soshibangs asked:

SNSD n_____n

  • first song I heard from them: Gee
  • my first impression of them: “ew their song is so annoying. what are they doing. ew. omg they look the same. oh she’s pretty (yoona)” LOL.
  • my favorite song by them: Run Devil Run (1400+ plays… lol)
  • if i’m a fan of them today: “If you are still Girls’ Generation in the next life time, I will still be a SONE.” .. :]

i’m just here to rant so don’t mind me… 

LOL so i was on twitter and i saw some tweets from some ygfans that snsd is copying yg’s concept and that they should not try to step up to yg’s level… Being a sone, i was like “hey chill, don’t be sucha elitist!” The next moment, i see sone replying the ygfan and saying stuff like “your unnies can’t look cute wearing bright coloured clothes that’s why you’re jealous” and “step up to yg’s level? you mean stoop down…”. Being a ygfan myself, i was like “hey no! you’re not gonna say that!" 

I’m just gonna nom on popcorns then.

Happy Lunar New Year to the Chinese, Koreans & Vietnamese all over the world. Have a very nice new year. /sets firecrackers/


Soshibangers are leaving one by one D:

Tbh, I am losing the motivation to update both my fandom twitter and tumblr. A big thank you for all the friends that I’ve made through tumblr (you guys know who you are). 

I will be on a semi-hiatus from now on but hey everyone, please continue to love bb and soshi. Have a good day ahead followers! 

Who knows? Maybe I will be back when I feel like it. ;) *** I still love my fandom (bb+snsd), I really do.