You know, it’s always fun to take someone who is really good and suddenly torture them to death, kind of. But in a way, you lose a sense of one fluid character when you do that — not that that happened with Karen, but I didn’t want to necessarily make that kind of a transition in this story. I think it was more interesting to say that dangerous piece of her was always there, she just doesn’t always let it out.

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Have you read Pull Me Under fic? Is it good?

If you mean

Pull Me Under by the amazing Zarah5 featuring football!louis and pretend relationship then Yes I have! 

If you mean

Pull Me Under the bdsm AU with dom!Harry then Yes I have! 

Zarah fic is in my top 5 I think, it’s brilliant, go read! 
The dom!harry is one of my fav dom!harry fics :)) 

(( I know I said I was gonna start the pottertalia event now, but I started school last monday and I’ll be away from 7am to 3pm and it’s pretty exhausting work, so I don’t really have the time or the energy to get into cosplay and do gifs atm. I’m sorry that I wont be able to be so active on this blog in a while, but I’ll try to do as much as I can when I have the energy to do so.

If you want to talk to me or anything meanwhile, feel free to do so on my personal blog: yiangillium!

I also just reached 5k followers (thank you so much, you’re all superawesome and I love you!!), and I’m gonna do a give away to celebrate it! It’ll probably be up sometime soon. ))

One of the guys I went to high school with got drafted into the NFL today.  I am so ridiculously proud of him.  He was our star quarterback, and he was in a bunch of AP classes with me, and he was super shy and extremely kind.  He’s the kind of guy that deserves to be famous and successful.  So now my high school can boast a San Francisco Giant and a St. Louis Ram.  Falcon pride <3

There’s a story behind this, I swear!

So my laptop’s microphone is built into the keyboard, right next to the fan. Two things result from this: When I’m on skype, the other person can hear me type, and when I do anything beyond browsing tumblr, anyone I’m talking to is subjected to a whirling fan of terror.

Back three years. My pals and I start having regular skype calls while playing games together. Every time my fan starts acting up, it gets LOUD. The first time this happens in a call, everyone starts freaking out, wondering what that terrifying noise is. I ask “what’re you guys talking about?” because I can’t hear it. And they respond “Uh Austin, I think your laptop is haunted. Some ghost started wailing into the microphone”. We realized it was the microphone, and apparently it sounds like a ghost moaning in pain. It gets so loud that Clyde actually left his room to give me a microphone (that I still use to this day).

After we decided to refer to my laptop’s mic problem as “Austin’s Ghost” my pal zenem7 doodled this little picture to represent my ghost:

Which was the inspiration for this drawing.

Fast forward years after this drawing, Christine is sometimes subjected to my ghost. Whenever it happens to her, she says “Your laptop is flirting with me”. and then she suggested that I draw an OC inspired by my laptop’s ghost.

So here you go. Also, there’s an in joke regarding their weapon, but that’s a story for another day.

i have wanted to design armor for davesprite since forever and finally the day has come when i avoid my responsibilities hard enough to produce this golden nightmare??? its not perfect or anything since i have… little to no armor knowledge lol… just gettin the idea out B)

he keeps his sword in his chest instead of a scabbard l o l