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Is Derek Hale worthy of lifting the mjolnir?

Wow, dude, this is a deep cut. Respect.

The answer is obviously not.

Fictional characters who might POTENTIALLY aspire to that lofty height: Hushpuppy (Beasts of the Southern Wild), Theo Faron (Children of Men), Jane Eyre, Alanna of Trebond, that woman from Zero Dark Thirty because she would terrify it into being like, “yeah okay that’s cool I guess.” Richard Winters, O B V I O U S L Y. Doc Roe. Jesse Pinkman, without realizing what the fuck was going on.

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Gamzee and Fefer + 16

okay i’m sorry i’m not gonna fic for this one because there’s no way i could coherently make what i’m thinking of a thing


totally unplanned, feferi and gamzee show up dressed like each other. they look at each other, then just cackle for ten minutes straight. and then the rest of the night, they act uncannily like each other. like. gamzee actually gets the fish puns and the excitement down, fef somehow manages to get her clown drawl on, it’s spooky. everyone is spooked.

it gets to the point where eridan accidentally calls feferi “gam” and mid-sentence he just looks at her in horror as she griiiiiins and then he has to go lie down.

feferi and gamzee switch the contact names in his phone later and keep pretending to be each other when he calls one or the other, because they keep switching it back when he fixes it and eventually eridan consigns himself to madness and complains to karkat for a full hour.

An anon told me that there was a new story based on the pagan gods verse! The ask got lost somewhere but I recalled the title!

Once Upon A Rune Stone by IggyLikesPie

Summary: Castiel Novak went to Sweden to research rune stones for his book on mythology and religions, he certainly didn’t expect to go back home with a pagan god who wanted to be his friend.

I’m really flattered that this verse continues to inspire people! ♥

I feel like… the recent increase in Rumple’s addiction to power has a lot to do with the fact that, after what he went through in 3B, he has a heightened fear of losing power/being the less powerful party in any given situation. Like, he (subconsciously?) wants to be all-powerful so that there is no way to ever be at someone’s mercy. He wants to be free of the dagger, in part, because then no one can ever control him with it and hold him captive the way Zelena did; so he’ll never feel as helpless as he did is past season. This doesn’t excuse his actions, but I think a lot of people miss this facet to his arc which I think is really important, even if it is subtle.

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can I paint my longing in broader strokes? a swatch of red, a swipe of green, small dots of cyan—but no. you sent the portrait back, unopened. I retreat.

for three years during the war, i have received your letters, your crumpled sketches, the pressed flowers in aging books. it is what i have hold on to, these fruitless months, trying to survive for another day.

now i cannot see them, already blind.

the final straw was when my remaining right hand felt the smooth edge of a canvas, the rough parcel that covers a picture that i can only imagine - a bright smile, painted in halos and auroras, bearing your eyes.

(i will return your gift, lest i break it in anger.

blinded, and crippled, i am pathetic.

i don’t want to return to you like this.)

One hour later and he’s still dancing.

It’s a hot night, even with the sun down, and at this point nearly everyone around him have shed most of their clothes. Shirtless torsos are everywhere, moving in rhythm to the music. The sky is darker and the party lights are making their skin glow in a golden and warm light. Stiles’ red shirt is lying wherever he tossed it after it started to cling to his sticky skin.


A warm body presses up behind him, an arm sliding around his waist, and Stiles’ heart stops; knowing who it is without having to look.

Derek’s arm circles around him, hand brushing past his hipbone and to the sensitive area just below his navel. Not to stop him but to move with him. Stiles feels his firm chest press against his back, locking their bodies together like the halves of a two-piece puzzle. A sandpapery chin touches his shoulder, hot breath in his ear. He smells of salt and beer and Stiles recognizes his cologne. Derek’s heart is pounding against his shoulder blades; its pace rapid but still not as fast as Stiles’.

He’s never gone so hard that quickly before.

Move A Mountain by zainclaw

Can you imagine an situation where John is infected with something and is quarantined in a hospital, and Sherlock could only talk to him at first with a mask over his mouth, but then John gets worse and they can only talk through a thick plastic barrier, and hold his hand with gloves. But then John collapses, and his heart stops but the medical stuff can’t get to him fast enough and Sherlock’s freaking out on the other side, wanting to cut the barrier and tries to, but is pulled away as John is dying in front of him. 

[Sailor Moon Series: Zombie]

And here is Seiya! 
Surprisingly - not Zombie. 
I guess the main tragedy of Starlight is in one thing - they`re survive all the time. They have to look like their friends die, and at this time the worst punishment for Seiya is that SHE must kill her friends by her own. 
I imagine her character as a typical protagonist, who will have to pass through the hell with her girlfriend (Usagi, of course), with hands stained in her friends` blood.

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How do you raise a child without imposing genders on them? Like, do you only use they/them pronouns? Do you dress the child in both dresses and pants? Do you not tell anyone the child's gender until it can choose for themself? Or do I go along with their assigned gender until the child is able to let me know what their gender is?

god this is way, way too big a question for me, friend-o. this is something i think about a lot. i’m sure there are a lot of really cool trans people who have really solid ideas about how to do so. mostly you should go do some research because i am absolutely certain that other people, especially trans people, can answer this really well.

to me it seems unfeasible to not tell anyone the kid’s sex—i know people occasionally do this, but they get news articles written about them and it draws a lot of attention to the kid, so in the current climate it is probably better to start off with their assigned gender? (just my opinion and not any sort of Authority) and then avoid imposing gender roles as much as possible (toys, clothing, etc.) and talk about gender! which is probably pretty easy if 1+ of the parents is trans, or if there’s a family friend who is trans. like “we call you a boy because a lot of people born with this kind of body are boys, but some people aren’t, just like auntie! and if it turns out you aren’t a boy, that’s great!” or w/e. and even if there’s no one in your life, it’s p easy to explain things to kids anyway? uh. yeah this is all i’ve got. but i think about this a lot. ethical parenting etc.