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[peeks in] I heard you're looking for headcanons~ What about Eggsy being sUPER cuddly? He didn't exactly get a lot of affectionate touches as a kid, growing up with someone like Dean for a stepfather, so when Harry runs a hand through his hair or holds him close, he just melts right into it. uwu <3

I am so here for touch-starved!Eggsy omg and may have taken this a little far with the touch thing


The first time it happens Harry is wiping a bit of baby food off of Eggsy’s cheek. Daisy was more interested in painting with her food than eating it. The moment his fingers brushed Eggsy’s skin the boy made a small humming sound in the back of his throat and leaned into Harry’s hand. 

Harry forgot about the baby food briefly and his hand stilled for a second before he wiped the food off with a quick swipe. Eggsy hissed in a breath and Harry pulled back his hand as if he’d been burned.

Harry excused himself under the impression of getting a wet cloth and Eggsy blinked for a moment before he finished feeding Daisy.


The second time Harry is a bit more intentional. He hates to admit it but all he has been able to think of is how responsive Eggsy is and whether or not the first time was just a fluke. 

Harry finds Eggsy in the shooting range with Roxy. 

“I’ve beat you twice now, Eggsy.” Roxy grins, “You already owe me 20.”

“Double or nothin’.” Eggsy smirked.

“You’re starting to make me feel guilty taking money for you.”

Eggsy gestured to the target and Roxy smiled before she turned and fired off once. The paper target fluttered slightly with the impact. Roxy’s shot was barely a half of an inch from the bulls-eye. 

Roxy moved out of the way and Eggsy took her place, firing immediately. It wasn’t dead-center but it was a hair-breadth closer.

“Well done.”

“God, Rox, can you be a sore loser just once?” 

“She is right, Eggsy. A job well done should be recognized.” 

Harry walked closer and clapped Eggsy on the back his thumb brushed the nape of Eggsy’s neck. The effect on him was instant. He froze and then seemed to shudder almost imperceptibly. There was a brief moment where Eggsy leaned back but Harry removed his hand, flexing his fingers before sliding his hands into his pockets.

Roxy quirked an eyebrow as Harry definitely makes a slow and careful exit.


By the third time Harry is getting a bit too greedy. His hand’s been itching for days just to reach out and cup Eggsy’s face, running a thumb over his cheekbone or resting his hand on the small of his back to trace circles forever.

Eggsy’s standing in his living room with a tie in one hand and the other in his hair.

Eggsy huffed a breath, “Look, ‘arry, I just can’t get this knot.” 

Harry can’t help himself. He strides over to Eggsy, slow and calculated, and pulls the tie from Eggsy’s fingers. The fabric slips through loose fingers and Harry briefly thinks that it’s not nearly as soft as Eggsy’s skin.

“The Eldredge is a difficult knot,” Harry breaths, inching closer, “you’re pulling too tightly. You need to be loose.”


Harry pulled the tie through his hands and draped it around Eggsy’s neck. He pulled on the tie slightly and Eggsy stepped forward. Harry could feel the short bursts of breath on his hands and he gripped the tie a little tighter before flexing his fingers.

“I’ve always liked this color on you,” Harry murmured, “It accents your eyes well.”

Eggsy’s breath hitched as his eyes locked with Harry’s. His hands stilled for a moment as he held Eggsy’s gaze before he looked back down. With each pass of the tie Harry’s knuckles grazed Eggsy’s shirt and he felt him shudder. 

Harry finished the knot and tucked the small end into Eggsy’s button up, his fingers ghosting over the pulse point in the younger man’s neck. Harry ran his fingers over the completed knot and traced his hand down the wide end of the tie, running his knuckles lightly along Eggsy’s stomach before stopping at the end.

Harry leaned down slightly and pulled on the tie. Eggsy swayed forward and brought his hand up to rest on Harry’s chest.

Eggsy inched closer, his breath puffing against Harry’s cheek.


“Mmhmm?” Harry hummed, meeting Eggsy’s eyes.

Eggsy’s mouth moved wordlessly and his hand flexed in Harry’s shirt. Harry’s hand left the tie and moved up to Eggsy’s neck and hovered there no more than a hair’s breadth away.

Eggsy leaned into Harry’s hand and his eyes fluttered closed. Harry could feel the jump in Eggsy’s pulse as his lips parted slightly. His grip on Eggsy’s neck firmed as Harry rubbed his thumb beneath his jaw.

“Eggsy?” Harry breathed.

He was answered with a hum.

“Open your eyes, Eggsy.”

Eggsy’s eyes opened, half-lidded, to see Harry’s face barely an inch from his. Harry felt the younger man’s breath still and he glanced at his lips before looking back up into Eggsy’s full-blown eyes.

Harry licked his lips and whispered, “May I-”

Eggsy swallowed the rest of the question with a kiss. 

Harry’s breath stuttered with the force of it as Eggsy pressed every inch of himself possible into Harry. His fingers curled almost desperately into Harry’s shirt. It was all Harry could do to hold on as tight as possible, his hand sinking up into Eggsy’s hair and his hand flying to press against the small of the younger man’s back, drawing him somehow closer as he rubbed slow and deliberate circles there.

Eggsy pulled away for breath but didn’t go far.

Harry chuckled lightly and brought his hand down to cup Eggsy’s jaw again, “What I was trying to ask was if I could kiss you.”

“What’s keepin’ you?”

Harry laughed and leaned in.

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au where tae is a massage therapist and kook makes monthly appointments with tae and only tae to destress oMG ???? I JUST HAD TO SHARE ???? bye

oh no oh no this is cute

like jeongguk is rolling his shoulders back one day and commenting on how hes been super stiff lately, and jimin recommends for him to check out this massage place. so jeongguks all “ok what can i lose anyways,” and goes to happens to get taehyung, whos got really strong hands and chatters pleasantly about everything under the sun, which is nice because then jeongguk doesnt have to think about anything else besides how nice taehyungs touch feels. yeah. nice.

maybe one time taehyung has to go home to visit his momma or something so hes not in, and the other in-house massage dude (seokjin) offers to cover his appointment, and jeongguks like “Um, Thanks But I’ll Reschedule Or Something” and eeks his way out the door again. so when taehyung cheerfully returns back to work seokjins like “(രᴗര๑) so your hot regular came in again.” and taehyungs like “I DONT HAVE A HOT REGULAR” and shuffles through the appointment book for a couple minutes before he whispers “he did?”

and when jeongguk finally comes in for his appointment the next month taehyung starts immediately and is like “tsk tsk youre so stiff!!! what would you do without me!!!” and jeongguk (lying face down) buries his face against his arm and mumbles something that sounds like “yeah, what would i do with you” and taehyung is a lil jittery the whole time even as jeongguk relaxes under his hands!! ahh!!!!! and finally at the end when taehyung opens the appointment book to schedule jeongguks next one, jeongguk fumbles with the little bobblehead rabbit on the counter (someone gave it to seokjin as a gift probably) and is like, “could i possibly see you sooner than next month? um, like a date?”

(ノ≧∀≦)ノ –nikkumeul

Have some triplets doing weird triplety things. 

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Fakiru: things you said under the stars and in the grass (I love night scenes :3)

Sorry this took so long!  :D Hope you like it anyway.

Also, for extra atmosphere, you can listen to this as an accompaniment



He raised an eyebrow.  “Gesundheit.”

Ahiru blushed, sniffing and rubbing her nose with her free arm.  She turned her gaze skyward again.

The night had been so peaceful, a light breeze sweeping over the grass and the nearby trees, a crescent moon overhead, the stars sprinkled across the night sky.  It had been the perfect moment to …

But when she tried to turn her head to the side to ask Fakir something, the grass blades tickled her nose and the tranquil atmosphere was broken.

They fell into silence.  She bit her lip, deciding that it was probably for the best that she sneezed.  Maybe that was a sign.  Maybe she just wasn’t meant to ask it.  Not tonight.  With his hand comfortably cradling hers between them, a serene quiet settling over the two, she didn’t want to ruin anything.

At least the sky was exceptionally beautiful tonight.  There wasn’t a cloud to be seen.  Stars winked prettily across the expanse, stretching from one end of the horizon to the other.  She was utterly dazzled, and the twinkling lights were a comfort to her, especially now that her courage faltered again.

She’d been trying for weeks to tell him.

Just as that thought passed through her mind, a star zipped through the sky, leaving a shimmering trail behind it. “Ah!” She released Fakir’s hand and bolted forward to sit up, pointing enthusiastically.  “A shooting star!”

Immediately, she clasped her hands together, bowing her head.  I wish …

A moment passed.

Ahiru wished, and wished.

When she finally looked back at the sky, the shooting star had passed, nowhere to be found, lost in the sea of lights.  Ahiru turned to face her companion, her hands resting over her heart.  “Fakir, did you make a wi–?”

He was already sitting up, gazing at her, his cheeks oddly flushed.  He eyes were steady and unwavering while hers were suddenly flickering and hesitant.

Fakir shifted across the grass, scooting closer to her.  Her heart hammered in her chest.  When he reached for one of her hands, she let him take it, her fingers trembling.  He might’ve been shaking a bit, too, but she was far too distracted by how intently he stared.

Then, he was a breath away, his nose touching hers, his fingers at her chin and his other hand clutching hers against his chest.  His heart was pounding, too.

This was …

Her lips parted. “Fakir?”

“Once upon a time,” he whispered, his lips barely brushing hers with every word–she melted, tears in her eyes, “there was a writer who made a wish … and only his moron could grant it.”

Ahiru laughed through her happy tears, stifled by his kiss, stars in their eyes.

Prompt from atiathehuman (I think!): a Rexsoka drabble where one of them cheers the other up after a particularly bad experience. 

Wartime memories– the bad ones, anyway, which accounted for most of them– always sprang up from nothing. A conversation could be utterly unrelated, the scenery could look nothing like a familiar battlefield, but suddenly they’d be back there, living that moment. Experiencing the episode yet again as real as the first time, still as helpless to stop it. The more effort they expended thinking of something else, the harder they spiraled back into those memories.

Ahsoka at least had old Jedi training to fall back on to calm her mind in peaceful meditation. But these episodes continually wore harder on Rex, unsettling him for hours sometimes. A flashback of Fives’ last moments once upset him for two days straight. 

Ahsoka assumed some new recurring memory plagued him now because for the last several hours he’d been attacking the ship’s ventilation system. It wasn’t due for a full scrubbing yet, but that’s what he was administering. She could hear him from half a ship away muttering and cursing when he dropped things. He bonked his head on the opening once, then assaulted it with tools and boots in retaliation before taking a long break to sulk. 

Ahsoka found him sitting against one corridor wall, bowed head in his hands. She knelt down next to him and laid a hand on his arm, saying, “Let’s leave this for now. Come on, we’re going out.”

Although “out” was not very exciting while they loitered on Rennire, a planet inhabited mostly by Bith. Here, on the opposite side of the world from the capital, the most technologically advanced thing within a one hundred mile radius was their outdated ship. 

The nearest town lay within a half hour’s forested walk, so for a half hour, arm in arm with Rex, Ahsoka prattled on about whatever popped into her mind. The weather, the cute forest sqirbbits she saw scattering up a tree, the latest bolo ball updates– anything to get his mind on something else. Rex had stopped wanting to talk about the war years ago; since then, Ahsoka cheered up his plagued mind as best she could.

The sun set a little earlier each day here. Its slanting rays already cast long shadows by mid-afternoon, and the chill convinced a couple roadside market vendors to pack up and leave. But there were still several brave food vendors selling fresh produce, or grilled nuna on a stick.

Rex and Ahsoka barely even noticed the curious stares from the Bith population now– at least half of the vendors they dealt with already recognized them enough to not treat them like diseased foreigners. Ahsoka wandered off down the market street while Rex bought their food; she returned shortly carrying a small, cloth-wrapped package.

She smiled at his questioning gaze, linked arms with him and suggested they have dinner on the side of the lake at the edge of town. And while the idea sounded romantic, and certainly offered a picturesque view of a setting sun lighting the sky in brilliant reds and pinks, and casting the rising moons in hues of orange, the lakeside was even colder than the market. The stone they sat on soon numbed their legs, the breeze from the lake constantly sent Rex further into his coat for safety, and their food cooled faster than they could eat it.

But they were alone here and Rex didn’t complain. 

“Here,” Ahsoka said, handing over the package once Rex had finished his nuna. “This is for you.” Her smile only widened at Rex’s confused expression once he uncovered the small, stuffed Bith doll, a simple, hand-sewn toy with button eyes and dark clothes. Rex’s gaze swept to her, one brow arched.

“It’s a Bith gift! You can put him on the navigation console… maybe he’ll help you pilot better.”

And finally– finally– Rex cracked a smile. He returned the toy to its packaging before wrapping one arm around Ahsoka and dragging her closer. “Thanks, ‘Soka.” And his eyes plainly fell on the half-finished stick of nuna in her hands. “Y’gonna eat that?” She handed it over for him to devour. 

As much as she wanted to broach the subject and ask what exactly had been bothering him, Ahsoka had to settle for helping out where she could, earning smiles from time to time for distracting him instead of mending old wounds. 

They sat on their cold rock for the longest time watching the sky change from red and pink to blue and purple. Despite the breeze, they remained leaning against one another until Rex reached for his new present. The amused expression with which he regarded the Bith toy was a rarity anymore, and Ahsoka gladly received that as well as another hug from him in the darkening silence. 

“Remember that mission to the Citadel?” Rex spoke up finally, the first words in the past half hour. 

“Of course.” 

“That’s been on my mind lately…”

And they sat next to that cold lake, talking long into the night.

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inspired from another ask you just got, do you have any dads!hidekane headcanons to share? :)

1. Kaneki would make like 75% of his daughter’s dresses. Like from the age of 3-6 he would make her flowery outfits because she’s basically like a certain sunflower papa.

2. Every weekend they would go on a picnic in the park. Hide and Himawari ( that would be the name! Fight me that they wouldn’t name her that) would only eat and Kaneki would drink iced coffee. She would run off and come back with flowers and place it in their hair. Now daddy and papa are pretty too

3. She would sleep in the same bed as Hide and Kaneki until she was 5. Kaneki mainly wanted it because he worries too much and Hide would whine because they can’t do the do with her there.

4. They have a 2nd child, a boy. They use Hide’s DNA again because Kaneki doesn’t really want to curse a new life with his bad luck. The boy turns out to be meek like his bookworm dad.
5. Son is really quiet and favors Hide over Kaneki which hurts Kaneki a lot.

6. Hima, who is more like Hide, would be closer to Kaneki while Yoshiaki, who is more like Kaneki (the son. lets keep the Yoshi tradition going) is closer to Hide. 

Ghouls by this time are transitioning into society and Kaneki is the catalyst behind this so Kaneki is well known and is a SSS ghoul now

7. Hima once bit a kid at her school because he insult Kaneki and called him a monser. Both Hide and Kaneki talked and grounded her. Explaining that being a ghoul isnt bad but you cant just go around biting people.

8. In kindergarden she had to draw her family and she drew Hide as a sunflower with a human face and an octopus with Kaneki’s head. Most people call Kaneki centipede but to her he is an octopus.

9. Yoshiaki likes to go into Kaneki’s study and read his books. One of the few time he doesnt shy away from Kaneki

10. Kaneki ALWAYS read his kids a bedtime story.

11. Kaneki likes to do the airplane sounds when spoon feeding his babies. Hide cant help but smile at this scene.

12. Kaneki is super worried when his kids are sick and overreacts. Hide tries his best to reassure that they’ll be fine.

13. Because Kaneki had such a bad childhood he tends to be more lenient towards his kids but worries more.

14. Hide disciplines more.

15. Kaneki is overbearing dad when Hima starts dating and scares the shit out of the boys that like her. Ends up with Touka’s and Yoriko’s son either way

17. They love taking family vacation throughout Japan.

18. Hima likes playing dress up (as in dresses and makeup) with Kaneki because he’s good at it.

19. Kaneki and Hide sometimes leave the kids with Yoriko and Touka for sleepovers so Kaneki and Hide can have some privacy. The girls do the same.

20. Every sunday morning Kaneki, Hide, Yoshiaki, and Hima like to make pancakes together and go for a little walk to the park.

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kuroken for the otp thing? thanks!! (^ω^)

Ohmygod… I love KuroKen… this is going to get long. ; v;

How they first met: Kuroo and Kenma met at school, on the play ground. There was a high slide that was off limits and the school had closed down because one too many kids had fallen off from the top tower. It looks something like this.
Kenma liked to go in the tower area and sit there during recess and play his games. Since he’s really quiet, no one ever noticed he was there.
However, one day he found Kuroo hiding there. Kuroo was ditching because he didn’t want to take a class test. Kenma didn’t think much of it and just sat down and began to play his game. He couldn’t really go anywhere else to play or he might get caught.
As Kenma played, Kuroo became interested and started to ask questions. Which Kenma answered in small lines. Before both of them knew it, time had passed and school had ended.
Soon after that, they began to meet during the first recess and Kuroo would watch Kenma play. Sometimes, Kuroo would drag Kenma along to play with his friends.
Where their first date was: Their friend date wasn’t much of a date really. They had made plans to go out to eat at this really nice place Kuroo had to make reservations a month in advance.
However, plans changed quickly and they didn’t even go to the nice expensive restaurant. It turned out that Kenma forgot all about the game he had pre-ordered. Which happened to come out the very night that Kuroo made plans for them.
So, as they were about to go to the restaurant, Kuroo decided he rather wait in a long line for Kenma’s game than take Kenma to a fancy restaurant that would just make him feel uncomfortable.
Because of Kuroo’s change of plans, Kenma and Kuroo’s first date ended up waiting in line to get Kenma’s new game, while still in their nice tux they had worn so they wouldn’t stand out so much at the restaurant.
Once they had Kenma’s game, they stopped by at some fast food place ordered a large amount of food. Went back to Kenma’s place, ate and played the new game Kenma had gotten.
When they had their first kiss: It was simple, nothing fancy. Both were very hesitant. Kuroo because he wasn’t sure what would become of their friendship. And Kenma was worried that Kuroo wouldn’t like the kiss, since Kenma isn’t good at kissing.
There was a lot of other thoughts floating in their minds. So their first kiss was just a touch of lips, before asking for another… the second more sure than their first.
Who cooks: Neither at first… Ohmygod, they both can’t cook at all. Kenma has better luck than Kuroo with a microwave. However, over all they are both a disaster in the kitchen.
Of course, after some time, they both decided its time they learn to cook if they are going to live together and on their own. Kuroo gets the amazing idea to ask Bokuto to teach them, who is like Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen (Minus the yelling, Bokuto skills are just that good).
That idea… turns into the biggest mistake Kenma and Kuroo ever made. They learn that Kuroo shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the kitchen, EVER!!!
Kenma does learn to cook. He’s not the best, but he can make something taste decent. Kuroo later has to take real cooking classes and have a real teacher teach him. After that, Kuroo is like Master Chef level.
Who proposed: Kenma. Okie, I know what you’re thinking, Kenma?! Wouldn’t it be Kuroo? But please, listen… it was Kenma and it was via game as well.
They were playing a game together just being lazy on a Sunday. Kenma had his character propose to Kuroo’s character all smooth and stuff. Kuroo gasped loudly and turned to Kenma who was on the other end of the couch, and asked if this was Kenma’s way to propose to him in reality.
Kenma kinda just shrugged, nodded, and slowly pulled out a ring. And that was it. Of course, Kuroo has planed to ask Kenma the next say, Kenma just beat him to it.
The dominate one: I have the biggest headcanon what Kenma is asexual, so they don’t have sex. However, before Kenma actually accepted it was normal to not enjoy sex and coming out to Kuroo on that subject. Kuroo was the dominate one, because Kenma felt so disturbed actually doing anything sexual. Kuroo didn’t think much of as to why Kenma didn’t really do much of anything. He did find it a bit strange, since Kenma was the one who always asked Kuroo to have sex with him.
Later, however, Kenma got tried of pushing himself to enjoy something he didn’t, simply because his parents and other said he had to and it was “normal”. Kenma finally talked about it with Kuroo, and Kuroo understood. He did feel a bit shitty about “forcing” himself on Kenma. Of course, Kenma explain it wasn’t Kuroo fault. After all, Kenma had asked, and he was the one who took so long to actually speak out that he didn’t like it.
Their favorite pass time together: Something that isn’t games… Taking walks and simply talking as they do. Sometimes, Kuroo will take a camera so they can take pictures. Kuroo is the one who likes to take random selfies. Kenma on the other hand, likes to take pictures of random people, animals or anything that catches his interest. They like to do this at least once a week, because Kuroo believes that Kenma really needs to get out more and not play games all day.
Who kissed who first: Kuroo brought it up, but they kissed each other. It was, on the count of three kinda of deal, but with a lot of hesitation.
Who is the flirt: Kuroo, for sure. He’s a dork about it tho. He honestly asks Bokuto for pick up lines. Most of which he gets are something that just makes Kenma roll his eyes and be so done with life. There are a few times Kuroo does a good job and gets Kenma to blush, but ninety-nine percent of the times, Kenma just wants to shove a sock in Kuroo’s mouth.
Who is the romantic: Kuroo… yea Kuroo. He’s the one who can come up with really cheesy plans and dates. The guy who will get Kenma a new game, bring him apple pie for no reason, and some flowers. Kenma isn’t very good with romance. He tires, but its kinda turns into second hand embarrassment for Kuroo. So, Kenma kinda leaves that stuff to Kuroo, or for when they are alone.
Who wakes up first: Kuroo… only to find a Kenma who hasn’t slept. And to force him to hit the hay, because pulling all nighters is not good for a person. Of course, the task is not easy, Kenma likes to use the, “Let me finish this level first” excuse. So, Kuroo has to stay there and make sure, it’s JUST one more level.
Who comforts who the most: They comfort each other. Kuroo is a little better, but Kenma does try his best with picking Kuroo’s mood up again. However, they both make sure to let the other know that they don’t have to go through something alone. So, Kenma isn’t hesitant to get comfort from Kuroo, the same way Kuroo won’t think twice before asking Kenma for some comfort. They are they for each other, and make it known for whenever one of the other has an off day.
The cuddler: Kuroo is the cuddler! Kenma doesn’t mind it, but its a bit of a pain when he’s playing a game and Kuroo does something to miss a combo or distract him. However, when he’s not playing, cuddles are more than welcomed. They end up like two lazy cats, just laying there, in each other’s arms doing nothing, until someone gets hungry. Only to go back and being lazy once they are done eating.
The big spoon: Kuroo, normally because Kenma is playing a game before he goes to bed. (“Just one more level”) But sometimes they don’t even spoon, cause Kuroo wants sleep, and the light of the hand held game system or Kenma’s phone is bothering him…

I am sorry… I don’t know how to shut up when its one of my top OTP’s -flops on floor- sorryikilledtheshipaswell ; v;

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For drabble prompts: Korra/Kuvira and Chocolate! :)

When you were trying to make it in the big city, Korra quickly learned that you had to prioritize the essentials. Rent, utilities, a Great Pyrenees-sized doggy bed, food, futon, crappy prepaid phone, a five year-old junker of a laptop. 

That had actually been a gift from Mako, after his rich and absurdly hot girlfriend had gotten him a top of the line tablet for their anniversary. More of a hand-me down, but it was free so Korra didn’t really have much to complain about. 

Now thanks to Jinora it was wiped and reformatted like it was brand new, sitting on top of an ancient analogue TV Korra had found in the trash like a pair of bunny ears, a tangle of wires streaming a women’s mixed martial arts match into the bigger screen.

Laying back on her lumpy futon, Korra watches the fight with a critical eye while carving out spoonfuls from her pint of Chocolate Therapy ice cream. Naga’s bed being strategically planted right in front of the futon let her rest her feet on the big shedding lug like a warm, fuzzy ottoman. 

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It was rare for the twins to go out and do anything with just the two of them anymore, and today was one of those rare occasions. They walked down the streets of Ikebukuro, talking and laughing. When Luka turned, though, she saw a man sitting on a bench. He looked like he was in pain, and without thinking, the woman walked over to him.

“Hey… Are you alright…?”

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fShep/Tali for the otp meme!

Who would be the big spoon?

I can imagine it being Tali, not sure why

Who would wake up first?

Probably Shepard

Do they have nicknames for each other?

I don’t think so, it doesn’t really seem like something either would do

What happened when they met each other’s parents?

Well assuming spacer Shepard, I can imagine her mother would mostly be happy to meet her (I really need to do a spacer shep)

Tali’s parents…I remember her saying that her father would have likely hated Shepard 

How do they apologize after an argument?

I can imagine it wouldn’t last long, and would probably be them both trying to awkwardly apologize

What would they be like as parents?

Tali probably would have cared a lot about letting the kid choose what they wanted to do with their life, going by what she mentions in the third game

And for some reason I can imagine Shepard being sort of protective

Who is more romantic?

They’re both romantic in some awkward way

What sort of gifts do they get for each other?

I can imagine them seeing things on the citadel they think the other would like and getting them for each other

Who gets jealous easiest?

I can’t really imagine either of them getting jealous easily

Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?

Shepard, with Tali usually getting just as excited about it quickly afterwards

Who is the most adventurous?

They’re both adventurous, but probably Tali a little more than Shepard

Who is the most protective?

I imagine it’d be Shepard

What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?

-Two space loving dorks

*BONUS: Song to sum them up?*

- As much as I’d love to answer, I suck at choosing songs

Do I ship it?

Let’s put it this way, one of my initial reactions after first meeting Tali was “I want to romance her” and I pretty much cried after frustration after finding out Tali was nearly going to be romancable for both genders

ceruleanaqua continued from (x)

⋨♚⋩     En shouldn’t have been surprised that his carbon copy had pulled him in for a real kiss, after all, he was the one to start this whole ordeal. That blush on his face didn’t go unnoticed at all as well. Was that really how he looked when his face turned pink?

His growing curiosity didn’t help that he was starting to wonder just how else it would feel to just make out with himself. He chuckled softly as he nodded to agree with his twin. “Yeah…who would have thought…” He trailed off as he moved his hand to brush against identical dirty blonde locks, as his thumb rubbed the other’s lower lip.

He leaned closer once again, however, he stopped when he was only centimeters away from kissing him again. Cerulean orbs staring at the same ones, unsure this time. Was it strange? Should he pull away? Should he continue?

Adelaide cheered proudly for her boyfriend as he scored the last goal, indicating that their team had won. She held up her sign that she had made one last time, since she said that she’d hold it up every time he’d score a goal. Putting the sign down, she smiled widely but yet rolled her eyes as she watched him and his teammates goof around like they normally do after they win a game.

She packed up her things as she said goodbye to one of her best friends before making her way into the school. Once Adelaide made it inside, she waited by the locker room door. Leaning against the cold colored brick walls, she crossed her arms and pursed her lips as she waited for Tyson to make his way out the room.

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2. Favorite winner? 3. Favorite runner-up? 6. Favorite gay/lesbian/bisexual contestant? 14. Favorite juror speech? 15. Favorite finalist speech? 23. Favorite idol play? 29. Favorite Loved One’s visit? 38. Favorite female player? 39. Favorite male player? 33. Favorite sad moment? //// including explanations

2. favorite winner

todd herzog

china was the first season my parents actually let me watch, and todd was my fave from the beginning. i think that’s the only time my #1 fave from ep 1 actually won the show (besides redemption island). also todd’s a damn good player like… one of the best.

3. favorite runner up

stephen fishbach

LIKE I SAID I FUCKIN LOVE TOCANTINS. stephen was the only runner up who i feel was robbed but i also feel shouldn’t have won if that makes sense?? like i totally think jt deserved it, he’s one of the BEST winners of all time, i just don’t think stephen deserved to be shut out. also i love him. so much.

14. favorite juror speech

hag goddess malnutrisha

i just think that all through cagayan there were so many people saying that trish couldn’t win or trish had no argument against tony, but i think her jury speech proved that she did have a grasp on the game and really had a good argument as to why she should have won. social game goddess.

15. favorite finalist speech

todd herzog

DAMN WATCH CHINA FTC but also like, he had such a grasp on his game and the jury’s game…. he’s so masterful. i love him so much.

6. favorite LGBTQ contestant

todd herzog

see above

23. favorite idol play

randy’s fake idol play in gabon

does this count? idrc. it’s just so fucking funny. i know some people feel like it’s mean and uncalled for but randy was a dick and his face was priceless. sorry not sorry.

29. favorite loved ones visit


just the fact that they didn’t think there was gonna be a loved ones visit and then there WAS it made me cry it was so good

38. favorite female player

erinn lobdell

this is like asking what my favorite limb is tbh but erinn is my queen goddess and she has to play again

39. favorite male player

todd herzog


33. favorite sad moment

jenna’s quit in all stars

it was so heartbreaking, and i know that survivor usually edits quits unfavorably but i love the way this was edited. 

wxngman asked:

Imagine sam being there for cap throughout the war - laughing on the sideline as he danced his spandex off. Be there through Shield when he got his shield. When he was trying to woo peggy & sam speaking cap up to peg so obviously. Then when he crashed the ship - cap looks at sam and he goes "i know. i'm with you." then they defrost together.

and wow. steve had never thought he’d meet a man who’d make such a big impact on his life during the war – not after erskine, anyway. he’d noticed sam right off the bat - there’d been dozens other who’d laughed at steve in his cotton shirt and tights, at the sloppy cut-out of a mask pulled over his face with white wings on either side of his head (as if the costume itself wasn’t enough). but sam’s laughter had been different - it wasn’t mocking or malicious and steve took note of that, found it comforting. well — more comforting than the jeers and insults thrown his way as hard as the tomatoes he’d had to dodge and block with his toy shield anyway.

he thought that’d be the last of it. thought - that nameless soldier out in the sidelines, laughing openly and more freely than, what steve would assume being in a camp in the middle of war and all, he had in a long while. steve didn’t think much of it when he was fiddling with his notepad, sketching idly in the margins with nothing but the beat of the rain on the tin roof of the stage to keep him company. and then he heard someone talking to him - saw the same man from before. steve didn’t know what he wanted, but where caution and wariness would have taken over at the sight of the other soldiers, steve greeted him with a faint smile and an extension of his hand. i’m steve, he’d told him.

sam, the soldier told him back.

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