Barrio Sotel Gang, 1976.

Nearly defunct today, Sotel 13 is a West LA gang that dates back to the late 30’s. Starting out as La Garra, and then Thee Falcons car club, they eventually adopted the name “Sotel” based on Sawtelle blvd. Despite being smaller than the other established west side gangs like Venice and Culver City, Sotel had developed a fierce reputation over the years, but like the other west side gangs, their biggest enemy turned out to be gentrification. There are few active members left today.


// So the other day, a friend of mine (whom I consider pretty decent in League) recommended that I take Spirit of the Elder Lizard for jungle Shyvana because it’s “better” than the other jungle items for her.

…I honestly find it difficult to understand why.

The +30 AD is meh, the true damage seems unimpressive (30 damage over 3 seconds at level 8-ish). Plus, the only time Shyvana procs the true damage is when she auto-attacks and/or using her Q. The rest of her kit deals magic damage!

Sure, I can understand with Shyvana being the bruiser/off-tank, SOTEL would give the most raw damage. But unless Shyvana grabs a Ravenous Hydra (the Cleave passive and I believe the Crescent active does proc SOTEL’s true damage), I don’t think the true damage is gonna contribute much.

I’d rather grab Spirit of the Ancient Golem (tanky) or even a Wriggles (attack speed) for Shyvana - although I personally find Wriggles annoying to upgrade. Plus, the wards active on both items not only help me but also my laners who need the extra vision.