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What happened to the last mayor?

Your guess is as good as mine… But she was the best mayor Beach City ever had. And probably ever will have.

She had this incredible way of calming people, getting them to relax… Especially me, haha! And the citizens were so important to her, she cared about each and every one.

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Dan still hasn't changed his bedsheets. He's still got the lipstick on it, he said he's just turned them over. It's almost been 3 weeks. 3. weeks.

probs been spending too much time in phil’s bed to really care about his

Favorite guy to have sex with

Its like your dating the guy and y’all are kinky little fucks and y’all have threesomes quite regularly.


Matt - He would always wanna have a threesum with G

Nash - Cameron obviously. There cash af

Cameron - ⬆ Nash man.

Taylor - Tbh we all know he’d have a threesum with Dillon

Jack G - He would be stingy about his girl. The only guy he would have a threesum with is Aaron.

Jack J - Definitely Shawn.

Nate - He wasn’t real into have a three way. But he would occasionally let Kenny in on the action.

Sammy - let’s face it. Sammy boy is a whore. He’d have a threesum with everyone.

Shawn - Aaron forsure

Kenny - Kenny may seem innocent, but he was real into having orgys.

Aaron - He’d let Carter in because he knew that Carter wasn’t very big.

Carter - He’d let Hayes in because no one else would.

Hayes - He’d have to get a girlfriend first. 😂
Dillon - He’d let his boyfriend Taylor throat fuck his girl.

Seeing as I have never done a follow forever I figured why not do one now to mark 5,000 followers. So sorry it might be shorter than most follow forevers, but I really only check up on a few select blogs.

In no particular order:

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How would the OUAT characters interact with vine?

Snow posts cute videos of birds and other animals, and baby Neal being adorable

Emma posts short video messages about speed limits and no magic after hours

Will posts cute videos of Belle where she blushes and smiles and thwaps him with a book because he always starts the video AFTER he’s paid her some ridiculous compliment

Emma’s channel is slowly but surely taken over by clips featuring a shaky camera, a glimpse of blonde hair and a wide smile, muffled laughter, a close-up of a black-rimmed blue eye with a quizzical expression, an English accent off-camera: “and here we have the inimitably beautiful and talented Emma Swan—-” “Killian STOP it—-”

Regina posts videos wherein she says snarky one-liners about whatever or whoever annoyed her today, while dressed to the nines as always. They make perfect reaction videos and gifs and all have millions of views.

Rumple is featured mostly in Cruella’s videos which are all essentially reaction shots to her most recent ingenious way of insulting him that mysteriously stop just as he opens his mouth to fire back

August comes up with really short scripts with awesome punchlines, and recruits an eager Ruby and a mostly oblivious but obliging Hook to help him act them out

Henry recruits Charming and Hook and Robin to make super short reenactments of his favourite fairytales

(they all bemoan the fact that six seconds is not NEARLY enough room for swordfighting and archery, and switch to YouTube)


Here’s one of my art fills for the last spn_masquerade round. 

The prompt was “J2 sharing a milkshake”

It goes along with the lovely fic "Dream Baby" that tipsy_kitty  wrote and already claimed. It’s a wonderful fic and I’d recommend reading it right away.

[Full size on LJ]


TDOV pt. 2? (〃∀〃)ゞ i’m almost through with my first year of college and while it hasn’t been the most pleasant experience of my life, it has been the first time i’ve been able to explore my gender away from the family and people who already had formed their gender expectations of me.

by no means am i done “figuring myself out,” because my gender has been fluid and uncertain these past few months, and i’m yet to come out to a lot of people! but to me, the important thing to consider is that high school me NEVER would’ve guessed i’d turn out this way - that i’d cut my hair, get a binder, and even go on a trans retreat. in fact, i was utterly unaware of gender identities like genderfluid and nonbinary that are every bit as valid as others. i’m certain that high school me would be proud as hell to see me making these choices for myself and coming so far from who i used to be.

which is why, to anyone who might just be discovering who they are or aren’t in an environment where they’re safe or comfortable enough to express themselves fully: all i can say is that your current circumstances aren’t permanent, that you’re still growing, that your self-perceptions will evolve and it will be an incredibly liberating feeling to learn and accept things about yourself, and that change is always for the better!! at least, those are all things that i’ve come to learn about myself recently.. !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑


'’But then I look at him, his face, his eyes, and the gold in them tumbling around, and I don’t know why I’m fighting this too.‘‘

Okay I get that Zayn is trying to do his solo thing and he wants to get rid of his “boyband” image. However, it can’t be done over night. He has nothing to stand on BUT that. Why would you alienate the ONLY fans you have?? Nobody cares about him as a solo artist right now. All the rest of the world sees is a guy who left a band to maybe go solo. They aren’t going to follow him! I just don’t see how people are claiming this is a stunt to separate him and “rebrand” him and his image.

If you want to use the Miley Cyrus analogy then fine. I will remind you that she didn’t just suddenly go ape shit. (I mean she kind of did but not really). There was at least some gradual progression of her image from Hannah Montana to what she is today. Remember Can’t Be Tamed? That single was quite different than her previous work (but still under Disney I think?) And if I recall, she took a lot of heat for that video being “too sexual” for her young fan base. People outside her normal demographic started to check her out because of it. Once she had some attention, THEN it went a little crazy. She didn’t just jump off the deep end now did she? I didn’t follow her all that closely, but I also don’t remember her driving a bus over all of her Hannah Montana fans either.

Because you have to BUILD some sort of fan base first, outside of the one you currently have. Which Zayn doesn’t have! He only had us. A fan base that has proven again and again to buy anything for these boys. A fan base that had already shown they were more than willing to support his solo career if that is what he decided to do in the future. But not like this and not FIVE days after he left the boys in the middle of a world tour.

I don’t know how I feel about Zayn right now. I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one, as the only thing we have on record from him is him writing and chilling out. Yes, he needs to get rid of his “boyband” image but you can’t do that when he has literally nothing else.

Naughty Boy isn’t doing him any favors right now and this just blew up in his face in my opinion. Does he realize he is attacking the only fans Zayn has right now? I think he saw the opportunity to create some hype after Louis called him out and decided to drop a demo to inflate his ego and flaunt that he now has Zayn and we don’t. I don’t think this was a “sanctioned” thing or a well thought out marketing ploy at all. He was just in over his head and tried to play the big bad bully on the playground that thinks he is better than the rest of the world. 

You can get rid of your boyband image with the general public and NOT shit on the fans that put you there. In my opinion anyway.

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Can i dropkick the other anon? Cause i really wanna dropkick a furricker >0w0<

(( please do..))