you know that feeling when you’re so in love with someone that you keep seeing them in everything you do and you can’t stop thinking about them no matter how hard you try and then you start smiling ear to ear like an idiot and people think you’re crazy and when you keep hearing their voice so clearly in your head replaying memories but the most fucked up part is that you’re not even dating them

7 minutes (7/?)

“we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now i think i might actually be in love with you”

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A/N: I got done with this early and well, I just wanted to go ahead and post it. A lot happens in this chapter (it’s a long one) and sets us up for the second half of this story. Thanks again for the feedback and reblogs, it means so much.

He wakes to a mouthful of hair, his left arm completely numb below the elbow and what he’s sure will be a bruise on his spine from the button on the back of her couch, and yet, he’s hard pressed to find a moment in his life happier than this. Any discomfort he feels is eclipsed by the gentle puffs of air caressing his throat with every breath she exhales, the warmth of her fingers on the small of his back, and god…the all too perfect fit of her hips molded against his. She shifts in her sleep, the friction drawing all of the blood from his brain downwards and he stifles a groan, cursing his body’s unbidden reaction as he feels himself hardening against her hip.

Bloody hell, Jones.

Clenching his jaw, he shuts his eyes and tries to think of other things, anything besides Emma and her soft hands, and blimey, he can’t help himself. Their activities last night, enjoyable as they were, simply have him craving her more, something he didn’t honestly deem possible until this very moment. His intentions of taking things slow, easing her into this now seem like the worst possible idea he’s ever had. They can do this, right? Remain friends and become lovers, be the same and yet, more? As much as he wants the more, he can’t risk losing everything they already have.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

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When I see trash on the beach it’s so sad.
From the trash’s prospective; someone thought it was so useless that they didn’t even give it a proper burial. Didn’t even take the time to throw it away.
From the sand’s prospective; someone thought it was so useless that it was trash. Just threw used up things on it like a plastic. Trash bin.
—  Buddha-thequeerkitten

I got too lazy to make the omake, but basically the idea was to make Yuya say to Yugo to stop and Yugo blowing him and Yuto while Yuzu explains to Yugo that Yuto isn’t the enemy.

So far, the only person Serena listed to was Yuzu lmao.

And the reason she joined the lancers was to fight Academia and rescue and protect Yuzu XD

Link with better resolution:

We had to leave
It wasn’t our fault
Nothing would grow

The water was bad

We became them
And we became me
They left, I stayed

The water was bad

I had a name once
I had a tribe
What is a name?

The water was bad

They took my seeds
They said they’d come back
Only the crows returned

The water was bad

The crows are friends
The crows are food
The crows are killers

The water was bad

We thought we could grow things
There was soil
There was water

The water was bad

It crawled into our veins
It pulled at our limbs
It dragged us down, down, down

The water was bad

One of them came back
She smelled better than the water
She smelled of death

The water was bad

We looked at her
Encased in metal
We could see nothing of ourselves in her

The water was bad

Her spine was straight
Her flesh was soft
Her legs were short

The water was bad

We turned away from her
From the returning Mother
We are not Mothers anymore

The water was bad

She did not see us
The crows called to her
She passed out of their reach

The water was bad

We return to our fields
Bodies held high on spindly legs
That once held a different purpose

The water was bad

The water surrounds what were once hands and feet
The sand that was soil erodes our flesh
The crows perch on our spines

The water was bad

The water changed us

The water was us

—  Those Who Stayed In The Green Place (x)

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oh please more more more AI!Newt

Newt works on his face;

It’s not going to look great, Newt’s fighting between getting it humanly functional, and avoiding the ah please god kill it factor; the 3D printer at least lets him go for the whole white soft plastic futurist thing, which he can live with;

The cameras are tiny clusters, glowing blue as he assembles them into an eye, he sets a dark one in the middle to look like a pupil, and inserts them into the mask’s eyesocket;

He inserts the jack into the computer and- oh, wow, that’s better; the cameras he’s been using are okay, but this- clearer than anything he’d ever known, even better than with glasses;

And hey, that’s a thought, he’s making his own body, maybe he can make it better.

But that’ll take a bit longer, for now, Newt just wants to get the head functional; it’s got a rough neck, and between that and his hand, he’ll just need to make a pair of legs- or maybe not even that, if Hermann’s still got his ‘bad day’ wheelchair;

Newt looks over- his eyes moving easily in his new face- to Hermann;

He’s asleep, at last; Newt had to refused to work on himself before Hermann finally ate something and got some sleep- and even then he refused to leave the workshop; curled up on the sofa under an oily blanket;

Newt sighs, and unplugs the jack; working on his nose and mouth;

Thank fuck for the Jaegers, if it wasn’t for the Drift recordings of smell and taste, Newt would be in a pretty boring world; the senors are miniscule, tiny pinheads studding the inside of his ‘nose’ and ‘mouth’; the mouth has flexible lips he can move- although his words will come from a speaker in his throat, but just having it and a working tongue makes him feel more at home;

Delicate, biaudial microphones go into his ears; he doesn’t have any hair, of course, and Newt isn’t sure what he’ll have there- maybe just open mechanical parts inside, or tiny flexible LEDs- he doesn’t want to resort to a wig-

Then sun is rising by the time he finally, finally plugs in the finished face, setting the base of his neck on the top of the computer; he reached out down the wires-

And opens his eyes.

The world pours in, it’s almost too much, he can hear and see, and the smell- he’s been a bit ambitious, because it might be because he’s been without it for so long, but he could swear human senses weren’t this good;

The pneumatics in his throat sucks air in for him to smell and taste, the sharpness of ozone and solder, oil and burnt plastic; colour is bright and vivid and- hey, he could put in more cones, see how Mantis Shrimp see the world, with sixteen different cones to the human three-

Hermann’s steady breathing changes, subtly, and Newt turns his head- oh, how good that feels- and grins at him as he opens his eyes; his mouth moving easily and naturally;

“Hey Hermann,” Newt waves, “I didn’t hit the uncanny valley, did I-”

Hermann sits up, stares at him, he smiles, a little uncertainly; “You- look good;” He slides his legs off the sofa, takes his cane and gets up, Newt winces at how heavily he leans on it, the fact he can barely put any weight on his leg;

“Hah, be careful, all I need is a pair of legs and I can chase you to bed; idiot-” he breaks off, Hermann is looking at him oddly, searching his face, over and over, “Herms-”

“I- I-” He swallows, and tears spill out;

Newt curses his lack of legs, he reaches out, but Hermann is outside him reach; “Hermann-”

“I’m sorry-” his voice cracks, “It’s wonderful, you did so- well;” he wipes his eyes, “It’s stupid but I- I thought I would see your face, it’s absurd, but-”

“No-” and Hermann steps towards him, Newt catches his hand in his; “I’ll get it right, it’s just for now, I’ll look like me again, don’t worry;”

Hermann shakes his head, “You- look like whatever you want, I’m just-” he rubs his chest, “I’m foolish;”

“You’re awesome;” Newt says firmly, squeezing his hand- carefully, he can crush those thin bones- “You brought me back- well, half of me;” he tries for a joke, waving a hand over his makeshift body;

Hermann chokes a laugh, and smiles; looks down at Newt; Newt lifts his head up, tilts it back as Hermann leans in and touches his flesh lips to Newt’s plastic ones.


hmm whats with this wierd remix of the tf music? 

why havent they released the real thing yet D: 

tho the vid has some nice screenshots