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" Oh man, I know you, N. Trance told me all about you. Said you were quite the loud one, quick though." The bilby grinned.

“If the giant sphere told you about me, I doubt you have the right to claim that you ‘know me’.” Oxide stated. Then again, he should hope that xe hadn’t heard too much about him, as it would mean less potential mockery to deal with.

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i would die if you wrote a vampire fic (please do it?!)

Babe, I’m sorry it took me a while to answer this. Exams, you know, and then I was away for a bit, and I really wanted to give this a proper answer.

Vampire fic is definitely on my very long list of things I’d love to write, and while I’m not ruling it out, I have so many other things to do too, and one major thing that takes precedence over everything else. Maybe after that? It’s hard to tell, my to write list shifts all the time. But if I did, it’d go something like this:

Harry’s 26 and he just lost his last living relative which is of course awful. He’s been left, amongst other things, a cabin by the woods, which he decides to retreat to for a bit, needed some time away from busy London life and everything to mourn his loss and remember the summers he used to spend there with his mum. He brings naught but a duffelbag and his dog, settling into the cabin and the days pass slowly. One night he brings Mollie (that’s his dog) into the woods next to the cabin for a nighttime walk, bringing just a flashlight and nothing else. He’s been playing in the woods since he was a wee little lad, so he feels like he knows them like his backyard. He’s never found them scary, not until Mollie, who’s ran a bit ahead of him, returns to him, whimpering and with her tail between her legs. He’s never seen her like that before, genuinely terrified, and it scares him too. It scares him more than he’d like to admit, particularly when he hears leaves rustling and can suddenly make out a figure in front of him. He drops the flashlight and he wants to run but yet he’s rooted to the spot. The figure is human, that much Harry can make out through the light the flashlight shines on the ground, but there’s something decidedly non-human about it too.

“Sorry about that, mate,” the figure – man – speaks, his accent weirdly posh, almost aristocratic, for a man loitering the woods late at night. “Think I might have spooked your dog. Didn’t mean to.”

Mollie is cowering behind Harry, still frightened and Harry doesn’t understand why because the closer the man gets the more Harry realises that there’s nothing about him that should frighten Mollie in theory. All the same, there’s this nagging feeling in the back of Harry’s mind that he should run, should run as fast as he possibly can and hope the other man won’t catch him. 

He stays rooted to his spot.

….. I did not mean for that to turn into the beginning of a minor scene, and I’ll just stop now before I get carried away. I wanted to do a bit of a different take on the whole vampire thing though, one where they weren’t in school…. but, yeah, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and I love vampires, soo…

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Oh my goshhh!!! your art is so beautiful *___* how do you draw like that? what brushes do you use? plz keep drawing, YOU ARE AWESOME

Thank you! And sorry this took so long for me to answer :0 I’ve been getting lots of these questions lately so I hope you dont mind that I posted this.

I use the flat marker brush in SAI with a pencil texture. And use watercolor B texture for overlays. As for the way I paint… I failed at making a tutorial and my process is too messy for words. So hopefully I’ll be able to show you guys via livestream.


I wanted to inform you all that we are going to delete all the old asks, and start off new. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience, since you all took time to give questions, but our askbox is becoming very cluttered. Since its been such a long time since we updated I feel its appropriate to have a fresh start.

Ian and I have decided to open and close the askbox, so we have a smaller selection of questions and hopefully get them all answered.

we will inform you when we are opening the askbox so dont worry, thank you for understanding and updates will start soon!


Bookish Questions

I was tagged by fantastic hugbooks (again, sorry it took me so long to do them! I’ve been so busy with studies!) to answer eleven bookish questions, come up with eleven of my own, and tag eleven people. So here it goes:

1. UK covers or US covers?

Is there any difference? I haven’t noticed …

2. Have you read Animal Farm yet?

Nope. I haven’t read anything of George Orwell. Is it good?

3. Where do you buy most of your books from?

Amazon! I love that website. It’s really useful.

4. How do you decide whether or not you want to read a book?

I check, look around, see reviews … and if I feel I’m going to like it I give it a try. But normally I tend to investigate. A lot.

5. If you’re in a book store and decide you no longer want a book you’re holding, do you go put it back or leave it on a random shelf?

I go put it back. If everyone left books in a book store disorganised and dispersed, nobody would be able to find anything and we’d give a lot of work to the poor girl or boy who works there It’s not that difficult to leave it where you found it.

6. What was the last book to put you in a reading slump?

Mm … I don’t remember. I think the last one was an Spanish one called Canciones para Paula.

7. What was the last book that got you out of a reading slump?

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. And since then it’s been non-stop haha.

8. Are you a restless reader? Can you sit still and read for long periods of time?

As long as it takes haha. I don’t even notice.

9. Where do you do most of your reading?

In my bed. It’s so comfy there!

10. Do you ever give up on reading bad books, or will you trudge through them to the finish?

I’ll trudge them. I don’t like to leave a book series half-read so I tend to finish them (except it they’re too bad or too boring, but they got to be extremely bad).

11. Favourite film based on book?

Pride and Prejuice (2005) or Los Santos Inocentes.

Now my questions:

1) Can you read in a noisy place?

2) What is the genre you like the most?

3) Any secondary book character you love?

4) What makes you dislike a book character?

5) Out of these three books, which one do you prefer: the Hunger Games, Divergent or Harry Potter?

6) Favorite standalone book?

7) Do you prefer books that are set on the past or the future?

8) Do you judge a book by its cover?

9) Give me a book recommendation.

10) Which is the book that you were compelled to read at school that you liked the most?

11) Do you write or read fanfiction?

Now I tag: missmorgenstern, mortalacademy, wessajessaandclace4ever, fiery-sophie, comiziale, fantasiesandfunbooks, that-bookworm … and anyone else who feels like doing it!

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are you spoiler-free? (I know we're on hiatus but talking for in the future)

Hi Anon:)) sorry it took so long to answer but I’m not home so i can’t check tumblr every day..well surely I’m NOT spoiler-free and i look forward to ComicCon hoping there will be a panel and luckily some spoilers from Molaro or Lorre

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For Ancestor Night: how about a young Mindfang, becoming captain of her first ship?

(Sorry it took so long to answer this! I’ve been out for most of the day. It’s kinda long so I’m putting it under a readmore. I hope you like it!) 

She’d climbed the ranks as easily as she could climb rigging, even in her menacing boots with heels that clicked like gnashing teeth on the decks where she spent her life. The position of First Mate was good enough for many, but not for her. She was a Gamblignant, and she dreamed of the day they’d take her aside and tell her she had her own mission. Someone of her caste was bound to get a ship of her own someday, of course. Usually it came in a quiet ceremony, ending with a bottle of Faygo broken over the hull. Some old tradition, she assumed. It was one of those things that, while no one knew why it happened, it still happened. Every time. Without fail. 

She never liked tradition.

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What was the most romantic thing that happened to you?

Sorry it took me a long time to answer this!

So I met this really cute boy at a club one night. After a while I found him sitting on the couch by himself, so I walked over and said hi. We chatted for a bit, but he had to leave with his friends. He was only visiting the area.

The next day he went back to the club and left a rose near the spot where we met in hopes that I would find it later. But unfortunately I didn’t go that day and missed seeing him again before he left.

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who do you ship in free?

Hi I’m sorry that it took me so long to answer BECAUSE I didn’t know HOW to answer.
I just ship everyone x everyone (especially since the OVA).
But for you (and for the sake of my confused mind) I tried to outline my shit:

Haru and Makoto: Can’t be without the other. Could be for love reasons or platonic reasons (Maybe-headcanon: Haru is asexual)
Rin and Sousuke: Yes. yes. YES. Both need this plus ohhh…the tension.
Sousuke and Makoto: shit…..holy shit.. a little hot. They want to protect Haru/Rin so when they get in each other’s way it’s like a war. Including Yandere!Makoto.
Gou and Seijuro: They are dating with fluff all around.
Nagisa and Rei: They don’t need to be shipped, they don’t need this support. They are happily married. Maybe open-minded Nagisa convinces Rei sometimes of an orgy with the others. 
Kisumi and everyone: nuff said.
Ai and no one:
He admires Rin very much and always looked up to him. But he’s developing and while looking for himself, slowly detaching from his admirer-role. Now as the captain he can be responsible for himself. Relationships will emerge spontaneously.
Momo and no one: Too small, too pure. Let him grow in peace. Aw, now I want to see him hurt.

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I love hoy and i love your work, hoy hace a special gift to make each idea real, dont stop doing this ❤️, you have won the heart of many people. My special request its about a fanfinc when team taka is in a mission, and karin feel a strongfull chakra and its sakura in a fight, and sasuke look at her and all the members of the team realize that aje os the one, because the whey he look at ther whit worry and joy when she win the battle. Thaks ❤️, sorry my bad english jaja

the way you look at her

Sasuke had made sure to conceal his chakra well to remain hidden as he and Karin made their way towards the Akatsuki hideout. They were searching for a vial for Orochimaru and sources stated that Sasori might be in possession of such a vial. But Sasuke could care less about a stupid vial. If Sasori was also a part of Akatsuki, it meant he had information on Itachi.

“Wait, Sasuke!” Karin said as she came to a stop. “I sense powerful chakra coming from the direction we are going. It seems like there’s a big battle going on.”

“Then let’s go check it out,” he said as he moved even faster. Nothing could stop him now. It could be Itachi. 

Karin let out an exasperated groan as she followed after him. They soon stopped, however, when they saw what the battle was.

“It’s Sasori!” Karin exclaimed. 

That wasn’t what caught Sasuke’s attention though. It was who Sasori was battling against. 

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Imagine Cat singing The way I am by Ingrid Michaelson to Sam.

That’s so adorable!

If you were falling, then I would catch you.

Cause I love the way you say good morning.

And you take me the way I am.

Your head is aching, I’ll make it better.

Cause I love the way you call me baby.

And you take me the way I am.

Cause I love you more than I could ever promise.

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I'm a little nervous about how non readers will perceive this marketing campaign. Readers will love it and understand Peeta's circumstances. No readers may view peeta as evil/a traitor and then contrast that with gale - who may come across as a hero who is extra close with katniss. I'm concerned that no readers may not see the ending as logical, since much if the everlark growing together backstory hasn't been told in the movies.

Yes, I totally and completely understand how you feel. I’ve thought the same thing.

I have a few reasons why I think Everlark will be portrayed to where readers and non-readers will be satisfied at the end.

  • Francis & Nina:  They totally get Everlark. They’ve proven that with Catching Fire by bringing back what we love about Peeta and Katniss, and what was missing from THG. They gave back their playful banter and established relationship.
  • CF DVD/BR Commentary: Francis & Nina specifically talk about the Everlark relationship and what they say is spot on. They understand the nuances of Everlark, what’s happening during their moments and why. Listening to them talk about it made me so happy. If you haven’t, I encourage you to watch the CF commentary. It was amazing for me to see them understand it all.
  • Nina confirmed the Epilogue: With them understanding the story, being brilliant filmmakers and storytellers, there is NO WAY they would have the Epilogue planned and it not be utterly satisfying to the viewers. Why would they portray their “ever after” without us knowing Katniss & Peeta should be together?
  •  They understand the fandom: I think they understand the driving force that is the fandom. We have a voice in how they make the movie, in how important Everlark is and what we want. What we want is canon.

Will Peeta look like the villain and Gale the hero? Yes, there will be an element of that. I don’t think it will be that cut and dry. It’s possible that MJ1 leaves us feeling angst-filled and broken because of the nature of the book. Katniss & Peeta are also both broken, and we’re going to go through that with them as the audience. That’s part of translating a book into a movie. 

Lastly, it is a story they’re telling in these two movies that is known and loved. They know we want to see canon played out on-screen. They’ll add glimpses of Everlark and glimpses of Gale’s true character in MJ1 to so that the amazing conclusion in MJ2 makes absolute, perfect and irrefutable sense. At least, that’s my hope.

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Can you explain the #lasers thing with the switchfoot fandom? Is it from the podcasts??

Anon, I am about to educate you on everything I know about the #lasers

#lasers did not actually start with the podcasts! (ps if you’re not in the switchfoot fandom and you actually know about the podcasts come off anon so i can give you a cookie) It all started with instagram:


Switchfoot had never had lasers before on their tours. So, after a few intsagrams (like these), the fandom started getting very attached to the #lasers. 

And thEn


I will link you to it here but basically it just made our love for the #lasers grow so much more.


So to sum it up: everybody is crazy about the #lasers. 

Hope this clears things up for you anon!!

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How do you lip

Sorry this took so long!! I actually pieced together a visual for this. So you want to know more about drawing and painting lips, well I did a process of how I generally paint them! (+some extra tips). Its very basic, and my advice to you would be to study real people’s lips from all ethnicites as practice.

^So here we have 4 basic sketches of lips to start off, very quick, i dont spend too much time on this at all

^I’m going to paint 2 lighter skinned lips and two darker skinned lips, variety is always good.

^Lips tend to have natural pinks in them for lighter skinned people, and darker skinned people tend to have natural pinks, purples and browns. If youre putting lipstick on someone, the colours are up to you!

^It’s time to turn off the sketch layer and start creating depth with shadows and highlights. The lower lip catches more light usually, but everything depends on what kind of lighting youre using. Shadows mainly stream from creased areas, like the corners of the mouth and the opening of the mouth.

^The jump step!! It’s honestly just rendering. Darkening shadows, adding smaller, brighter highlights and blending everything together so it looks all nice and smooth. Highlights are added around the corners of the top lips and the corners of the bottom lip as well. this creates depth, showing that the lips arent ‘flat’ on a persons face, as lips of course jut out. When shading the corner of the mouth, treat the shape as a kidney bean! the indent is where the corner of the mouth is, and the rest is highlight surrounded by subtle shadow.

^Here is just final adjustments of the colours. Really just adjust them to youre liking or to the lighting of the scene. Its up to you!

^Some final quick tips!! An important thing I noticed when seeing people paint male lips is that some people tend to neglect that men also have lips. Men have lips of all different sizes too, some have larger thicker lips and some have subtle, thin lips (and hey, men can wear lipstick too so you dont really need to be shy there either!) Adding variety can make your characters more interesting and also life like. Hope this somewhat helped!! ^^;