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Hi there! I have to say that you roped me into KakaGai and it is glorious and I thank you. Also, I would dearly love to know why you consider Obito abusive to Kakashi. I don't disagree, Obito is a piece of crap, but I would love to know your reasons!


he physically abuses him to hell and back


he verbally abuses him to hell and back


he tries to manipulate him 


& what makes it a thousand times worse is kakashi doesn’t seem to realize this and thinks hes a hero??? he idolizes his abuser and thinks so low of himself because of obito


but worst of all lmao obito NEVER apologized for any of this or showed ANY kind of remorse when he had his garbage change of heart 


“i had to save your sorry ass again” ??????? how fucking rude. 

and kakashi!!!! still after everything that happened to him!!! thinks hes his friend!!!!! 

also i think those last two panels are implying kakashi thinks he should have died instead of obito??? (dont quote me on that)

tldr; obikaka is INCREDIBLY abusive both physically and verbally and even if they had ended up together obito would still continue to be abusive towards kakashi who wouldn’t realize this and then blame himself for feeling awful. its jsut an awful ship in every possible way

As TJ pulled the knife out of the person in front of him’s lifeless body, he was very aware that there was someone behind him. Moving the knife in his hand so that he was gripping it tightly, his brain clicked into gear with exactly what he should do in his next move. Stepping over the three dead bodies lying next to him, TJ pushed the intruder against the wall, locking them into place with his blood covered arm. “What are you doing here?” he said angrily, finally getting a good look at the person with the knife against their throat.


I can’t believe it’s already been one year since I met this extraordinary man. I’ll never forget how kind and sincere he looked when we talked or how happy and overwhelmed I was when he held my hand and hugged me. I don’t know how to express how much he means to me or how much joy and happiness looking at these photos brings me, no matter how bad things get. I will forever be grateful I got the chance to meet him and thank him for all the good things he brought to my life.

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Narry "I hate you!" But with a happy ending please cause I'm a boob lmao

for the other anon as well.


I hate you, are the first three words Niall says to Harry Styles. Three words put in an order that conveys a message he doesn’t want to deliver to the timid-looking boy that enters the classroom and says his name in an accent that has a flow that Niall later thinks he’d be able to sail the world on.

He doesn’t mean to say them, knows that they are bad words when delivered in that order and has learned a long time ago that it’s bad to hurt people, but his subconscious is stuck on something his brother told him a few months back; an explanation he’d given to make Niall understand why people tease the ones they like. He has thought that there’s been some logic to it ever since – has made enough connections to realize that there’s been a loving side to each argument he’s had in his life; that his brother cares about him after each of their fights, that there’s a concerned look in Sean’s eye after every teasing comment he gives.

So, no. Niall doesn’t mean to say it, or if he does - doesn’t mean to say it like that. Because Harry Styles feels like a comfortable addition in Niall’s line of sight from the moment he first steps into it, and he means to say ‘It’s okay, it happens to everyone’ and smile as he tries to figure out what the world is like now that it has revealed a whole new side to itself in the new boy in his class. But in the end he says his three words when Harry walks past his desk and knocks paint over his table and clothes, and it’s the start of something he never meant to fire off.

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Ichigo & Rukia 16 For the ficlet thingy

ooh shit okay wow here I go

16.“I did a pregnancy test.”

     Rukia had no idea how to approach Ichigo on the matter. How did you tell someone you were pregnant anyways? They never really had any form of sex ed in the Sereitei, hell, Rukia didn’t even know she could get pregnant! Constant morning sickness and a pregnancy test told her that, oh yes, she could in fact get pregnant. After about 30 minutes of freaking out in the bathroom at his house, Rukia knew that she had to tell Ichigo. They’d been dating for about 2 years now, she kinda had to; especially since the both of them were particularly…active. After spending another 15 minutes coming up with a deliberate way to deliver the news to Ichigo, Rukia exited the bathroom and had made her way downstairs to the kitchen where she knew Ichigo was. Seeing his unknowing smile though, threw everything she had planned out the window. Did Ichigo greet her? Who knew? The moment Rukia stood across from him at the table, it came out.

     “I did a pregnancy test.”

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5SOS Preference #3: He falls asleep on you

Calum: The door opens and soon closes signaling that Calum had come home. “Hi Calum!” You shout from the couch, which was a slight bad idea because he comes trudging into the room. He mumbles a ‘hey’ and sits on the couch but soon falls over, putting his head in your lap.
“Long day?” You ask him smiling at the boy in your lap.
“Yeah, I hardly slept, woke up early, and it was a long day of writing with the boys.” He explains looking up at you.
“Aw I’m sorry baby,” you respond running your hand through his hair. “Just go to sleep I’ll wake you for food, okay?”
“That’s sounds good,” he mumbles already starting to fall asleep. You kiss his forehead, and soon you hear soft snores coming from him.

Michael: Michael managed to get you to pull an all nighter of video games. You were staying but Michael kept dosing off a little during Mario Kart 8.
“Michael you’re not going to fall asleep on me are you?”
“Nah nah I’m awake.” He tells you, but his head soon lays on your shoulder.
“Okay, okay, just don’t fall asleep on my shoulder Mikey.” However, you spoke too soon, Michael was already drooling on your shoulder and his muscles were relaxed. You kiss the top of his head softly and attempt to maneuver him off your shoulder and onto the bed. While putting a pillow under his head he wakes up.
“Yes, Mikey?”
“’m tried,” he slurs.
“I know just go to sleep.” You tell him while also getting in bed yourself.
“Goodnight.” He mumbles sweetly and half smiles.
“Goodnight Michael.” You chuckle as you both manage to fall asleep.

Luke: You were on tour with the boys and with all the performing and flying to place to place, really messed with all your sleep schedules. You kind of watching a movie, but you were mainly watching Luke who kept dosing off, but he was trying his hardest to stay awake.
“Lukey?” You inquire as he’s trying to find a comfortable position to finally go to sleep.
“Yeah?” He asks stopping what he was doing.
“Tired?” He nods his head slightly, “come here.” You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him down to the pillow that you put on your shoulder for him.
“Thanks Baby.” He says before falling asleep.

Ashton: Waking up this morning, you could already tell that he was in a 'clingy’ which means that he would not let you leave the bed, unless if it was to get food or use the bathroom. However, you had plans with a friend in the evening and you really didn’t wasn’t to leave him, especially when he was being extra  cute today. You were watching a movie with Ashton, and he had decided to lay in between you legs with his head on your abdomen. Apparently this was very comfortable for him, because he had fallen asleep. Once you notice this, you text your friend saying that you had 'important matters to attend to.’

Sorry that Ashton’s was bad and I finally thought of something be proud


cinnamonsplit the thing is that is soooo what would happen. Andrew would cling to him because he needs something familiar, and Fletcher would embrace him and never let go (with metaphorical arms as strong and suffocating as his actual real arms).