The rabbit is gone when I woke.

He must have ran.

((Genderbent M!A: 1/5 | Alice in Wonderland M!A: ¼))


Taking a short break from the zodiacs, so in the meantime, here’s a collection of some of my fave of my xgen teg posts! (they’re mostly egg being awful I’m sorry)

anonymous asked:

hi, i'm the girl who was supposed to tell her crush i liked him and... i was about to do it today, but he completely ignored me when we saw each other. no 'hi', no nothing. im feeling kind of crushed right now and i have no idea what to do..

I’m sorry that’s awful!!!! I can’t even imagine how ur feeling. maybe u could try another day when he’s more friendly?

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I lost a friend today. I was cosplaying fem!Germany and she was helping me. While we were finding our spot to shoot our photos, she turns around and says to me "You know you wouldn't need those German pants with the thigh flutes because your thighs are big enough." And mind you, I am a 5'11", lanky girl. Then she proceeded to laugh at me and when she saw my expression, she got angry at me. "It was hilarious! You just have no sense of humor". Today was awful.

I’m so sorry you had to experience that :( Those kind of hurtful comments and people are toxic and you’ll find that your life will be better without them

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one of my friends is recovering truscum and has said being otherkin was a spiritual experience for them when they were younger and the kintrenders on tumblr don't take it seriously. honest to god.


(i am so sorry about your friend that sounds awful)

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I'm sorry people are treating you so awful

i’d love to agree but that would make me attention seeking!!! it’s all about me me me!!!

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either boob or butt guy, i feel sorry for baekhyun because taeyeon ain't got shit.

Aw that’s not very nice :S Taeyeon is super pretty and funny though, she’s got a lot going for her even if she isn’t overly developed in those regions. No reason to bash on her


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OMG u should totally write that idea that u had with Lucy asking natsu and happy. No one can write it better than you (:

aw well sorry but there’s a reason I only posted it as a textpost :’) I wanna focus on my ongoing fics again, so I’m not gonna write it haha