Kira × Ziyal × art (split version; single image version here)

Two of Kira’s foils, Ziyal and Iliana, were skilled artists, a talent Kira freely admitted never having, yet she herself is a descendent of artisans. Whenever she connects with these women, when she holds their works in her hands, I have to wonder if she’s glimpsing another reality in which the Occupation never occurred, and in which she discovered and developed her own artistic voice.

Text quote citations:

  • The Circle, 2x02
  • Return to Grace, 4x13
  • Second Skin, 3x05
  • Sons and Daughters, 6x03

Honorable mention:

I have absolutely no artistic skills. I was the worst finger painter at the four-year-old level. My parents were humiliated.

There has been quite a lull since our last bout of insanity, but we’re back with more AU ideas, this time Dragon Age (II). Alas, there was more but I forgot a large chunk of it while washing the dishes. thekimchiburger and I cannot be stopped: We will imagine all the AUs.

Things that we know: 

  • Rize will be a Desire demon who managed to escape to the material world (a la Tower of Magi in Origins)
  • Kanou will be a blood mage and a necromancer who experiments on poor souls trying to find the key to a) immortality and/or b) to bring the dead back to life; soul, past memories, the whole shebang. And without the gross parts falling off and rotting bit
  • Kaneki was a totally normal human until he was captured by Kanou’s henchmen and experimented on
  • he has bits of Rize in him –he’s not quite an abomination but he’s not even remotely normal, either
  • Kaneki has the Spirit Warrior specialization (”flirt with demons in the Fade,” you say? I don’t care if Kaneks would make a fantastic mage, I need him to flirt with Rize in the Fade in exchange for power.)
  • (Also, for those of you not familiar with the DA franchise, the Fade is where spirits and demons come from, a place only mages can access while awake, and where everyone but dwarves go to while sleeping. It is the land of dreams.)
  • Kaneki fled to Kirkwall to escape the blight. At some point along the way, he meets up with Hide, Tsukiyama, and Amon

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Redneck Avengers from the bad lip reading crew. It’s so cracky and silly, but there’s blackfrost if you don’t blink.

We just wrapped up our annual Tainted hatching on Sekkai! In the planning process, staff members that have candidates will not know where their egg is placed. We had a few of these invisible eggs this time and one of our members, Hooxeii, said it was entirely possible for Mezcal (pictured here with one of the “hidden” hatchlings) to have forgotten that she even laid an extra egg in the first place.

scrumpygoat because we thought you’d also get a kick out of this

Original comic by Kate Beaton!

God, sometimes I just want to remind every single person on my dashboard that they are amazing people. That everyone creates their own magic with their writing that no two people are alike, and yes we all have flaws with our writing, some have better strong points than others with it but that’s what makes it’s beautiful. You learn to fall in love with the writing that touches your heart, and yeah hey I can say some of my closest friends are some of the most amazing writers that don’t realize their worth at all.

      And it’s kind of beautiful the way that people can create with words and everything and I just want to remind people, yeah no ones writing is perfect even if it seems like it is. To someone you are a role model, to someone they admire you and love what you do. Everyone looks up to someone on here even if there are close friends.

          So remember even if you don’t feel like you’re loved, chances are someone sees you on their dash and admires and respects you and loves the way that you do right. So just remember that okay, someone always loves seeing you the dash.