On the way to work way, way back in April/May (wow was it really that long ago?) while waiting for the bus, I saw this dude exit from his apartment carrying two empty 5-gallon containers, and then his little kid trailing behind him carrying another two empty ones. I thought it was super cute how this tiny baby was trying to help his dad with refilling water by carrying two huge containers, each about the same size as he was, so I sketched them out on the spot in my sketchbook.

I really like seeing domestic mundane scenes like these out in public, like little kids hanging out/helping out their parents at the laundromat, or grocery shopping. ;w;

(For the dear thelittledarkcat, who asked for a sequel)

(First part is obviously the same)

After Khan, after Bones brought Jim back from the death, he experiences several changes for example his strength increases drastically. However he doesn’t realize it for a while – not until it gets more and more easy to manhandle Spock, not until one day where they have an argument and Jim’s anger gets the best of him.

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Emily’s Vine
(A companion to Ethan’s Vlog)

Goodbye Golfie


Sold the first car I ever owned this week. Thanks for the memories, Golfie. U took me so far but now the time has come to upgrade U.

As a German, parting from your first car is the ultimate traumatic experience, so please keep me in your thoughts in these difficult moments…

One of those Glitch in the Matrix stories, for sixpenceee?

yeah, okay, so, i figured i might as well post this even though it happened quite a while ago.

admittedly, i remember the time like it was yesterday. i still don’t know if it was the thirteenth or the fourteenth of march, but that’s where the story comes in.

anyways, i had just gotten home from school. tuesday, everything had said. it’s the fourteenth of march. every school clock, every teacher, my phone. everywhere i went, it was the fourteenth of march, tuesday. i sat down, got on the computer, and began talking to some of my friends over skype. i immediately mentioned something about how i was happy tomorrow was wednesday, and instantly, my friends seemed confused. they told me tomorrow was tuesday, and that it was still monday the thirteenth. i checked my clock. tuesday, march fourteenth. nobody seemed to believe that it was the fourteenth on my end, and so, i screenshotted it to show them. this argument went on until i went to bed. the next morning, i woke up, and glanced at my phone. tuesday, march fourteenth. i still have no idea what happened that day and why exactly everything had been set to tuesday mode.

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http://flirtygabriel.tumblr.com/post/95948092753/because-i-havent-been-playing-with-photoshop-for …. Somebody made this and it reminded me of your fanfic S&C… Just thought i’d share it :D


Holy shit :D this is really good, thanks! And it does seem pretty spot-on, doesn’t it? Even the accompanying text ;p thank you for thinking of me :)