15 things that make me happy

I was tagged by -most-ardently- on this thingy…so here it is! 15 things that make me happy

1. God: He’s my main nigga. Like literally he’s my ride or die…or is it the other way around?? lol idk. But yea, god has changed my life drastically in a good way. I’m still not perfect but everyday he’s molding me into the Man of God he wants me to be

2. Discovering good music: I have an amazing taste in music hahaha so when i find good mudic I get really really excited, and want to share it with someone. But then when i do they don’t like it. That’s when i tell them to SWERVE. For example my friend told me about this group called “Imaginary Future” and now i love them. I’m listening to the song “fire escape” by them as i write this. But yea

3. I love being Hispanic. I get sooooo happy when i go to mexican parties and dance the night away. The only downfall about being mexican is that mexicans like to drink a lot at parties (i don’t) But yea we’re loud, spontaneous, our food is the bomb yo, and yea being mexican is awesome

4. Worship: When i worship i do it in the middle of the night, when everything is quiet. I also do it in my room in the dark haha. Especially those moments when you sucked into the worship so much that you feel so sureal, and you feel god’s presence in the room. It makes me happy that god gave me a spirit of worship. Cuse seriously i’m not afraid of worshipping differently. If you worship standing, I’ll be laying down on my face crying, and worshipping….yea that makes me happy.

5. Mexican Food: Like authentic mexican food. Not from Chipotle, or some restaurant owned by caucasians. Like made from my grandma type of mexican food *as mouth gets wattery* 

6. Summer nights: When it’s like 11 or twelve at night. And you’re driving at night, turn off your radio, put down the windows, and just listen to the car drive on the road, and the nature around.

7. Friends: Like real friends where when you say “hey let’s hang out” and you just end up eating food, or watching attack on titans. Those are the best cuse to other people it may seem boring, but to us it’s awesome.

8. Miami: I LOVE MIAMI. I’ve been there like 6 times. And i go like twice a year. And the people are amazing, the food is great, except the humidity suckssss. Other than that i love it.

9. Working out: It makes me happy when i see results. A year and a half ago i was 170 pounds, not much muscle, and had yea i was kinda chubby. After me and my ex broke up i focused on myself. Stopped eating like a hungry hungry hippo. And in like a month and a half or 2 i lost 20 pounds, so i ended being 150. Now i’m 160, but those 10 pounds are muscle and it’s pretty sweat. Lost my belly fat, and feel good! Except i still need to work on what i’m eating more lol…one day.

10. Kings of Leon; They are my favorite band and i fell in love with them my freshman year of high school and yea they’re amazing

11. Mexico: Mexico is just an amazing place, especially where i’m from. I’m from a small town called Nuevo Chupicuaro. And yea everyone knows each other, the food is great, the parties are awesome, and it’s just a great time every time i go. i haven’t gone in like 4  years but i really really wanna go this year.

12. Finding people who have the same interest as me: What’s not to like about this? Finding people who like the same stuff as you is awesome cuse then you can relate to them in an instant, and do some hardcore fangirling.

13. Avatar the Last Airbender: THIS SHOW WAS MY CHILDHOOD, well part of it. But dude come on! It was an action packed show, it had romance, irony, humor, seriousness, wisdom, and dflsughtliubrwt it’s just a great show in general. WHEN HE BEATS THE FIRELORD omg i was at the edge of my seat……i’m getting excited just writing this haha! but yea i love it

14. Family: Family is family man. You love them, they love you, what’s not to like. But yea i love my family and they make me happy

15. Shopping: uuuu GIRLLL, i love shopping hahaha. I love fashion a lot, and yea i just like to dress nice. I actually thought about being a fashion blogger at some point. Follow me on instagram to see a little ;) @frankylovestumbl

There are so many things that make me happy, but those are just a few. so yea.

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a comic about hating someone

i don’t feel this way anymore but i wanted to draw the stabbing heart thing and it ended up coming out haha 

and i used my oc tzevi for no reason other than i like drawing him bleeding…… ^_T sorry tzevi 

The other night. I was mean to this guy, but only because he was doing this thing that I’ve heard about in the [Neil Strauss] book The Game. We were all seeing a show and he comes up and he was doing that compliment-criticism thing, where you say you like my hair then you say, “Where did you get that hairdye? I can see your roots”. It’s a thing guys do if they’re trying to hit on a girl and they want to bring her down a bit so she craves their positive attention. So I kind of went off on him like, “You think people don’t know what you’re doing? You legitimately think I’m an idiot. Everybody’s read that book!”