She prides herself on her strength and steel,
but she cracks like porcelain now and then.
She knows how to piece herself back together,
but covers her cracks and chips in layers of glue.

She is composed of fire and compassion,
but she struggles with doubts and insecurities.
She burdens herself with the weight of the world,
but carries forward bravely, determined to make her mark.

She takes the reigns and her presence screams command,
but she hates the burden that comes with being in charge.
She knows leaderships rests deep within her bones,
but she resents her authority and responsibility.

She builds armor out of sharp wit and determination,
but she doesn’t dare smooth out any of her jagged edges.
She understands that she is the hero of her own story,
but recognizes even heroes need saving sometimes.

She burns soft and bright like a star in the night sky,
but she explodes violently like a supernova from time to time.
She scatters herself like stardust across galaxies in the aftermath,
but she is phoenix incarnate, reborn timelessly from her ashes.

—  she is my porcelain warrior girl (s.s.)

Jack and Mark making size jokes over Skype and when they meet in person and do the do for the first time, Mark says the first dick joke they made and Jack starts laughing hysterically. As Jack is in his laughing fit, Mark starts laughing when trying to get Jack to stop.

homestuck 30 day challenge: Day 6: Your favorite song (Moonsetter)

i have so many favorite songs, i have like over 600 homestuck songs o.o some of my favorites are La2t Frontiier, Crystalmethequins, Jade Dragon, and Anbroids 2.0.
But one of my top favorites was finally used in-comic recently, for the surprisingly heartwarming Vriska update, Moonsetter. I even like to put this song in my custom soundtracks for games that support that stuff. its just so happy!


AHello friendlies.

And hello new followers.

I’ve been on and off of here and XIV for a little while because my brain has been a little weird lately. What I mean to say is, I am constantly moving and busy and trying to make sure I am in all kind of good standing with things in my life and I have been so overwhelmed that there hasn’t been a period in this sentence yet and it still hasn’t stopped, okay now I’m done. Phew.

Regardless, things are actually looking WAY up and, despite being busy, it’s been nice. That all said, here are a few things I wanted to just blurt out while I’m around!

Jace has been feeling… lonely? Maybe. I feel like I’ve really lost touch with a lot of people that I used to do a lot with in the community. However, I’ve rationalized it in this way: The reason for that is because my FC is back. From 2.0 until about 2.2~ I was basically one of the only people who got on in my FC. So, took it upon myself to make friends with all of you. And I am very grateful for that. But I guess once my FC started becoming active once more, it was nice. My old friends of many many years and I began to play things again. It felt good. And it continues to feel good. 

Honestly, thank all of you. Followers, friends, and the XIV community. I really should be thanking you all more often, but when I was feeling alone, you all helped me. And even now, I should thank my FC. I thought I was feeling lonely, but really you guys were there for me too, so thanks. :) 

More stuff under the cut. Topics: Life. Weight gain/becoming a bara, less mushy stuff.

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I lost a bunch of followers who I can’t really blame because I basically disappeared off of the face of the earth so I’m hoping that people who I love and care about are still following and can see that I love and care about them very much.

ANYWAY!!! Hi, I’m alive, barely. Been super immersed in school and am currently still in finals week. I’ll be home for two weeks but not very free because I need to get ready for my study abroad trip this summer. SURPRISE! I got accepted into a summer study program in Bali, Indonesia this summer which is super fucking awesome. But I’ll be there for the whole month of June and don’t know how much free time I’ll actually have. But I will be back in NY from July till the end of August before I go back to school and will hopefully have more time to chill and rp. There are a lot of 1x1 plots here that I really care about and would like to continue/discuss more if any of my partners are still willing to unless you’re fed up with waiting which I totally understand. But over these next couple of weeks I am gonna be around on skype if anyone wants to chat and have me send them pictures of me freaking out about going to Bali since the longest trip I’ve ever been on was last summer to Minnesota. 

I’m super behind on everything in the 1x1 world so idk if all of you are still around but I’m gonna tag the partners I remember having and what not!

ALSO I hope all of you are doing well and lovely and are hopefully already are about to enjoy your summer <3

(actual gif of me rn during finals)

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i have wanted to design armor for davesprite since forever and finally the day has come when i avoid my responsibilities hard enough to produce this golden nightmare??? its not perfect or anything since i have… little to no armor knowledge lol… just gettin the idea out B)

he keeps his sword in his chest instead of a scabbard l o l