Hey everyone!

I’m sorry for not having been spending much time here lately; as I’ve said already, I was busy with arranging some things in Finland, then I had a 4-day trip to St Petersburg, a job interview and now I’m finally more or less free, so if you have anything to tell me or maybe you have questions, I’m happy and able to answer them (:

But that’s not why I’m making this post. As you probably have noticed, I was lucky enough to get to visit Mikhailovsky Theatre and see Giselle there, so I’ve decided to write sort of a review about the performance.

Before going to the theatre, I was actually pretty disappointed; all the tickets to the evening performance were sold out (and the cast would be Irina Perren as Giselle, Mario Labrador as Albrecht and Ekaterina Borchenko as Myrtha), so seeing a 1 pm performance seemed sad and dissatisfying to me - as you know, the evening performances are usually considered generally “better” and more, so to say, “prestigious” and better casts are set for those. Plus the idea of seeing Anastasia Soboleva as Giselle, Viktor Lebedev as Albrecht and Alisa Sodoleva as Myrtha didn’t particularly make me shiver in excitement. 

The first thing I noticed in the theatre was how gorgeous it looked from the inside (I’d never been to Mikhailovsky before). Also, the decorations and costumes were amazing; they look nothing like they do in Nikolai Krusser’s photos (and his photos ARE magnificent, so you get how beautiful they were and what I mean, right?); it also made me feel weird that the settings and costumes are, imo, way much better looking that in the Mariinsky :/ the people sitting behind me were apparently watching a ballet in a theatre of that “level” for the first time in their lives, and their amazed “aaaah” when the performance began was kind of sweet and it said a lot, at least to me (:

Despite what I was ready to see and my bias against the dancers performing the main roles, they were simply breath-taking. Anastasia Soboleva didn’t really look like an innocent child to me, but she did look as if she were in love; unlike many ballerinas, she didn’t look like she was squeezing emotions out of herself, she didn’t push herself to look the way she was supposed to - she was pretty natural. The only thing is that I was expecting way more from the madness scene; it felt and looked boring and fake to me ): Viktor Lebedev did not impress me with his dramatic skills at all though, especially in the first act. 

I’ve said that a million times here already: Mikhailovsky has perfect corps de ballet. They were but splendid! It was an immense pleasure to see them live. 

Have I already used the phrase “the biggest disappointment of the performance” already? If not, then I’m to use it now referring to Sabina Yapparova in the peasant pas de deux. I’m sorry guys, but as a spectator I found her terrible. Her arabesques were low, she was falling out of the pirouettes, she looked heavy and, hmm, “massive”. In the variations. But during the actual PDD she was nice. Her partner, Konstantin Kilinchuk, was pretty impressive.

Watching the second act, I realized why the ballet is called “Giselle, Ou Les Wilis”. The scenes with the wilis were enticing and bewitching. Generally, the second act made me tremble, it was so purely otherwordly and fantastic! Once again: the corps de ballet tho! Absolute splendidness! 

Anastasia’s and Viktor’s technique was mind-blowing. Above all, Anastasia managed to create a totally different image, character. It wasn’t a living girl anymore, it actually was a spirit, a shadow. She was unbelievably light, “floating”, airy. Her jete enntrelaces were just alluring. Viktor’s endless entrechats made the audince whimper in amazement and delight :D

Alisa Sodoleva was beautiful as Myrtha. When she made arabesques (and they were fascinating), I couldn’t help thinking about Sabina Yapparova’s ugly arabesques from the first act >.< Alisa’s only disadvantage, in my opinion, was that she didn’t really look like a queen of the wilis, she didn’t look powerful and “almighty”.

The last thing I wanted to say is that I GOT TO SEE MAESTRO PAVEL KLINICHEV, a conductor I’d always wanted to meet and see perform live!!! (at least some of my dreams come true :S ) He and the orchestra were superb! He was also conducting that first performance with Katya that I saw (La Sylphide), when my love for her “was born”.

Hope you found my review interesting (: Enjoy ballet!


Supergirl Pilot Review

*This is my first time doing a review of this sort, focusing on a single episode and more or less writing my first impression. This is going to be a less formal review with a far more personal touch. I hope you enjoy*

When I first heard that the creative team behind the CW’s Arrow and The Flash were coming up with a show based around Supergirl, I had a very mixed opinion. On one hand, I was a bit excited because they landed Arrow great, and while it seemed completely impossible before it debuted, The Flash turned out even better and defied every expectation. On the other hand, it was Supergirl.

It’s not to say I have anything against female superheroes, but I hate heroes like She-Hulk, Kid Flash and even Ace the Bat-Hound. Taking the powers or identity of an existing superhero and slapping it on a different gender, age or animal just screams unoriginality. It saddens me that these characters couldn’t have had their own, unique set of powers made instead of their creators banking on people picking up the comics because it was just a different version of whoever superhero. Supergirl always seemed like a lazy creation to me, especially considering she’s based around one of the most unrelatable, and in my opinion, boring heroes ever. Her origin story is a carbon copy of Superman, and the only thing that sets her apart is her gender. So trying to make a series around that seemed like a tall order.

Then the trailer dropped a week ago, and it did not look good. The show previewed a comedic tone, like it was trying too hard to appeal to the female market to the point of just being a weird rom-com that happened to involve superheroes. Almost like the 2008 movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend. And now, having seen the pilot, that comparison wasn’t too far off.

The pilot recounts the origin of Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin and fellow survivor of the explosion that destroyed Krypton. Kara was sent by her parents to protect a then baby Kal-El when they arrived on Earth. However, upon their escape, Kara’s pod was thrown off course by the shockwave from Krypton’s explosion, and she drifted into the Phantom Zone where time comes to a full stop. And after 24 years passed on Earth, Kara’s pod somehow fell out of the Phantom Zone and crashed on Earth, with Kara still 12 years old, and Kal-El now a fully grown adult and hero to the world known as Superman.

After being taken in by a family of Kal-El’s allies and raised to have a normal life, Kara is now an assistant for a news media mogul. However, she’s unsatisfied with her life and wants to do more to help people. She gets her chance finally when an airplane carrying her adoptive sister begins to crash into National City. With no other choice, Kara flies to save the plane and thus becomes publicly known to the world as Supergirl. And with this, she begins her ascent to heroism.

Shortly after though, Kara meets a secret division of the government known as the DEO (Depatment of Extra-Normal Operations). They fight against alien threats to Earth, one of which is now coming after Kara. With so many people telling her not to become who she’s meant to, Kara must finally stand up for herself and embrace the hero within her that the world so desperately needs. Overall, the plot is very lengthy, but it’s told quickly to keep the pace moving which is one of the positives this pilot.

However, the writing butchers any part of this that sounds exciting. With the pilot being written by Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti, the masterminds behind Arrow and The Flash, I expected so much more. I understand the series needs to have an individual tone, just like The Flash, but this is so god awful. It sadly reminded me that Berlanti did in fact write the script for the awful Green Lantern film. Yet somehow, Supergirl’s pilot fares even worse than that.

The acting is equally atrocious. Melissa Benoist is likable as Kara, yes, but she’s forced to say such terrible lines that it weighs her down and makes it impossible for her to soar like she needs to in order to successfully lead the series. The writing her, and every other character, from feeling relatable because all of the dialogue is so artificial and painfully expositional. Her co-stars, with even worse writing, get no chance at doing a good job. Mechad Brooks, while not only being forced to spout out nothing but connections between Kara and Superman, is simply not a good choice for Jimmy Olsen. And it’s not just because his portrayal is completely different from the character’s traditional manner, but because the script writes him as a smooth-talking, attractive love interest for Kara. Jimmy has always been a giddy dork with a camera, and I think changing his character this much is just too drastic.

The rest of the cast is written and portrayed in equally terrible fashion. I didn’t like Chyler Leigh as Kara’s sister Alex at all, David Harewood delivers some of the stiffest dialogue I’ve ever heard as DEO head Hank Henshaw, and Jeremy Jordan’s dorky love-interest performance as Winn Schott was maddeningly annoying. The only cast member who shines through the bad writing is Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant, Kara’s media mogul boss who is the simplest example of the bitchy boss archetype. Her scenes are somewhat enjoyable just because her character has such a lack of care for most things, and maybe even some lack of care from Flockhart towards the series. It’s not enough to bring the pilot up from its atrocity, but it’s the most basic form of entertainment this pilot offers. And that’s something passable, at least.

Another major concern of mine for this series was the question of how it was going to be able to maintain Superman levels of action on the small screen. The Flash was surprisingly excellent on this front, delivering some of the best visual effects in all of TV and living up to its comic book nature in full. However, Supergirl was clearly not handled by the same effects studio, or somehow didn’t have the budget to live up to what it needed to be. All the effects are cartoon-like, feeling very outdated and closer to something from the early 2000’s or even the late 90’s. Every action sequence is painfully obvious in its use of CG. That’s not to say The Flash’s CGI isn’t obvious, but somehow it matches with the show’s tone much better. And it’s of higher quality. Supergirl has a very long way to go in convincing us a girl can fly. Or anyone if they’re doing it on this series.

Supergirl delivered one of the worst pilots I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to seem too negative, but there is so much wrong with this first episode. Everything feels cheap, poorly written, underdeveloped and overly-ambitious. Coming from the Arrow/Flash team, I was hoping for so much more, despite how hard this show could fall on its face. And if this pilot is any indication, I was right in my concerns. Supergirl is trying so hard to empower women, soar for the heavens and become a shining new beacon of equality in television. But sadly, it’s plagued with god-awful stereotypes of women and terrible tropes of female-focused media. I do still see potential in Supergirl, and it wouldn’t be the first time a series has turned itself around from a bad pilot. But as of right now, I’m not excited for the series debut in November. In the end, I’ll watch the first season for the same reason I watch Gotham: because it’s a comic book show. But aside from that sliver of appeal, Supergirl (as far as the pilot goes) is a horrible show. Women deserve a better debut in superpowered TV. Now with this being the sad beginning, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are really going to have to pick it up in the film department. Otherwise, I’m afraid women are going to be stuck with these third-rate adaptations for a long while.

*The title gif is mine. The rest are not*


28 pages of gorgeous art. Just got the doujin End of an era by sh2jw and I have to say I am not disappointed. The art is really great, and the artist nails the art of visual storytelling. I’m especially in love with the way emotions are shown.

It’s all about Sherlock’s side of things, from after the wedding, after he’s shot, and up to the point where he shoots Magnussen. And why he does it. 

If I had to nitpick I’d say that there could, perhaps, have been a bit more effort into the translation. I know it’s not always easy when English isn’t your first language, but there are times where the wording/phrasing is a bit off, and it can ruin the pace of reading a little bit. But only a little bit. 

I’m still very pleased with this doujin, and I already treasure it. It’s worth buying, definitely.

god's gift 14 days

I love this drama to bits. I don’t care if it lacks romance, since this drama has already sufficient substance itself. It’s such a waste that Empress Ki is its contender because I’m going to bet my hand that if it wasn’t just for Empress Ki, this drama will sweep the whole nation off its feet. This drama deserves a much more higher ratings along its run.

I decided not to make this a con/pro drama review, but instead I’m going to write all my thoughts and comments about this show. I’d still state what I love and what I hate about this drama though.

1. No screentime was wasted in the episodes. Each scene is equivalently important to the beginning, the climax and the ending. Thinking that 16 episodes is too short for this drama, I think the writer did a good one budgeting and making sense of each scene. I’d also like to mention how maaaaaaaaaaaaaany scenes are there in this drama 

2. How did the characters get energy for running, fighting, jumping, thinkin and etc when we see them not eating? We see them eating at rare times, but then again the scenes are utilized well. Hahaha

3. This drama has taught us to “Never trust anyone”. Isn’t that a given?

4. I laughed hard when a tumblr user mentioned that god’s gift 14 days is an excuse to sell CCTVs. Right. Without CCTV, would this drama run 16 episodes? CCTVs are life savers here, so thank them. ^^

5. And yeah, they have unlimited gas for their cars. XD

6. Every phone call brings bad luck. 99.9% of the phone calls brings grievous or bad news while the remaining .1% tells you something you want to hear.

7. Everything in the first few episodes were useful. Everything is connected. That’s the point of the show anyways. So, I salute writer-nim because she is indeed very brilliant to write a story like this.

8. It is undeniably, one of the most confusing dramas I’ve ever seen. You though it’s over, but actually, you have just unraveled another mystery, a bigger and a more dangerous one. You thought it would end up that way, but no. I assume most of your assumptions are wrong. 

9. I like the feel whenever the clock ticks. It’s creepy.

10. Aissssh unlimited cellphones, if it’s that easy to lose and get another cellphone in korea, I’ll live in that place.

10. The acting is superb!! 

11. I know I’m not the only one who hated SH for being so reckless and SB for going anywhere. I really got frustrated watching the drama because of them, but as it ends, I’ve realized that they have grown and have become responsible people, the both of them.

12. Dong Chan is seriously one of the characters with an injustice ending. I will really contact the writer (If I can) and tell her it’s not just right. I cried really hard until it was hard for me to breathe and my heart was aching. 

13. Like I’ve mentioned, it needs a special episode. There is no proper closure for each character. I say, each. That includes Ji Hoon, Woo Jin, Dong Chan’s sidekicks and etc. 

14. But the ending didn’t waste the whole drama. I still love the whole 14 days thing, the characters, the acting, the plot, the conflict, everything else. 

15. I really got confused with the original timeline and the second one. So, Dong Chan still killed Saet Byul in the original timeline? Under the same circumstances? I’m confused :/ 

I’d like to rewatch this drama once again. But not now. Before, I didn’t have any plans of rewatching this, but I’ve changed my mind. This time, I’ll take notice of everything, this time I won’t be that confused of the original timeline and the second timeline.

This drama is very lovable, it’s creepy, yes, scary, yes, thrilling, yes, frustrating, yes, but this is a masterpiece. This is the first drama I’ve watched that you don’t need the romance to make it awesome. The dynamic duo’s love story should have grown more, but if it stops that way, it will and it’s alright- because we also don’t want SH to love someone who’s gonna die at the end.

screw you writer-nim, you messed with my heart.

Rating:  4.9/5

Rooms of the House is an interesting album. In the weeks leading up to the release, I read a bunch of reviews talking about how different it was from their previous albums, and how it was a “risky” branch away from the successful sounds of Wildlife.
When the album became available streaming, I had already determined to wait until my physical copy arrived in person before listening (aside from the already released “singles” if you can call them that).
I was glad I waited. One of my favorite things about vinyl is that it encourages you to listen to the album as a whole. There’s no pause button, no rewind or skip. This album was crafted by a group of talented musical minds, and although the story of the album (may or) may not be linear, I assume the songs were put in their order for a purpose.
In the last week, I’ve listened to Rooms of the House from start to finish approximately 6 or 7 times, and listened to it in sections at least a dozen more. I was attempting to take notes, but for now, here are my impressions:
If you had only listened to SATBOTRBVAA and Wildlife and then this album, I could see how it could be considered a drastic change. But if you had listened to the “hear, here” projects, along with the split ep with Koji, this album shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. I’ll admit the “hear, here” recordings didn’t hold my attention in the same way the full lengths had, but they laid the ground work for some of the tracks on Rooms.
I’ve been trying to pick a favorite song off this album, and while a front runner would be “Woman (reading),” it’s sort of like choosing a favorite passage/page/chapter of a book. It can be beautiful, well written, thought evoking,but without the context of the rest of the story, it loses a lot of the meaning.

I would encourage anyone to pick up a copy of this album. Get comfortable, put down your phone, and listen to it. Then Try it out with headphones. Then screw around with the Eq and spin it again. If you listen to it, from start to finish, and don’t enjoy it, I am sincerely sorry. Because with each play, I am getting more and more out of it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to flip the album back to side a and start again.

5 reasons why I love The Binding of Isaac

So yeah you may know this game already because it’s kinda old

But I really enjoy it, and i want that more people know of this game

1- A super twisted and gruesome atmosphere

For the people who haven’t heard of this game, you play as Isaac, a naked little boy escaping from his mother trying to kill him, because God told her so.
To escape her, you’ll have to go deeper and depper in what seems to be a botomless basement, with randomly generated floors each time you start the game, filled with treasures and shops and monsters and bosses, making your way bymelting down monsters USING YOUR OWN FREAKING TEARS AS BULLETS.
I mean, that’s super metal and stuff.
Also you can chop your head off with shears so your headless body can rush enemies and destroy them while you shoot tears with your floating head.
Yeah. Pretty metal.

Gameplay-wise, it’s like mixing Zelda, rogue type games, with a dash of bullet hell shooters. You collect power-ups, explore floors, defeat enemies bosses, dodge bullets while shooting yours. It sounds simple, but it’s really addictive in fact.

2- A really challenging game


There’s a high chance your first run won’t lead you really far in the game. Cause the game will do everything to be as much of an asshole as he can, throwing you in rooms with shitloads of monsters, zerg-rushing you to chew your head off.
But that doesn’t mean you will never be able to finish the game if you’re not that good at video games. The game has a slow, but really tangible learning curve. Each run, you do a little better than last time. And this is actually really satisfying, knowing you do better each game after the other. And you won’t get bored of it, because…

3-There’s A LOT of unlokable contents

In the vanilla game, there are about 150 items. Add 100 more with the expansion packs. 5+1 unlockable characters, each of theme coming with their own perks and flaws, unlockable items, bosses, secrets, floors, you name it. Completionists, you are very welcome. As the items and rooms and bosses you get is randomly selected each time, each run is different, and you will never play Isaac the same way from one run to the other.

4-The game is full of speculation fuel

You like headcanons? Biblical reference? Psychologogical analysis? Obscure background told using only pictures and items? I know you do. Well you’re going to have a lot of stuff to interpret in this game.
I’m not gonna spoil too much about it (considering the picture in itself is already a major spoiler), but trust me, this game and his twisted, childish yet horrible univers will leave you with a lot of questions.

5- It’s only 5 bucks on steam

+3 bucks with the expansion pack, which doubles the lifespan of the game. Your argument is invalid, go get it.

The game DO has some flaws (not that pretty, really buggy because made with flash, mainly) but come on. For 5 bucks it is really worth a try.


Well, sorry i annoyed you with that really long ass post and my broken english. you can keep scrolling down. Click on those fresh green arrow and that blood orange heart if you enjoyed reading this, i would really appreciate this! See ya o/

An Evening with Noel Fielding is a comedic acid trip, a technicoloured multimedia riot, that has the likeable Fielding acting as your spirit guide on an anarchic and unpredictable journey that breaks on through to the outer limits of stand-up comedy.
—  Karl Puschmann, The New Zealand Herald 11 May 2015
Answer Me/ Reply 1997

I needed to watch Reply 1997 badly. Not just because it is part of my kdrama marathon during my sembreak, but because a lot of kdrama addicts gave positive reviews about this drama. Some considered Yoon Jae and Shi Won as the best couple. Some considered this as the drama with the best plot. Some considered this drama their best. So, I was really curious. I couldn’t wait to watch Reply 1997. Even though I wasn’t able to get over with A Gentleman’s Dignity, I still started watching this.

Reply 1997 is a light drama about a girl who adores boy groups in the 90’s and her friendship with 5 other people. If you read the super summary sentence I just gave, you’ll probably think “This is unique.” I, myself said that because I have never seen any dramas with a plot about a FANGIRL. YES. In short, FANGIRL. :) I am a fangirl myself (talking about kpop) :D So, I was more interested to see this. I wanted to know if I can completely relate myself to her. 

It really started of well. It was funny, especially with those goat sounds Hahhah. I cannot forget those goat sounds in every funny scenes. XD As I watched more, the plot is getting better. It’s daebak!

What I like about this drama:

  • IT STIRRED UP MY CURIOSITY. Come on… The other reason why I watched this drama until the end is because I was very curious. I liked how the writers thought of this idea– to make the viewers curious. I’ve noticed that normally, in other dramas, if there’s a secret, it’s the lead/supporting character that doesn’t know about it but all the viewers know. In Reply 1997, all the characters know about the secret (about who’s Shi Won’s husband) while the viewers don’t even have a clue! It’s the opposite of a normal kdrama ingredient. This is creative, really creative! Although, I was pretty sure that Shi Won will end up with Yoon Jae, how the writers wrote the drama made me doubt. There was a point in time when I was convinced that Tae Woong’s the husband and then there were times that I was sure it’s Yoon Jae. I was freaking out because I doubted a lot of times!
  • IT NEVER FAILED TO SURPRISE ME. The turn and twists of events did surprise me. First was Joon Hee’s real personal preference. Second was Yoo Jung and Hak Chan’s relationship. Third was when Tae Woong has fallen in love with Shi Won. Fourth was the history of Shi Won’s and Yoon Jae’s parents. Fifth was that the girl whom Tae Woong bumped to in the early episodes is actually the doctor. And there are more to mentioned. Each episode surprised me unlike any other kdramas before. There are lots to watch out from this drama.
  • BEAUTIFULLY PICTURED OUT. Born on the ‘96, I am still a year old on '97- the setting of the drama. So, I don’t have any clues about the '97. Good thing that this drama taught me a little about the '90s. I was even shocked to see earphones on that era! I was like, “Earphones are already invented?!” HHAHAHAHAHHAHA. XD Aside from that, there were no flaws with how the '90s was delivered to the viewers. They used songs that were famous that time. Evertime I watch the drama, I really feel that I am in the '90s decade. The Cinematography is good!
  • NICE PLOT. Let’s take a break from those angsty and heavy dramas. I’ve always liked light and and not so fluffy ones because they’re really good watch and Reply 1997 is one of them. I could relate, but not totally with Shi Won. Being a fangirl is really hard. Even a teared-up poster could make you cry. Even a single album can make you happy. It might be starting to get cliche when the brothers start to love the same girl, nevertheless, it was portrayed well. The ending is satisfying too :)
  • THE QUOTES FOR GROUP MESSAGING. Because Reply 1997 gives us a numerous amount of quotes, I can choose some of them and group message it to my friends. HAHAHAHAAHAHA XD The quotes gave us lessons and there was a time that it STRUCK ME MOST. About the first love thing. Yeah.. First love. Lecheng first love. Thanks to Yoon Jae and his wise words, I was able to realize something.
  • IT’S THE CLOSEST TO REALITY. Everything in the drama seems so true to happen in real life. From Shi Won being a fangirl, to bestfriends falling in love, to brothers loving the same girl and to the friendship that binds them all together.
What I hate dislike about this drama:
  • Too many flashbacks. Even though the time intervals were properly stated, I still sometime get lost. I guess the problem is with me. 
  • It didn’t really give me those feels. I was slightly disappointed because I expected the drama to give me more feels but it didn’t. Molla~~ :( 
Over all this drama is good. You’ll like it for sure. But for me, it didn’t really meet up to my expectations brought by the people giving great praises to this drama. I wasn’t spazzing at all, I was just watching the drama intently. After it ended, I said to myself. “Okay, it’s done. It’s beautiful but it’s done. I still have homeworks to do.” However, I still liked it and I have no regrets :) Nice job tvN.  Rating: 4/5

The Lucian tea blend I made for the ARAGO line on Adagio is ridiculous.  It tastes sort of like beef jerky, yet is still somehow good and fits the character PERFECTLY.  It’s also apparently got so much caffeine that Adagio has to put a warning on the page and now that I think about I wonder if that’s part of the reason I was up until 7 am last night.

Silent Hill Downpour reminds me of Alan Wake. You know how the light follows you in Alan Wake? Well, in Silent Hill Downpour a vortex thingy follows you and that’s why it reminds me of Alan Wake along with the fact that the forest/scenery in the game, so far, looks like Alan Wake too. Silent Hill Downpour isn’t a scary game either, and the first monster that we encountered, so far, are just freaking annoying and not scary in anyway. They are annoying and the game so far is quite boring. We ended up quitting at the caverns from being bored of playing it. Also the combat for it is really annoying too. I love the combat for Silent Hill Homecoming and how you focus on the one enemy while in Silent Hill Downpour you’re not focused on anything and end up missing the monster and hitting air.
The game feels like it was rushed too and is glitchy. Usually character’s in Silent Hill will interact with objects. For example, you see a dead dog on a table, they will comment on it saying how gross it is or that it reminds them of something, while in Silent Hill Downpour he doesn’t interact with anything. For example, the dead dog that you see inside the bedroom of the diner that is lying on the bed with flies around it. We also know nothing about the main character other than that he was being transferred to another prison and I’m sure it will be explained further in the game … it’s just that he has no personality. He’s just a boring character.
I don’t think we’ll finish Silent Hill Downpour, and I probably won’t even bother to play it either (I was watching my sister play it but I did play for a little bit too). Silent Hill has gone to shit now just like Resident Evil which is upsetting because they’re my favourite series and still are just not the newer games.
For now I’ve been playing the Silent Hill HD Collection and having a lot of fun. I tried out the new voice actors for a bit only to get annoyed at their voices, XD When I played again I was happy to see that I could change it back to the original voices which is just awesome.
I guess that’s sort of a review. I just needed to write out how much I dislike Silent Hill Downpour. Silent Hill: Homecoming was a good game and I love it, while Silent Hill Downpour is just horrible and makes me angry. The music isn’t scary either since Akira Yamaoka left and shows in the game just how bad it is without him (music-wise).

Answer Me 1994

I’m afraid a lot of people misinterpreted what I said in my previous posts about my rants and insights on this drama, so yeah I made this fully detailed review on this. You are free to disagree with me, but remember that this is plainly opinionated and I try not to be biased here.


This review will be divided into three: first impressions, pros and cons and a bit of rant.

I am more invested in this drama than Heirs, MHIYD or any other dramas this year. IHYV is a tough contender but I can say that AM1994 is slightly more interesting to me. Given that Reply 1997 was very successful, I anticipated a lot on this. I was not yet born in the year 1994 so at first I was curious. What is in there in 1994? Is it as awesome as in 1997?

First impressions: better than what I expected. More mind-boggling. Quirkier, cleverer and funnier (I know they’re just similar to one another) I liked how the writer kept things hidden- the fact that Trash is indeed part of the husband game. In Ep 00, no clues led to Trash being one of the contenders. I love the element of surprise in this drama. The writing is smooth during the first few episodes. What the teasers promised were there- Najung fangirling over Lee Sang Min, Yoon Jin fangirling over Seo Taiji and the boys, Chilbong as a baseball player, and the life of country bumpkins in Seoul. I really love the writing and editing. The cast soon grew on me.

Now for the pros:

  • The cast.

The cast did perfectly. Watching the drama is not watching them acting, but probably, watching them being themselves. For a second, I never said that he/she doesn’t fit his/her role. Let’s have Go Ara first. Excellent portrayal. She maybe similar to Shiwon in ‘97, but she has a different feel. She’s Najung. Go Ara established who’s Najung. She’s brave enough to not to act like a lady. I always though Go Ara is a classy woman but her role is just baaaam. Does she still look like a lady to me? Hahaha not anymore. Then Jung Woo, I appreciate him more than anyone else. I find his character very hard to portray. He had to play with his emotions, at one sec, he’s on 4D mode but the next sec, he became serious. I cannot imagine any other famous actors to act as Trash. He fits the role so much that it made me think if he is really like that in real life. Next, Yoo Yeon Seok. It was hard for me to believe that he’s the bad guy in A Werewolf Boy. How could that be?! He played Chilbong like an angel. His appearance made him even look more of a nice guy. His soft voice, his smile, his stares, yes. He’s the nice guy for all of us. Then, Son Ho Jun. I have no problems with him at all. His character was quite annoying in the first episodes, but no worries. Fifth is Min Do Hee. Her face fits the era, idk why. Probably because of her hair and her eyes. It was fun to watch her act. Her height is a major reason of course why she fits Yoon Jin. Then Baro. I’m not a fan of B1A4 but I think his character is of different feel compared to his rapper image. He looks like a puppy uguu. Sixth, Kim Sung Kyun. He’s the oldest but he plays the youngest. He’s so comedic and I swear he’s one of my favorites. Lastly, Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa. Ideal parents, people.. Sung Dong Il was never afraid to play with his facial expression. He’s one of the craziest, I believe. 

  • The creativity of the writer.

The symbolisms, the secrets, the clues hidden in each episode make the drama much more compelling. The tiniest detail actually gives a big clue to the ending of the drama. This is why I love the writer. We should expect the unexpected in her works. “Oh, so that’s the use of that.” like that. “Hmm.. I bet these words are useful in the later episodes” The way she wrote the episode from the other episode is something creative of her. Each episode has a title right? This title maybe quite symbolic but this delivers the theme of the episode. Who would have thought that stuff toys, figurines and even a towel are actually clues to what is happening? What I like most about the writer is about how she writes every scene. Every scene is important in this drama, but– (to be continued in my cons)

  • The original soundtrack.

I lolololove the remakes of the original 1990’s songs. Most favorite is Lim Kim’s Happy me. Rare are the dramas in which all of the main casts sang for the ost. In this drama, all of them did. ^^ Though they don’t have the best voices, they still sang for the album. 

  • Efforted.

You know what I mean, right? It’s not just a mere drama. It was done full of effort. The casts with their heavy accent, the setting which is very realistic, the feel of the whole drama itself. The staffs must have not had their sleep in the past few days..

  • It has this formula only the Reply series has, in a creative fashion.

The element of surprise. I had lots of “Awwwwww” and “Ohhhh” while watching. The department store incident- the father of the child who died, Trash’s cousin’s words about the bus service being over, the reason why another woman was seated as Trash’s mom in the wedding video, and many many more. 

Now for the cons:

  • Writer-nim did a mistake on CB’s part.

Frankly speaking, I cringe at the thought that the nice guy had the poorest character development. It was just in the first episodes where in he had a firm storyline with his mother, the rest, almost all about his love for Najung. How he’s been kind to her, how he finds her amusing. Like I said, the writer trolled us to much. It is believable that CB is KJJ because of his lines and his voice-overs (destiny, timing, perseverance). Writer-nim stressed too much on his struggles but in the end, NJ didn’t even feel a little for him. It would have been better if CB had this other story beside baseball and Najung.  I’d love to see him getting a better ending. Like in the past episodes, he should have slowly moved on by himself and found his own love story. In the end, writer-nim made CB look pathetic.

  • 21 episodes is goddamn too long

If we look closely, the writer just prolonged the answer. At around the time Trash proposed, it could have ended there. Well in fact, it was pretty obvious who’s the endgame in this drama just in the first few eps. Jung Woo in the interview mentioned about the husband thing, that this drama is not about who is the husband but about how KJJ became the husband. NJ never felt anything for CB to begin with. This solidifies what he said. So what’s the use of prolonging it for tooo long? The filler scenes are not boring, but they are absolutely unnecessary. There were holes in the writing too.The fangirling ended at somewhere in episode 5 and a lot were left-out. I couldn’t say that the writing was bad, because her creativity made me watch this show.

  • Too much trolling.

It’s fun actually because our minds are being squeezed. But obviously, trolling us is also trolling our emotions. I don’t know if it’s more of a pro or a con though. But I think that the 21 episodes trolling is too much. I know that the husband game kept me glued in my seat but yeah, it was too much. Instead of trolling until the last episode, they could have given the last episode for a wrap-up and yeah, for CB’s part. Sadly, they trolled us up until the last ep.

  • Unequal screentime.

Baro and Die Die in like 1 or 2 ep? Haitai and Ae Jeong in 1 ep? They could have made their progress in their relationship similar to Yoon Jin and Samchunpo. It would have been better that way.

That ends my pros and cons.

So here’s what I’ve got to say:

This is not biased and I am putting my shoes on someone who ships Haitai and NJ or Samchunpo and NJ or Bingguere and NJ.

If we don’t watch the 2013 scenes, it is obvious from the start that it is Trash who is Kim Jae Joon. If the 2013 scenes were deleted? all clues will lead to Trash. The 2013 scenes gave CB and NJ shippers false hopes. Most of the clues in 2013 led to CB being the endgame. But we know that what’s more important to watch for in the drama is not the present, but the past. This explains why it was set up in the past. 2013 scenes were mostly trolling but 1994-20xx scenes were not, as it shows the realistic progress of their relationships. (But this is an exception: CB has some strong points in the 1994-20xx scenes, his baseball metaphorism, the 10000 hour rule, destiny, his deep lines) But it has been established in the first episodes that Trash is the endgame. You can say your contradictions to me, ask me or whatsoever. But I believe in what I say. 

Next, yes, as a Nareki shipper, I agree with you that the ending needs a little bit of explanation- what dafuq happened to the wedding picture?! It was totally different. I

Now, back to being biased. I’d like to defend Trash because honestly it’s been bugging me that almost no one in Tumblr defends Trash’s action. So people have been telling how dafuq did Trash win this game of love well in fact CB is more deserving than him. Yes. CB is slightly more deserving but this drama is about who NJ loves. I think a lot of you missed the point of why NJ and T reconciled again. Episode 20  was an important episode to us Nareki shippers because there was proper break-up. The reason was obviously stated and it’s much better than the reason being plainly an LDR couple. Trash suffers a lot by himself. He always says I’m sorry, or I’m fine or it’s fine. As Najung, I’d be insulted. Why wouldn’t my partner share his sufferings with me? Why is he taking everything every pain by himself? Remember episode 17 where in NJ was shocked to see Trash with the neck thing and the cast? NJ was shock to see him because Trash said in the phone that he’s not hurt at all? Trash kept on saying I’m fine and that she doesn’t need to worry.. So my point is, when Trash texted Najung telling her to come over, NJ finally felt what she never felt before. Trash depended on her. Trash has always been the Hyung-nim of everyone, he has always been someone the other people depend onto. This time, trash texted Najung saying to come over because he’s a little sick.

I’m gonna end my review+rants+first impressions here. I may add more details later. 

Conclusion: Answer Me 1994 is not a perfect drama. The flaws are getting more visible in the latest episodes. But one thing’s for sure: I really enjoyed it. If CB is the endgame, I’d still enjoy the drama. Reply 1994 is funnier than Reply 1997 for me, and both are just equally good. Now that the drama has ended, I hope something much better than this will appear in the year 2014. 

Rating: 5/5

P.S. I’d like to quote Jung Joon Young from We Got Married: “Dramas mess up women, seriously.”

People are complaining about how much Iron Man 3 differs from the comics, and I bet most of these people didn’t read the comics. Coming from someone who has read MANY comic stories, I want people to know that Marvel comics are the least consistent things on the planet… which I’m not saying negatively. My point is you cannot turn a story directly into a movie when there are a hundred different versions, the best way to do it is to take parts of different stories and change them a bit, which is what ALL comic book movies have done. That being said, I personally prefer the way Extremis is handled in the comics but that doesn’t take away from the movie because I also LOVE the way it was done in the movie. The other plot twist I wont reveal I thought was absolutely phenomenal, I understand why people hated this more… but I really think a lot of you complainers need to see the movie more to understand and appreciate it.

Bottom line, Iron Man 3 does differ from the comics but is still an AMAZING movie, top 3 Marvel easily… and I personally may even put it above Iron Man 1, haven’t decided yet though. Great great movie, will be seeing several more times.

Arrow Musings & Ramblings: When Fans Attack

A passionate fan base is something most shows want (think Community, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy and Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones), but when that fan base splinters and cracks it reveals something far less desirable.

Specifically, when it comes to Arrow, the fan base has experienced a small cracking and what has emerged is truly repellant. To date, there have been fans that have body shamed the actresses, called for the show runner/co-creator, lead actor and lead actress to lose their jobs or have their characters killed off, verbally attacked anyone they disagree with (including the stars and crew) and have attempted to troll every site to shout down anyone who posts positive comments.

Yes, the creative minds behind the shows we love do peruse all sorts of Internet reviews and articles. They have read the vitriolic comments filled with impotent rage. They need to know what resonates with viewers and what doesn’t but, ultimately, they have a story to tell, a show to sell, and a job to keep.

The creative minds behind Arrow have done a beautiful job of taking an iconic character, re-creating him with a different back story and key relationships that were created independently of comic canon, and given life to the mythic hero’s journey.

Oliver Queen has reached the point in his journey where he no longer needs to continue alone. He has gone through an epic tale of re-birth and has found the capacity and ability to love openly, freely and with his whole heart. That means he has finally united all the parts of himself into one, solid identity (the theme of the entire season) and Felicity was there to meet him as his equal and as his partner on the next part of his journey. This is not just romantic love, this is a love shared on a deep, spiritual level that is also known as true love. This is not something to scoff at or call weakness. True strength can be found here and Oliver and Felicity know it.

This is where a small section of the fan base has splintered off. I am all for this next phase of Arrow. Watching a mature, adult relationship unfold where both partners are so connected is a beautiful thing.

Yet, there are some that see this as weakness because Oliver has lost his ruthlessness, his cold, detached nature. They wanted him to remain stuck in a vortex of darkness and violence. Completely ignoring that in order for him to grow into being the Green Arrow, he needs to discover the way to connect with those who love him, and for him to love them back.

Felicity Smoak is seen as the source of this weakness, while being seen as weak herself. She is now the object of some pretty vicious commentary by anonymous internet trolls and those who support her are being subjected to the same.

What they fail to see is that Felicity is the hero of this story in a lot of ways. She continually saves Oliver, not only from himself but from the villains and super villains that seek to destroy and kill him. She literally conquered her own fear of flying and heights to save him from certain death, a death she had spiritually saved him from months earlier. She routinely saves his soul because she sees him, not the parts of him but all of him.

The small group of fans who reacted violently to this are missing the point of the season long story arc concerning Oliver/Arrow and Felicity. Yes, there were problems in how the story was handled (Ray would have been a great addition to the team but as a romantic rivalry? Come on. That was so contrived and creepy. It made me not like Ray Palmer not one little bit) but when I look back, I can see the reasons for why it took almost 20 episodes to bring them together.

Oliver had to be ready to hear Felicity, to hear and embrace her words, her wisdom and accept that her love comes to him complete. It is an incredibly adult approach to what a real relationship can truly be.

And it is right there where the voices get the loudest in trying to tear the story down. The fine line between two adults sharing an intimate and deep bond and the need for testosterone fuelled violence and mayhem gets crossed and the fear takes over.

And that is what it comes down to: Fear of losing their hero instead of embracing the hero he is becoming. So they blame the woman who is his hero/love and use misogynist and sexist language to attack her with (something I addressed in another blog).

So, instead of looking at the positive evolution of characters into better , more fully realized and rounded individuals, they are choosing to ignore that growth and instead rage at the stars and creator for what they see as a betrayal. They prefer stagnation over the hero finally getting his happily ever after. They prefer darkness to light and fail to fully conceptualize the journey they just witnessed.

Being critical is one thing, so long as you can continue to enjoy the show and engage in constructive dialogues about what it is you like or don’t like with fans who may not agree with you. What needs to stop (like completely and immediately) are the needless vitriolic attacks and pointlessly destructive actions aimed at actual people.

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Well, I finished Book 2 of Legend of Korra.  I enjoyed it overall, though I certainly have some mixed feeling about it.  

Certainly there were things I didn’t like.  I think I cringed anytime people kissed.  The romance was–well, let’s just not talk about that right now.  I don’t like Varrick as a character.  He just kind of bothers me on some visceral level beyond just the problems he causes for the main characters.  I don’t think Bolin’s arc was very well handled.  And, I just–don’t like memory loss plotlines.  I’m just glad that most of the memory loss stuff was over quickly.

But I did really enjoy quite a few aspects.  I really enjoyed the main plotline about the spirits.  Though I would have liked more explanation about Unalaq and how he came to have the abilities with spirits that he does and why he had the motives he did.  I guess you can infer things from what was mentioned, but his character development just seems a bit sparse to me.  Maybe not quite as sparse as Mover-Unalaq’s, but still. The backstory for the Avatar was quite interesting to me, though.  I also enjoyed Korra’s development as a character a lot.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how she further develops in Books 3 and 4.  I’ve seen quite a few posts about the series but it’s one thing to see posts and another to see the story directly.  I enjoyed seeing Tenzin’s siblings be involved in the story.  Kya and Bumi are probably my two favorite additions to the cast.  It’s also great to see Asami has built some giant robot mechs, though I feel she didn’t get as much screen time as I would have liked.  I really liked the scene with Jinora explaining radio to the owl librarian spirit. Also the music was amazing.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching the other two books!

So I watched "From Up on Poppy Hill"....

The Ghibli touch was very apparent in this movie. The art was not quite at the level of the very best Studio Ghibli movies - it was quite modest imo - but it is still a wonderfully draw animation nonetheless.

The movie isn’t overloaded with plot, but we get to know the characters quite intimately. There were so many one liners that made me laugh so much! 

There was this one character, Shirō Mizunuma. He’s the student council president and the best friend of the main male protagonist (Shun). Every time he said anything, I would just giggle with my friend beside me. We both loved him.  

Overall I really enjoyed “From Up on Poppy Hill”

But I think what made it most enjoyable was the company of my wonderful, awesome, fantastic, beautiful, lovely, friends :)


Final Fantasy XIII,

I go through the hours of game play, hours of grinding so I can become even more powerful but boss battles still take 20 minutes, spend $60+ when the product comes out because I’m a loyal follower. The characters I’ve come to know and love, the cut scenes are spectacular, the combat system is relaxing when I’ve just come from long angry rounds of Call of Duty.

But why? Why must you leave my heart broken and empty every time?

You know that feeling you get when you remember there’s your favorite sweet, be it chocolate or cake, in the kitchen and you get all pumped up to eat it and then you come to find out your younger or older sibling ate it? THAT IS HOW I FEEL. All the build up, all the excitement only to find out it’s not really there at all.

I didn’t even buy Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, because 1) I didn’t have money at the time  and 2) because I didn’t want all those months of build up to leave me broken and sad.

I was afraid to be hurt again. Kind of like starting a new relationship. Yah know, lock up your heart and make sure this new person isn’t going to rip it apart and step all over it. Play it safe so no one gets hurt.

Well. I decided to see the ending of Lightning Returns today on youtube. I’m heartbroken, empty, still longing for something more. I feel like there is no fantasy to this ending of Final Fantasy. I’ve followed Lightning and her company on some crazy mind numbing adventures that took a lot of pondering to fully understand. Actually, I still don’t understand. I don’t get any closure from the ending, only more questions.

If there is one thing that I’ve taken from the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy it would be the imagination. The game has new worlds, no limits, new creatures, amazing combat and outfits. The game and world design inspires me to keep creating.

American Hustle. You guys. AMERICAN. HUSTLE.

Just saw American Hustle. You know it’s coming.

     I’ll save the best for last… Christian Bale was really incredible. His physical transformation for playing Irving Rosenfeld was remarkable in itself, but his portrayal of a con man trying to make the woman he loves believe he is telling the truth was spectacular. Amy Adams had a career second-best performance as Syndey Prosser/Edith Greensly, topped only by her previous role The Fighter. She did a wonderful job showing her character’s true colors. Sydney was alone for so long, just trying to survive, and she found someone who was doing the exact same thing, and learned that she didn’t have to do it alone anymore, and the struggle of whether or not to open herself up to another person felt very immediate.Bradley Cooper’s character, Richie DiMaso, was also very interesting. Although a grown man, he really felt like a kid in many ways, and being so caught up with trying to make a name for himself, he got overzealous and risked far too much. Jeremy Renner’s performance was also a career second-best, out done only by his performance in The Town. But his was the character with really the best motives, and the one that was truly a stand up guy. And now here it is.

     Jennifer Lawrence’s performance IS a career best. She outdid herself in Silver Linings Playbook, and she did it with a bang. Her role of Rosalyn Rosenfeld was both hilarious, outrageous, and heartbreaking. Her flare for comedy came out more in this one too, and it WORKED. I have never witnessed an actor so fearless to just go for anything, and that’s why she’s so breathtaking in this role- because she goes for it, with no apologies and she nails it. While on the outside Rosalyn is clearly a little unstable, maybe not the best mother, and extremely manipulative and controlling, everything she does is for her family. After being left alone at home for so many years, with almost no friends, she’s sad and lonely, and she is only trying to preserve her life the way it is. This is summed up beautifully in the line towards the end, “I don’t deal well with change. I think I’ll die before I change.”, that right there is her reason for doing it all.

     What is so fantastic about David O. Russel’s movies, are his characters. This film, along with its predecessors, The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook, are character-driven plots and they do it wonderfully. There is not one character in this film that is all right or wrong, black or white, good or bad. Each one makes decisions, some good, some bad, but with such strong and clear motivation, that the reason behind it, overshadows the act itself, leaving you loving the con artists, rooting for the FBI to fail, and feeling sorry for the crazy New Jersey housewife. This is why David is where he is today. He understands real people, and he puts them on the screen.