Soul Collage/Vision Boards
Soul Collage/Vision Boards

Today I met with a women’s group that I have previously worked with doing Soul Collage! Today we worked on:Vision Boards. I highly suggest doing this! It’s very powerful, relaxing, and even exhausting (oxymoron, but really…it’s weird).

I mention Soul Collage because this is typically what we do in this group, but today we focused on Vision Boards. If you are interested in Soul Collage, let me know - but I suggest working with the Vision Board since we are in the first month of the New Year! Keeping your Vision Board in a place where you will see it on a regular basis is the best idea: we want to manifest these things in our lives within the next year - and the best way to do that is to see the visual! 

The Vision Board you create should be a reflection of what you wish to see in this New Year or even what you wish to see in your life. Some people choose very concrete details such as “a new car, money” which is fine!!! Other people choose to create a Vision Board with deep symbolism reflecting values, or other things. Here is a great website with questions to determine your values - our Soul Collage leader read these to us today: Determine Your Values. Answering these questions may help you zero-in on what you wish to see on your Vision Board.

This process can be as natural, or as literal as you want it to be. It can even be a mix of both! My Vision Board that I’m working on is definitely a mix of both. Here is the general process!

Materials Needed:

Magazines (Any are great! More magazines = more images to choose from. We use lots of National Geographic, Girly Magazines, Health Magazines)



A “Board” of any shape to glue the images.

The Process:

Flip through the pages of the magazines. Tear out the pages of your favorite images. Let the process of choosing the images be very natural: While you may not understand why you chose a specific image - the reason may be clear once you look at all of your images as a whole.

Example: I was struck by this image of a cheetah with a baby deer in its mouth. Usually I would be repulsed, but I kept having a strong reaction when I saw this image. Ultimately, this image represents taking charge of my life and not letting people walk all over me. 

Tear out an abundance of images, whether it’s landscape, people, words, WHATEVER…just tear out the images that your soul tells you to tear out!

It’s ok if you don’t use all of your images! You can save them for another collage project later on! (Soul Collage)

After you have collected your images, cut them out however you wish and arrange them on the board (DO NOT GLUE THEM). Let the images flow in the way that you want them to, do not be afraid to overlap/intertwine the images. This is your Vision Board, and the creativity is endless. Once you have determined how you would like the images to be arranged, glue the images down…and you have a Vision Board! This process can take as little or much time as you want. Some ladies finished their Vision Boards today (in 4 hours)…while others are going to continue working on them. Mine will definitely be a couple of days. 

PLEASE try this out! PLEASE send me your results/a summary of what your vision board means to you and how the process made you feel. I would love to hear about it, and I know the ladies in the group would love it as well.

When we first had to do collages for my materials class, I was really resistant to the medium. I don’t know what my issue was, but I do favor drawing and painting type materials so maybe I was just grumpy. My friend started looking into Soul Collage after it was mentioned in class and bought the book. Her enthusiasm got me excited about collage and now I’m making my own soul collage cards. Hah.

Soul Collage

I did this thing at a camp recently where we went through magazines and selected what ever called to us for any reason. Even if we didn’t know the reason. We then selected our “favorites” and glued them on a board. At the end you figure our what I says about you like “I am a person who fights” etc. This is a soul collage. I recently realized that tumblr is my year round soul collage. I blog and reblog what ever calls to me even if I don’t know why. I will figure out the meaning later.

The Soul Collage (aka Intuitive Vision Board)

This image is a section from a Soul Collage I created more than 3 years ago. It’s amazing how the images still resonate with me and I feel the messages are continuing to deepen and unfold in my life.

The Soul Collage can help you tap into your inner wisdom and gain clarity. Working with your intuition will help you to hear the quiet voice underneath your concerns or the more ego driven ambitions.  The voice that whispers what your true heart’s desires are.

For more information on how to discover your Soul’s wisdom and guidance for your life, go to:

“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”