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So, in regards to your Dunwich Horror post, it's one of the few times when the monster is destroyed....but it's only split up into it's original parts. Yog-Sototh will come again, Armitage and his compatriots only halted it's progress into this world.

Hello! and yes… And there is this interesting move on HPL’s part to transfer the reader outside of the “action” at that point—so that we shift from the trio on the hill, specifically an external/Armitage 3rd p.o.v., to a reliance upon the small group with the telescope to interpret what they see in flashes. I mean, they reduce most of what happens up there to “raising their hands” or gesticulating without really providing any serious insight from Armitage on what really happened to the thing other than that it was “sent back” or, as you’ve said, of course, “split up”: But as to this thing we’ve just sent back…(last paragraph).
     It’s a curious-but-wise choice to write it that way since—as the guys point out on the podcast—the “magic stuff” can get really silly if it’s not written carefully; it also allows for a tiny bit more interpretation than we usually get, I think. Thanks for the note that allows for more tinkering with the story :) and for following, of course. Have a good rest of your night. 


The Dunwich Horror by Michael Bukowski

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A thing about my oc: sototh has a sweet tooth and usually has a candy bar or two floating around in his sylladex

Dezmia is big on biology and gossip, despite coming off as a stoic no-nonsense highblood. Strike up a good conversation with her on either of those topics, and there’s a good chance she’ll be friendly to you, even if you’re a lowblood.