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Izm is the kind of person to make an elaborate plan to jump-scare someone, only to jump out and get himself punched in the face.

Generally if Izm plans something extensively they tend to go in his favour though XD However here are some spur of the moment jump scare reactions!

Marcus and Zeke are the best to get as they are the screamy waggly kind of reaction. Ren reacts silently but freezes up like some prey animal having a heart attack and you can either get a normal reaction from .D like some yelled out expletives sentence or alternatively he might automatically throw something if he happens to be carrying anything lol.


The Camera Adds Ten Pounds

stealthily inserts my minor Ocs into blands stuff. No but really, Jack would be outta shape and deny it hard core.

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Hannah, thank you for that post about the rule breaking. Because because Percy is completely the kid that doesn't see the keep of the grass sign and feels bad for walking on it, while Annabeth watched them put in the sign but sure as hell isn't going to walk all the way around the lawn just because someone might get upset

Annabeth wouldn’t think twice about cutting across the field, right next to the sign that says ‘Keep off the grass,’ and the only thing that stops her is Percy’s hand tugging her back. When she turns around, she sees Percy’s slightly hesitant look and pointed stare at the sign, and she’s groaning before he can even voice his concerns.

“Oh my gods, Percy, we cut through this field yesterday!”

“That was only because we were being chased by a monster!”

“You’ve blown up a building and stolen a police car before. You’ve been the subject of a nationwide manhunt, and you’re worried about defying a ‘keep off the grass’ sign?”

“It’s on a sign, Annabeth! You gotta respect the sign!”

Annabeth doesn’t understand her boyfriend sometimes, but she figures it isn’t worth it to spend the better half of an hour arguing about ‘it’s fucking grass, Jackson, nobody’s going to get hurt if you step on them’ in front of the field and having people stare at them. They take the long way around (the really, really long way around and ohmygods Percy we could’ve caught this screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron if we’d cut through the field but now we have to wait three hours for the next screening what the actual fuck)

Percy probably buys her a coffee afterwards for putting up with his antics. She smacks him in the shoulder when she sees ‘grass stepper’ written on the cup.


The hot egg in the pictures is Joy yes the hot hot egg, now in many filters and outfits. Truly a photographic ensemble created by bad lighting and a phone camera, skill from one semester of photography class is put to use in capturing the many faces of our president. I particularly like face #4 of the Joy collection I’m not shore what face is #4 I know it’s nice due to all of them being nice ,a++ in the art of egg , 5 out if 5 would give lettuce leaf of friendship. I Have tittled The work “The Joy Of Joy”, yes. - skeletalsweater

i remember way back when i was thinking of future!httyd headcanons how stoick was gonna be there to see hiccup get married and have kids and be there for them but tHAT obviously didn’t happen but now i’m like haha what if all these headcanons of toothless playing w/ hiccup’s kids and being around for them are gonna be for naught haha ahahaha kill me hahaha :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

since we are all thinking about spencer right now, let me tell you a little story about the first time i met spencer:

back in 09, my friend and i went to see panic and fob. after the show, we were standing next to a gate and spencer shows up. i had made a small poster and he was so excited that i made it and honestly seemed still shocked that people cared about them so much?? so he signed it and then he goes, “where’s brendon’s autograph?” and i explained that i hadn’t gotten to meet brendon since the m&g planned for earlier had been cancelled. then he goes, “wait here” as he walked away with my poster. about 5 mins later, he comes back with my poster not only signed by brendon, but also by joe from fob and he goes, “hope you don’t mind but joe wanted to say hi, too. thanks for coming to our show in the rain, we love you!!” and honestly i feel like that interaction is spencer’s personality in a nutshell. he is so giving and cares about his fans so so much. i am so happy he is finally taking the time to put himself first, because it’s hard to think of someone more deserving of a break. we love you spencer; thanks for giving so much of your life to make ours better.