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for the ship thing: iwaoi of course

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shops for groceries

"Put the sweets back Oikawa."

"Aww, come on Iwa-chan, just one?"

Iwaizumi sighs exasperatedly and plucks the cakes and snacks out of Oikawa’s hands, stowing them back onto the shelves. Oikawa doesn’t hesitate to pout, annoyed at his lost snacks. “It’s not like I wanted a lot.”

"You still have a whole stash of milk bread at home," he counters easily. "You’ll rot your teeth out at this rate."

"Just one?" Oikawa pleads, flashing him a sweet smile.

"No." He gestures to the list in his hand. "See this? This is all we’re getting. We’re on a budget Oikawa. Broke college students can’t afford cake and donuts every week."

"Then," Oikawa starts thoughtfully, "How about we just buy ingredients? I’ll bake you a cake. A whole cake. And we can eat it together while we watch Secret Garden, please?”

The “no” hesitates to escape from his lips. Oikawa looks so proud of the idea, hopeful too, and Iwaizumi feels his resolve wither away.

"Okay, okay, fine," he grumbles in defeat. "You can make the damn cake."


"I’m not taking you grocery shopping ever again."

(He repeats the phrase two weeks later when Oikawa insists on riding the grocery cart.)

kills the spiders

Iwaizumi stiffens as he watches Oikawa from across the room. The setter is frozen, watching the spider in the middle of the floor with an intense gaze, his hand slowly reaching for the nearest possible weapon.

Iwaizumi prays for the spider.

"You piece of shi- Fuck!" Oikawa curses as the spider scurries away from him before he can destroy it with a spatula. There’s nothing Iwaizumi can do but watch from afar with a tired sigh, hoping that nothing gets broken this time.

(The last time he tried to interfere with Oikawa’s assassination, he’d gotten elbowed in the face on accident. A broken glass cup and their knocked over couch were other casualties.)

A string of curses erupt from Oikawa, followed by metallic clangs from Oikawa smashing the poor bug to smithereens. It’s wild, almost animalistic the way he growls like he’s a wolf protecting his pack rather than a fucking college student annihilating a little spider. He pants hard when he’s finished, gets up, tosses the spatula in the trash can before going back into his room. Iwaizumi just sighs.

comes home drunk at 3am

"O-Oikawa, can you, uhh, can you open the door or something?"

Oikawa can make out Iwaizumi’s words from his muffled slurring. He swings the door open and catches Iwaizumi as his boyfriend stumbles forward against him. 

"I’m home," he mumbles into his neck, breath hot and reeking of alcohol.

"3 am, seriously?"

"I’m s’rry. Let’s sleep Tooru. ‘m tired."

"Yeah, yeah." He makes Iwaizumi take off his shoes and helps support him as they make their way to the bedroom. Once they get there, he gently sits Iwaizumi on the mattress. Iwaizumi lies back heavily against his pillows, pulling Oikawa down with him until he’s laying on top of him, warm against his body. Wrapping an arm around his waist, he kisses Oikawa’s neck lightly, slowly. It tickles and Oikawa laughs at the sensation.

"You’re still in your jeans Iwa-chan. And you stink of beer."

"Don’t care."

 ”Aren’t I heavy on top of you?”

"No. You’re warm."

He nuzzles his face into Oikawa’s neck and Oikawa feels his lips curving into an affectionate smile. He runs his hands through Iwaizumi’s hair.

"Just like a puppy when you’re drunk Iwa-chan," he teases.

"That’s ‘cause I love you."

Oikawa laughs a little louder. The arms around his waist are slackening as Iwaizumi is slowly dozing off, but he doesn’t release his hold of him. He presses a soft kiss to Iwaizumi’s temple.

"I love you too Hajime." 

makes breakfast

Oikawa wakes up to the sound of sizzling and a sweet fragrance in the air. He contemplates getting out of the bed, reveling too much in the warmth, before sitting up when his stomach grumbles at the smell of pancakes.

He steps slowly into the kitchen, greeted by the sight of Iwaizumi in his pajamas still, an apron tied around his waist as he tends to the stove. At the table, there are two plates of omelettes and buttered toast, and two glasses of orange juice. It’s a simple scene, one that he sees nearly every day but it doesn’t stop the warmth pooling in his chest and the grin splitting his face. It’s adorably domestic, almost like they’re married and in his early morning giddiness, Oikawa walks up to Iwaizumi and wraps an arm around his waist, kissing at the nape of his neck. Iwaizumi doesn’t react with surprise, only fondness as his free hand reaches up to ruffle Oikawa’s hair.

"Morning Tooru."

"Good morning Hajime."

remembers to feed the fish

Iwa-chan! I’m gonna be out late for practice today, so don’t wait up for dinner. I’ll be back around 8, but don’t start watching Secret Garden without me! Oh by the way, don’t forget to feed Kin-chan! She’s very fragile you know.

Tooru <3

decorates the apartment

There are trophies on their shelves, couple portraits on nearly every table, and glow-in-the-dark star stickers on their bedroom walls. Random volleyballs are strewn on their floor, and their fridge is covered in sticky notes and bear shaped stickers. Kin-chan’s bowl is also covered in stickers around the rim, although of the star-fish kind. Not to mention the posters of galaxies and Korean boy bands hanging on their living room wall. It’s almost an aesthetic atrocity, Iwaizumi thinks, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s adorable in it’s own way. Everywhere he looks there are traces of Oikawa in the apartment (their apartment) and he has to stop sometimes, to admire the interior-disarray that is their home and smiles to himself.

It’s pretty beautiful, actually.

initiates duets

"Iwa-chan, it’s G-Dragon. Oh my god, sing it with me!"

"I don’t know Korean."

"So? Just mumble whatever it sounds like, like we do with English songs!"

"Fine, fine."

falls asleep first

It’s dark, save for the pale green glow of star stickers on their wall. The light casts an almost ethereal view of Oikawa’s sleeping face. His thumb traces the curve of his cheek down to his smooth jaw, stopping at his lips, slightly parted in his slumber. Oikawa looks beautiful like this (like always), calm and serene. 

(“I usually toss and turn a lot before,” Oikawa admits when they wake up, legs tangled with each other, chests close, and arms around each other’s waists. “Sometimes I like wearing your jacket. It helps me sleep better. But having Iwa-chan there is the best option. You’re so warm you know?”)

I…I went overboard. I love them so much.

Excerpt From Dean's Journal (5)

It snowed today. Well,I guess last night while we were sleeping because I was woken up this morningby a jumping Cas on our bed screaming about snow. You would think a bazillionyear old angel wouldn’t get so excited over a tiny thing like snow. But Jesus, he fucking loves it. I didn’t even get my morning coffee before he drug me outside and hopped up and down like a toddler. Did I ever mention that I hate mornings? And I hate the hours where I just get up? Yeah, well, this morning I was pissed and grouchy and the weirdest thing happened. Cas kissed me with the snow falling around us and I wasn’t grouchy anymore. I smiled and I laughed when Cas stuck his tongue out to catch snow flakes. It was nice. It was just fun. He is turning me so soft.

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cursxdstargazer x

⊱ —••÷ ⊰ ;;    Lucy, having no idea or care about her being a ‘special case’, simply looked at the man next to her with just the slightest smile. How wonderful; someone else who appreciated the glowing light in darkness. She liked people like him. They always understood, one way or another.

 "I’m called Lucy," she replied and tangled her fingers together. "but I’m actually Lucia."

It was a fitting name, being named Graceful Light,
even if she wasn’t the brightest bulb out there.

 ”Do you have a name?

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"Felicity, why are you wearing my hoodie?"

She stops the deep inhale that she’s currently doing, breathing in his scent of aftershave and musk and feels her cheeks burning.  They’re in the foundry and although normally hoodies are a Roy thing, she bought one for Oliver just for the sake of being able to steal it from him.

"I was… chilly…" she replies, and doesn’t nearly hit the nonchalant tone she was going for.

Oliver moves until he’s standing behind her, breath hot on her ear and a shudder going down your spine.

"Is that why you’re still shivering?" he asks, husky and low against her skin.


"Hug Attack GO!" from behind the Kitsune two arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her in to a tight hug. The strange girl went into a fit of giggles as she held on rubbing her own cheek with the other’s. Nothing about the situation seemed normal. Here was a young girl ignoring all social rules, embracing someone who hadn’t even gotten her name yet. 


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hi, so... this is gonna be a really weird question but i'm pretty sure i'm bisexual... i was just wondering, is it possible to be bi, but asexual towards girls? because i think I would totally marry and be in love with a girl as well as a guy, but I'm only into sex with guys??? Is that a normal thing? If you don't know, thats okay C:

Yeah homie! Sounds like you’re heterosexual (or homosexual if you’re a boy) biromantic :) Sexual and romantic orientation don’t always line up and that’s totally fine, no worries <3

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Hello! I came across your blog recently and even though i don't actually follow you you are my tumblr love and i think you are just so cute. please post a selfie for me!

Ahh! I’m so sorry that it took me so long to reply to this~ I’ve been on mobile for the past while, and it wont let me add pictures to my reply there!

Thank you so much! That is SUPER sweet of you and makes me all warm and fuzzy inside <3 

Here you go: a selfie just for you! PLUS another one because I made you wait so long~

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what would your ideal hannily date be?

Somewhere far away from Rosewood, or like off the grid somehow so theres no chance of -A fucking everything up. So probably like a fancy expensive restaurant that Emily makes reservations at because she knows how important food is to Hanna. But once they’re actually in the restaurant they think that everything is absolutely ridiculous like why are the portions so tiny and what the hell is Chicken Scarpariello and why does it cost $50??

So they end up leaving the restaurant and going to Walgreens to get some snacks. Hanna insists they get a giant tub of cheesy puffs. When they get to the register they end up having about $40 worth of junk food and drinks and Emily starts to wonder why they didnt just stay at the restaurant but then she looks at Hanna and sees a smile that could warm the coldest of hearts and she realizes thats why they left the restaurant. She would do anything to have Hanna smile like that at her.

Once they’re in the car Hanna suggests that they just get a hotel for the night instead of going back to Emily’s house. Emily makes a lame joke about how its just their first date and she’s not that easy. Hanna scoffs and says that they’ve slept in the same bed plenty of times before and they’re not gonna stop any time soon. Emily would be blushing if she didnt know the real reason Hanna doesnt want to go home. She feels the same way..

They end up stopping by a DVD rental place and they pick up about two days worth of movies because the place is going out of business and everything was on sale. Once they get to hotel after making three trips to the car for all the food and the movies they get settled into they’re room. Hanna decides they’ll watch Pitch Perfect first so she puts it on and hits play. They almost make it through the first half before Hanna’s straddling Emily and the cheesy puffs are spilled all over the floor.

So uh yeah i would want their first date to go something like that.

Instruments of Lords || closed|| marthainthelibrary

"Honestly, I was expecting more, the way he talks about you.." She looked down at Martha with a derisive smirk, shaking her head in disappointment.

The perception filter would most likely have worked if she’d simply walked past, but Lynda had been following the sound of that woman’s voice for miles while she walked and talked with the man now laying unconscious a couple yards away. 

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Hey, I don't know if this is a good place to ask this but... I was wondering if like some people in fandom can kink/fetishize/love the trope too much? ace fics? Like, is that a thing? I just got a weird response to an ace fic I posted and idk. Is it just me or what?

Also, I’m ace and the fics I write I try to make for myself and other ace people to connect with… and it just… the comments felt off? Like this person was def not my target audience, and they were still like talking about it like it wasn’t anything when to me it was/is everything?

that’s a good question! i mean logically it’s probably true because it’s incredibly common for people to fetishize homosexuality, so it wouldn’t be impossible to fetishize asexuality too. i personally haven’t seen any kink/fetish ace stuff, but i have seen ace fic where it felt off, like the person writing the fic had a very minimal understand of asexuality or just made a character ace as a side note to add more ~diversity~. i even once saw a fic that said “(x character) was aromantic and (y character) was asexual, so they weren’t in a relationship, but they still had an incredibly strong bond” or something like that, which is a very ignorant view of both aromanticism and asexuality. or you know, the fics where the author make the character that’s really stoic and rather emotionless the ace one.

i think a lot of problems with ace fic stems from misinformation and lack of information re: the aro and ace spectrums, and the only way around that is to raise awareness of aromanticsm and asexuality so people can understand they’re not the same (though can be closely linked at times), they’re spectrums, and they exist, and so we can try to abolish stereotypes (one word: robots).

with awareness/education of the topic, hopefully people can realize that asexual people are real people (in the sense that they’re not just characters or a concept, they are real people with real feelings and real lives) and not just some trope for them to throw around and abuse. 

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*meets each other for the first time as kids during a forced play-date your mom set up* (Ps sorry I haven't been answering threads im trying to get back to a lot of them :P)

"Hey’a I’m Shu, what’s your name?" Shu smiled brightly at the girl, extending a hand to shake politely.