I’ve been getting a few asks about what the training scene with Garnet and Steven is referencing to from “Future Vision”. I presume they mean this clip:

and I think that they were referencing something called “rajio taisō” which means radio calisthenics, which is popular in Japan and China. Here’s a video of a very popular version of a rajio taisō:

and here’s the wiki link if you would like to learn more:*hello*

I really, really love how Emma treated Henry in season 1. She didn’t believe him, sure, but she always took him seriously. She engaged with him on his terms, and yes, she messed up a few times, but she always realised it and tried to make up for it. She respected him. That’s so important, and I don’t think she always gets enough credit for it.

She might not have trusted herself to be a mother back in the day, but she instinctively knew how to be one when she had to.

(And I know she’s also been a good mother since then. I just think season 1 is different because she didn’t know that he was right.)


Codex —> Characters —> 2 —> Alistair

Notes: These slides are NOT taken from the game. The lovely kinlochhold extracted the words from the game files, and the modmins located the font used in the game and mocked up these slides. The following DAO Alistair fates are reflected the slides above:

  • King Alistair - Joint Monarch with Queen Anora
  • King Alistair - Solo Monarch
  • Exiled/Drunk Alistair - Re-Joined the Grey Wardens
  • Warden Alistair - Neither took the throne nor was exiled

As well, there is a small slide which is presumably added if Alistair survives the events of Here Lies the Abyss

Location: Unknown, but presumably unlocked when one of the following conditions are met:

  • Meeting King Alistair in Redcliffe during In Hushed Whispers
  • Meeting Warden Alistair in Crestwood
  • Assigning the wartable mission for King Alistair to one of your advisors

What is High Contrast Lore? See the first post for details!

re: kudos vs. likes

I get that people are lazy about commenting but I sometimes begin to wonder when particular works have a disproportionate amount of kudos to comments, lol. 26 kudos/2 comments or 90 kudos/19 comments I understand, but 110 kudos/2 comments like why >.>

how are you supposed to know what people think of your stuff if nobody says anything >.>

lolita-sonic asked:

Getting sucked onto a plane turbine

They don’t want the air pressure to kill me, I think. That’s why they’re just putting a shitload of ceiling fans up to simulate wind, instead of actually dangling me out of an airplane.

How kind of them.

I can hear the engine thumping. The whir of the blades cut through my spine, and I can feel the hairs all over my body stand up. I swallow thickly but there’s nothing there, my throat dry but tasting of blood.

I love flying. Ziplines. Anything that gets me up in the air for those precious few moments, free as a bird or a bee or anything else with wings that can move without assistance. Where gravity is a suggestion instead of a law. It’s where I belong, and it’s where I’m going to die.

My arms are bound, and my eyes blindfolded with a cloth that smells like bleach. I would gag but I already am. Gagged, that is.

For some reason that’s funny.

It happens quickly. The engine’s powerful thrum vibrates into my very core, my soul twinging like the deep wail  of a plucked cello string.

Then, my hair flies back and so does my head, and there’s a minute of earth-shattering pain and the loudest crack I’ve ever heard in my life- even louder than the fans and the blades of the turbine that spin on, oblivious to me- before everything drips and drops the curtain from gushing red to shimmering pitch. Not black- black is the inside of eyelids, the sensation of at least waking up before you see the yellow of lights. No, it’s white, nothing but the purest yet sickliest white.

White is the color of nothing at all.