“My name is Ryo Nedzastriper. I met Yami Bakura as one of my neighbors when I moved into Main City. I am deeply ashamed of having been romantically involved with an engaged man. I truly believed we were in love. I know that was no excuse. I do not in my heart believe Yami Bakura would have killed for me. My prayers go out for everyone who loves me. I apologize for the pain- I’m so sorry…”

Times have changed but so have I
I view my life through your eyes

 - Europe Skies, Alexander Rybak

northern lights gif

Sorry the above graphic sucks. 

But anyway, as some of you know, I’ve recently lost my job. Boo. Sucks. But whatever. The point is, I have a lot of time on my hands. Time, I admit, I am not really using wisely. Recently I have been struck with the urge to give back and donate. I want to help the world somehow but I sort of lack the skills to do anything important. So, what I’ve decided to do is this. 

I make these little dolls [well, I don’t make the dolls. I buy the plain peg dolls and decorate them] of various characters. From TV shows, books, even original characters and real life people. Shown above I have a bunch of characters from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD or Marvel comic and cinematic universe characters. A custom order for any doll you can IMAGINE is on my Etsy shop, 

listed -> HERE <- 

So you can go on this shop, buy one doll for $20, and include a message describing ANY character and I will paint it to look like that character. 

Hmm, but Deshi, $20 is a little pricey for a roughly 3 inch doll. Well, that covers the price of the wooden doll, the paint, and the sculpey I use for hair and props. Not only that, but the time I use to research the character you want, draw it out, make sure it’s what you want, draw it on the doll, mix colors, and paint it all by hand. But wait, there’s more. 

The thing is, only the shipping cost, a simple $3, is going to me to cover… well… shipping. The entire $20 you spend to get one of these dolls will be donated to The Wounded Warrior Project

Because, think about it. We spend our lives pretending to be, reading about, writing about, watching, and loving these mighty heroes from comic book and movies when there are actual human beings out there right now living these adventures and suffering these tales and coming home to nothing. There are real life Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes and Phil Coulsons out there fighting to keep us safe. So the synopsis? You buy yourself or a friend a neat little doll of LITERALLY ANY CHARACTER EVER or even YOU and YOUR FRIEND! Your mom! Your dad! Your original character! Anyone! Use them for game pegs, chess boards, doll houses, your helicarrier playset personnel, toys for your children because there is no female representation in the toy market, whatever! Buy one of these dolls and you just donated $20 to help a soldier with PTSD or one who lost their house or can’t pay medical bills after being injured overseas. Help their families care for them. How cool is that? You get a doll AND some karma points!

See more photos of dolls I’ve made here.

I don’t know for how long I’m going to do this and if you would go into this knowing that if I get a lot of orders, I will be slower at making them then listed… but I want to do this and I know there are plenty of people out there who want to give back. I know I had family in the military and I am so lucky that they returned to me safely. Let’s use our love of fandom for good. Spread the word and help some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Also if someone wants to make a better graphic for this thing, please do…

For now there is only shipping to the USA but I will hopefully expand on that soon.


my dearest mom,

i’m so sorry i haven’t written to you in ages - my ‘daughter skills’ have been lacking as dad would say. dad is good by the way. he sends his love, as always.

school has been really busy the last few months. dean carrigan’s latest annoying thing is to give us an essay a week on top of designing a new garment every week in the build up to the final show. i know it’ll make me a better designer, but it doesn’t stop me hating him even more than i already did, haha.

i’ve also been busy with … a guy. it’s been going on a while, but i didn’t want to tell you until i was sure it was something. his name is onyx. he’s … dean carrigan’s son. but mom i promise he is nothing like him. well … he’s kind of an ass sometimes like his dad, but it’s funny when onyx is like that. we have so much fun all the time, just hanging out and doing nothing is the best when i’m with him.

Giving a show - Happy AoKaga Day!

Title: Giving a Show
Pairing: AoKaga
Rating:  T (I guess XD)
Idea by: me (hope no one has written this already)
Summary: Aomine is cursing himself for being there at first, before he realise that he can get something very good out of it. Though Kagami in the end was not as amused…
A/N: So yeah! Happy AoKaga day XD Sorry for short, crappy writing but eeeh… been too long and I just really lack in skills now XD Hope you all like it!

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ok ok, i think i should say though that the reason i am so sensitive to this issue is probably due to the fact that i still lack confidence in my own skills as an artist, and when i was younger it was much worse than it is now

i was hypersensitive to people even IMPLYING that i wasnt good at art, because it felt like the only thing i would ever BE good at, and i could not see myself pursuing anything else as a career, so being bad at it was not an option

part of the reason i am still doing what i love today was due to people around me being encouraging and telling me to keep going. did i suck at drawing at age fourteen? maybe! but it didnt matter because people told me i at least had potential and they helped me with critiques and encouragement and it made me glad to keep going.

its important to remain critical of yourself, of course, and its important to remember that you can always always become better than you are now, but you wont get there if you give up !

so if you feel like telling someone their art is bad, maybe instead you should think about how you would feel if that were you and remember that your words do matter.


Sorry I’m a little late to post (two days), but it’s not been a good couple of days… But here’s my contribution to Draw Yourself As Runner 5 Day! I even added some stuff to make up for the late arrival (and the terrible quality of the photo and my lack of drawing skills).


Their Nightmares

I’m in an angsty mood right now so yea
Have a lil ss

It looks terrible right? Perhaps. But tbh I’m proud of this,  I made most of em with my left eye closed since the soreness is killing meyy. But I am still not proud of my grammar skill or lack thereof 

And if you noticed, I made a mistake. Sakura said “It’s been months” and Sauce said “It’s been years” Just pick whichever you prefer. I’m sorry. this is so embarassing

so anyway, Enjoy!

Why am I still here? Tomorrow (4 more hours) is my graduation. ugh


Chapter 7 is now up (not proof-read because my tech skills and memory are lacking even though hufflepufflemarcoco volunteered, sorry!).

It’s a bit longer than the others, I think, and I hope to have the chapters getting longer as the story goes. Sort of a progressing towards a long chapter in the middle then having them shorten as the story comes to a close?

Tags also might change because I’m still deciding what to do with some of these characters (asskissing once gave me some great advice that I might use but you won’t know what it is until it happens~)

You can read this fic from the beginning on AO3 here and from the newest chapter here!

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YOU BLOCKED MY ACCOUNTS! I had to do anon. Dude, I am fucking sorry I offended your damn lack of math skills and made you cry. I don't want to be reported please. I am fucking sorry. I am an evil Elsa fan and you attacked my fandom. I also attacked yours. I am sorry. I fucking am. Sincerely. But I am better to you in every way. I did your math and equations that you did. I'm an expert in them. I've got an A in them. I did Fluids. Easy A. I also have a 3.9 GPA and I passed all my classes.

Thats not an apology. This is hate disguised as an apology. I gave you chance yet you completely ignored it. There are some people that should never be forgiven. You are one of them. I can’t believe that you wasted the last change you got. You will always be the troll. Goodbye.

Do you even know what Partial Differential Equations are? I doubt you even attended college let alone took PDEs. I’ll leave you with some gifs of you. Enjoy!

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Dear person I like

Dear person I like, 

You don’t know who I am and I am not even sure if I really like you. I have been questioning if I’m aromantic and that’s cool because I’m the most awkward person you will ever meet and so either way you’ll probably never like me back.

Sorry if I’ve ever made anyone I’ve ever liked question if I’m a mean person because of my lack of flirting skills.

Sincerely, Elliot.

Send me someone to write to

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Sorry, I know you hate this post a selfie thingies but I have no other friend to tag. Lol. You are a victim of my lack of social skill.


WE”LL see. 

I have had two glasses of baileys maybe i’ll post the 2 pics i have of myself on my laptop but they are ugly like the rest of my face so lol maybe not.