met K at his Artist Collective. K’s friend D, just got back from Beijing after working at a Joint Venture French company. Oh the stories he has. Otherwise, we talked to L, who was a black lady artist that was arrested for protesting in Occupy Wall Street. She subsequently did an inmates-entrepreneurship program that my Business Teacher in High School was the curriculum chief for. Small world.
  • I went to GreenFest with H. Tickets were $25 but when I got to the Javits Center, I just asked if I could use the bathroom (which I really did need to use) and got in for free. NICE!!! There were all sorts of Vegetarian, Vegan, and Green Renewable Stuff there. As per typical Chinese/Asian influence, the free samples were the main objective. But I also bought these super-gel insoles for my shoes, since, you know - In case I did another marathon walk again. As soon as I put them on I knew I wanted them. I’ve gone through soles like water during my competitive fencing days so I pretty much could tell that this was going to work for me. I also bought a laundry ball instead of using detergent. Very interesting stuff that would save me money in the longer term. 
  • Saw J for his NYC visit. Its really good to meet up with old friends. Neither of us really use facebook so catching up was fun. I always feel like he listens too much and I talk too much. The smoothie was expensive, but very good though.
  • Met with my Grandma to take care of transitioning all of her stuff from my grandpa’s name to her. Such an administrative nightmare. We decided to walk the Manhattan bridge because it was a nice day, not know how incredibly long it was for a morning stroll. Luckily the City-Tech campus police let us in to use the bathroom otherwise my grandma and grandaunt would have bust a bladder. The food stamps office was terribly difficult to find. Its just a tiny door with nearly a hundred people cramped inside. 3 hours of waiting and you really learn how the city, or this economic system really stacks the cards against the middle income people. You don’t qualify for food stamps or federal aid but you are suffering to save any cash to make it out alive. Afterwards, we nearly were dismissed because we didn’t bring the rent stub but the lady was nice enough to process it for us because she didn’t want to bother to find a Cantonese interpreter next time. We went to Junior’s Cheesecake afterwards. I expected my Grandma to be repulsed by it as her palette is very Asian but she loved it. She even loved the pickles, coleslaw, and beets. Guess there is a hint of the [American] South in her. Some days later we also got Lobster for the two of them at Chelsea market and walked the length of HighLine Park as well. 
  • Saw some friends again at the Headless Horseman and bar hopped. Its very interesting the conversations people have when they are drinking. I was asked whether or not I feel pride in being a NYC Chinatown, Asian-American. I can’t say I do or atleast any specific attachment to here. The conditions of my childhood were not conducive to a memorable time of enjoyment even though I know my parents did the best they good. Otherwise, we ended the night at a Ramen place where I foolishly ordered Fried Rice instead. Idiot.
  • East River Park is absolutely amazing. I’m actually surprised that its so incredibly beautiful. Bloomberg gets alot of shit during his administration but this was clearly a tangible outcome of his tenure. I have to hand it to him. He really facilitated a mass clean up of what used to be a complete dump. 
  • I checked out Baohaus by Eddie Huang, who wrote the Memoir, Fresh Off the Boat that the ABC sitcom is based off of. The Sitcom is really good and its nice to see some Asian American play a main role in mainstream TV but it really departs very far from his memoir, which I will soon write a review for before I forget I read the book at all. The restaurant was OK. The portions for its prices were not that good but I can understand rent on 14th Street is expensive. Otherwise, his Vice series is very good and I highly recommend it. I respected him considerably more after his profile of NYC’s Chinatown and actually going to local spots that locals go to instead of touristy nonsense that nobody living here really cares about. 
  • Some episodes were OK though. Momo Sushi in Bushwick was considerably overpriced even though their food was exceptional. I wasn’t even full afterwards but it just got cost prohibitive to order more. You need to serve better portions, yo. Not everyone is looking to spend their entire paycheck on food. Otherwise, K, D and I went to a Tortilla factory that doubled as a take-out eat-in for Tacos and Quesdillas. The $50+ didn’t even fill us as much as the $4.50 quesdilla. Haven’t had such great Mexican food in a long time. Oh Bushwick.
  • Speaking of books, I should write one for The Game by Neil Strauss and Dune by Frank Herbert. I’m falling way behind on my reading and I’ve decided to go more for short stories instead since they are easily digestible in shorter periods of time. 
The Curious Tale of Casanova, A Party Robot That Frequented Glamorous Hollywood Parties in the 1980s

In the [an installment] of the video series California Soul, VICE looks at the curious tale of Casanova, a roguish party robot that frequented glamorous Hollywood shindigs back in the 1980s. In the video David Leventhal, creator of Casanova, describes the robot’s rise…and fall.