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Photos of the Adventure Time exhibition for my last trip in Taiwan (*”・∀・)ノ

It was pretty expensive for such a small exhibition I guess, but it was so satisfying to see all the characters turning into 1:1 figures, and all the chibi versions of locations like the Tree Fort and Candy Kingdom in real life!  Prefect for bringing your kids and take funny photos with the characters indeed.

They really have an eye for details as well, like the hidden Snail and drawings in Marcelline’s house. I spent so much effort on Snail hunting that a stuff actually asked me if I’ve dropped something!

Also yeah if you have been wondering, Adventure Time is really popular in Taiwan! They play it every night for 2 hours straight on their local Cartoon Network channels, and even produced their own toy snacks with miniature legos. It’s as popular as Pokemon in Japan \@u@/

More photos in my imgur album! (●’◡’●)ノ


Make me choose between:  two actors

Keptinjaneway asked: Roxann or Kate? ;)

"I’m never treated as a star, either by fans or other actors, and I like it like that…. I think that means I’m a good actor. They acknowledge me as a human being, and to me, that’s invaluable, because that’s exactly what I am." - Kate Mulgrew