from AFI fest, sosreelthoughts & I review xavier dolan’s 5th feature, MOMMY

sosreelthoughts replied to your photo: s/o to Kathryn Bigelow see also: my s/o to Ben…

still like her waaaay better than ben affleck.

why, though? is it because she’s the lone woman filmmaker up against all the big boys? I mean, she’s playing their game. she’s a fucking master at their game. I just don’t see why we, as women, must blindly praise other women because they’re women. like, what’s in it for us? supporting women whose line of work directly fuels the proliferation of empire-building propaganda is not a part of my feminism. death-mongering is not a part of my feminism. 

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1. Favorite scene from your favorite show? 

Abed making his meta film about jesus, LOL. From Community.

2. Of all the actors or celebrities that you love, if you can only meet and talk to one, who would it be and why?

Stanley Kubrick, because he’s my all time favorite filmmaker. If the actor/celebrity has to be alive, then, Nicolas Winding Refn, he seems like a nice guy and I like a lot his films.

3. What is your favorite part of your average day besides being on tumblr?

Watching films, writing stories and listening to music.

4. Giving one example of why, who is the coolest person you know?

Sorry, I can’t choose just one, all my friends are the coolest person I know.

5. And the wisest (not smartest) person you know?

I had a teacher for four months, a mexican filmmaker called: Juan Antonio de la Riva, in the film area, he’s the wisest person I’ve known.

6. What is the last movie you watched?

Rush by Ron Howard, a few hours ago.

7. Why did you decide to get on tumblr?

I really don’t remember, maybe because it looked like a good social media, which it is. 

8. The first fandom you belonged to?

Harry Potter.

9. If you became famous, would you rather have your life documented through a documentary or dramatized through a film/television/miniseries?

A miniseries.

10. If a documentary, then who would narrate it if anyone? If dramatized, who would play you?

I wouldn’t like a narrator, but I can’t think of who could play me either, maybe a young Tony Leung Chui Wai.

11. And what part would you hope they would leave out, include, or exaggerate?

I’d like them to include the long conversations I have with cats and dogs.

purecinema ‘s questions.

1. Do you prefer movies heavy on talk or long on silences?

Both, I love long on silences because my life is like that, and I love heavy on talk because I love the human voice.

2. Love or hate films based on plays? Ambivalent?

I’ve loved some, the first one I can think of, the last one I watched, Much Ado About Nothing by Joss Whedon.

3. Do you think film criticism is relevant today, and why?

Yes, it’s fun to talk/analyze films, just there’s no need to take it too seriously. 

4. Is this the golden age of TV and why or why not?

Not as a whole, I think. Breaking Bad is a great example of excellent story telling in TV, but I think, it really depends on how the story is told, a lot of TV shows are basically the same,  the sit-com, the road to redemption, and the most seen lately: the adventures of the crazy/genius protagonist in most cases, also grumpy. (I did not include Game of Thrones, because that wasn’t originally written for TV)

5. If you could helm either a movie or TV series with a limitless budget, which medium would you choose?

Film, but, can they be like 10 films?

6. Favorite book about film, film makers or TV?

Hitchcock by François Truffaut/Sculping in Time by Andrei Tarkovsky.

7. Is there a movie or show that changed your life, and if so, how?

If I had to choose just one: A Clockwork Orange, it made me see film as art. But also, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a wonderful experience every time I watch it. TV shows: Community, the first 3 seasons are post-modern comedy gold.

8. Would you prefer a movie based on your life be shot in a verité style (Dardenne brothers) or highly formal (Brian De Palma)?

The Verité style.

9. Do you think small screens (computer, phone, tablet) are killing cinema, and why or why not?

No, I don’t think they are, because none of them can be as an experience as cinema.

10. Sex on film: which film does it best and which does it worst?

Best: Blue is the Warmest Color. Worst: any hollywood movie kind of scary movie, epic movie, all of that crap.

11. Best movie soundtrack of all time?

Star Wars by John Williams/The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by Howard Shore/Cinema Paradiso by Ennio Morricone.

My questions.

1. Who would you cast in your dream proyect and Why?

2. Which soundtrack fits your life and why?

3. Which book would you adapt to film and why?

4. Practical or digital visual effects and why?

5. Are awards really important, why?

6. Are remakes a big deal, why?

7. If you could make a film disappear for ever which one and why?

8. If you could produce a film that was never finished (with the same crew and cast) which one and why?

9. Favorite first and last shot of a film?

10. Would you rather make a live-action film or animation film?

11. If you could be roommates with any filmmker/actor/actress/celebrity who would be and why?


distract yourself from reality with this review of a film that celebrates the lives of black teenagers 

sosreelthoughts replied to your post: being a third wheel is rough, I can’t stomach that…

i dont mind unless theyre like all over each other. and esp now since im super sensitive after the break up. yeah life suckz.

I’ve done so much weird, self-destructive shit. I religiously hung out with someone who I thought I was totally in love with WHILE THEY WERE IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP. like, literally hanging out with them while they were together, watching their love unfold in front of me, getting wrapped up in their power struggles. I never want to do that to myself ever again. lol I remember basically hearing someone describe me as a “cock-blocker” once and I was initially annoyed and ashamed and apologetic about that, but now I’m like GOOD GREAT PERFECT FINE A-FUCKING-PLUS FARAHJOON /end

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