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James! I have a quick question. I've been following your stuff for a couple of years now, and have spoken to you a few times on here. Basically, I weigh a lot, and have done for a while (S/O to Thyroid problems fucking me over) but I am being treated for that, and desperate to lose weight. Only thing is, one: I find it very hard to stomach fruit and veg and all that shit. Two: I'm terrified about the loose skin. I know you've lost a lot of weight over the years. Did you struggle with the skin? x

Hi there! Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems! If you find it hard to stomach fruit and veg, it’s likely that it’s because your taste buds have been so used to sugar and saturated fats that you don’t like the taste of fruit and veg. I was exactly the same - addicted to anything with sugar in it, chocolate, ice cream, biscuits. But part of the diet is making a lifestyle change, and within this lifestyle change you have to push yourself through barriers you would normally stop at. This is how you make the transition to a healthier person. 

You eat more fruit and veg, to the point where you cut out all sugar (except cheat meals but i rarely have them as i find when i cheat i can end up binging, which defeats the purpose). When you cut out all sugar and the cravings are gone, the more fruit and veg you eat - your taste buds actually change. They change/adapt to the taste of fruit and veg which gives you a wonderful taste, it’s just the sugar tricking your brain into thinking it’s tasteless. There are so many smoothies you can make which are very refreshing! You can eat protein, meats pretty much as much as you want, with low carb intake. 

I also found that with the healthy diet, it is much much better for people who have eating habits, because you have to eat at least 6 small meals a day and this keeps you eating and full throughout the day. So you don’t feel as if you’re starving yourself - you might just find coming off sugar and fatty foods a little bit hard. This doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t eat ANY fat, for example brazil nuts are loaded with fat, but this is an essential part of our diet because it’s GOOD, NATURAL FAT and our body needs it to replace the crappy fats we’ve been eating. 

The bottom line is though, you need to be prepared to push yourself through it, even if it tastes absolutely disgusting when you start, i promise you in about 3 weeks things will taste beautiful. You need to be prepared to exercise 4-6 days a week doing cardiovascular workouts if you want to lose weight as fast as possible, with some HIT training involved. I’m with and they are the reason i am where i am today. I can help you with so much more as well, but first you have to be willing to make this lifestyle change, it’s not something you do for a few weeks and then fall off the bandwagon - it takes a full transition. 

Only you can make yourself do that :) P.s. I ended up with cellulite and stretch marks from being overweight but it’s only recently i’ve managed to remove them with exercise and coconut oil. 

The only downside to the healthy diet is that it can be quite expensive, but if you do your research and visit a few shops and compare prices for everything in the ingredients list, you can find deals and cheaper options. I.e. i go to Aldi for the veg and other organic fruits and some meats and to the butchers for most of my meat, as they know i’m a regular so i get a good deal! (definitely build a relationship with them)

Last thing would be to get involved with a members page on facebook or something (there is one for modelhealth) where everyone is posting about the diet, workouts, and doing it together, and it’s great motivation! You also have direct contact with the personal trainers online so if you want to know something they’re always there. 

All the best!  

lyrical prompts

(found them! they were in my mass of google docs.)

Lyric prompts
❌ just friends, no strings. that means loose ends for all things
❌ move your body when the sunlight dies
❌ we stay here tonight. (don’t let them find us or we’re dead) promise me you won’t leave my side
❌ now you know you have my back against the wall
❌ run away with me. I know I sound crazy, but don’t you see what you do to me?
❌ say the word and we’ll find a way
❌ I was never anything but a remedy to all of your constant pressing needs
❌ the person you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger
❌ there’s a room in a hotel in NYC that chains our fate and deserves our pity
❌ I just need enough of you to dull the pain
❌ hit it, never quit it
❌ do you feel like something’s missing when your skin is pressed to mine?
❌ all i ever wanted was a part of you I couldn’t break, a piece of you I couldn’t take apart but we’re in pieces now
❌ there is ice in place of answers
❌ and all you wanted was a part of me that I couldn’t fake, I never made it easy to shake my heart but it’s not beating now
❌ it’s not fair when you say that I let it die
❌ I finally know what it means to have something I can’t call my own
❌ don’t slip away, don’t slip away
❌ and when they all turn against you, you’d better be prepared to fight
❌ they say I’m a sinner, I’m not the only one
❌ what do you have to do? I’ll die for you
❌ they say this should feel something like fire
❌ if you thought I’d breathe then you’re wrong cause I can’t stop holding on
❌ I can’t pretend I don’t see this
❌ I’ve seen love die way too many times when it deserved to be alive
❌ and you do your best to show me love but you don’t know what love is
❌ I was saving myself for you
❌ you can run but you’ll never escape
❌ I’m scared to get close and hate being alone
❌ I still feel that rush in my veins, twists my head just a bit too thin
❌ all of your flaws are aligned with this mood of mine
❌ I didn’t come for a fight, but I will fight till the ending
❌ I love the way you hurt me
❌ I’m the best worst thing that hasn’t happened to you yet
❌ you’re an American beauty, I’m an American psycho
❌ all those dirty thoughts of me, they were never yours to keep
❌ we’re the things that love destroys
❌ on film or between the sheets I always fall from your window to the pitch black streets
❌ and your love is anemic but I can’t believe you didn’t see it coming for me
❌ did you ever love her, do you know? or did you never wanna be alone?
❌ our hands were just that close, the sweetness never lasted, no
❌ I will always land you like a sucker punch, singing “I am the worst, I am your worst nightmare”
❌ they took our love and filled it up with novocaine and now I’m just numb
❌ I’m just a problem that doesn’t wanna be solved
❌ you and I were fireworks that went off too soon, and I miss you in the June gloom too
❌ said “I’d never miss you” but I guess you’ll never know where the bridges I had burned lead their way back home
❌ all my thoughts of you could heat or cool the room
❌ I wish I’d known how much you loved me, I wish I cared enough to know
❌ the torture of small talk with someone you used to love
❌ I can’t remember just how to forget
❌ I’m bad behavior but I do it in the best way
❌ keep making trouble till you find what you love
❌ I think I might’ve inhaled you
❌ it was your heart on the line, i really fucked it up this time

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I liked this guy so much and I thought things were going so well and then he started talking to another girl and I went to our friends house and they were asleep together on a chair and I'm just so sad and losing hope in boys:( I know that shouldn't dictate my feelings so much but it did ughhhh and they keep making snaphats and stuff and it makes me sadder

I’m sorry, that’s really rough. But, think of it as a lesson, it’s only one step closer to an amazing person in your life. Don’t loose hope in boys!! Not all boys are the same, there’s some really nice ones out there. The best things come when you’re least expecting it. Just focus on yourself, you’re young, you have your life for boys. Don’t waste your young years being sad over them, or sad over anything. 

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What is your top 5 favorite and top 5 least favorite supernatural episodes?

Hi nonnie! Sorry this took me so long, but it required lots of thinking :P

Top 5 Favorite (in no particular order):

  1. 5x22 Swan Song
  2. 5x14 My Bloody Valentine
  3. 4x08 On the Head of a Pin
  4. 2x21 and 2x22 All Hell Breaks Loose parts 1 and 2
  5. 9x17 Mother’s Little Helper

Least 5 Favorite (again in no particular order):

  1. 5x04 The End
  2. 9x07 Bad Boys
  3. 10x21 Dark Dynasty
  4. 8x23 Sacrifice
  5. 7x08 Season 7, Time for a Wedding!

Thanks for the ask :)

Types of  makeup brushes and their uses

Hi, guys. Sorry I’ve been a bit busy with university stuff. So hey anyways, this post is about makeup brushes as you can read in the title.

Just FYI, there are many types of makeup brushes and I don’t think I’ll be able to fit them all in one post and I really don’t think you need all of them, so I’ll post the “essential” ones.  Right. Okay, let’s get started.

1) Powder Brush

This brush is big in size and is used for dusting pressed or loose powder on your face. It’s not exactly an “essential” since you can also use a powder puff  instead of the powder brush.

2) Blush Brush

The blush brush is actually a bit thinner as compared to the powder brush but can be used for applying both powder or blush.

3) Angled Contour Brush

I think the name explains pretty much everything. This one is just like the blush brush but it’s a just bit angled. Used for contouring (duh).

4) Foundation Brush

It’s actually very soft, I am in love with this one. It’s thin and SOFT. *heart eye emojis* Really neat. Great for applying foundation and to get that flawless finish. In MAC it’s number 190 just FYI.

5) Angled Brow Brush

Yeah, it is for eyebrows. To fill ‘em or to shape ‘em. It is angled. I am currently using the Bobbi Brown eyebrow brush as an eyeliner brush. These angled ones are good for the eyeliner (personal experience).

6) Liner Brush

It’s really really thin and small. Can be used to achieve that neatness in your eyeliner. The small size really helps in defining the eyeliner.

7) Eyeshadow (Shader) Brush

It’s flat, fluffy but small and thin. Used to apply eyeshadows. MAC has really wide range of shader brushes, used for different purposes.

So yep, that’s all you need to know about brushes. oh and before I go let me tell you that, there’s 90% chance that the MAC brushes you’ll find here are going to be either a first copy or a replica. BUT If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a website that sells the original ones, do let me know. Although MAC brushes are EXTREMELY expensive. You can use Luscious brushes as a good and cheap substitute. Cheers!

Leo and Charlie’s House

I’m sorry to all the amazing artists out there who actually know how to draw houses and stuff but this is simply an idea sketch. I draw sooooo much better on paper but I wanted to practice my skills on my drawing pad a little bit more. I’m trying to plan out the scenery for my comic and I think I might stick with the wacky and loose drawings but at the same time, I want to learn how to draw beautiful scenery and concept art that I see all the time! Anyone who’s really good at scenery art and stuff, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!

Im having a hard time assigning significance to anything
At least a while ago i had something to care about. I kind of dropped everyone and everything else just to protect the thing i cared about. But that was wrong and now im left like this so
I honestly dont know where to go from here. Its not like i can pick up the pieces. I did i really good job of messing up my life. Like literally flawless execution. So
I brought this all on myself like i understand that and i dont really expect anyone to help me. Im doing everything to myself and im not really sure how to stop. I could try and persevere and stuff but i really dont want to. I could apologize but eventually im sorry looses its meaning and forgiveness cant and should not be expected so. At this point forgiveness is actually out of the question. I could like forget about everything and move on but that would just be suppressing my emotions and i think that would actually be worse for me. I can endure i guess. This is dumb and my emotions mean nothing. Why the fuck should i endure when i just bring everything else down with me as i go. Im fucking ruin everything i touch and cause pain and hurt people its just a bad existence and personality and i cant change who the fuck i am. So maybe i should be alone.

An open letter to Kendall Jenner.

Dear little Kenny Jenny, that’s what I’m going to call you,

Lately I’ve been trying a lot to stay away from this “salmon diet” that is up-to-date nowadays. People says it’s filled with good vitamins and proteins. Next month i’m shooting for a huge brand and I have to tell them that fish diets is like the worst thing there is so people will think I’m exotic and all animal-loving and current and stuffs. But I must be honest with you: I really fancy the taste. It tastes like a mix of soft chicken and doubt and it’s true i love both of those (i try not to think of all the calories/brain mass they contain/require, I’m sorry. I’m going back to my baby food diet this monday.) and when it’s both soft chicken and doubt taste - what’s the point in eating anything else? Other than to loose weight, I mean, LAUGHING-OUT-LOUD.

But also lately, you’ve been kind of up-to-date with all the runways you’ve walked and right now with the Balmain/H&M Annoucement. Some people say you get everything you ask for served on a plate, some people say it’s good you do something with all your fame. Whatever they say you’re the best of two worlds, both beautiful and funny. But I’m going to be honest with you when I tell you my opinion:

You’re like salmon diet. 

You look extremely good outside the net.

Your sincerely,


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Humorous Jokes + Join Group

“You might experience an attitude you don’t share. You might hear a joke that you don’t consider funny. That is because a loose to make Tribune Company a “nonlinear” environment. What does that even mean ?) It’s true that you do occasionally The movie’s tag line is “All you have to remember is one word” (Aristocrats) to tell it. It’s all about improvisation, what you do to shock why of funny people doing funny stuff. It shocks. But the biggest shock isn’t the dirty, dirty joke or its It had been about a month since Gilbert Gottfried lobbed it’s my character. You start to feel sorry and then you wonder what you’re feeling sorry for. That I made jokes? Those particular jokes are exactly what you do. The funny thing was, any I like dirty jokes, controversial comics and dark humor. What I don’t think is funny, however, is this Jeffries tells me: “You can’t do a joke these days about black or Asian people – and rightly so – [but] you can do rape jokes on stage Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, who plays the vice president on the HBO show “Veep,” discussed her recent lunch with real-life Vice President Biden during her appearance on “Conan” and revealed the he told her a dirty joke. “Hey, does your husband like to Did you watch the last episode As expected, it’s nothing short of amazing. We then see funny fake coach auditions – Christina does Miley Cyrus, Sia, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Shakira and Cher. Then Meghan Trainor performs Dear Future Husband. .

“Humorist” is a rather ill-defined word, but it does you’d ultimately call him, “humorist” working as well as anything else though it’s hard to say why (is it the podium?), all that really matters is that he’s extremely funny. We love funny jokes, so this app has a great name. Some of the features in this one, besides jokes, are the ability to save, and favorite the jokes, show previous joke, along with copying and sending the joke so you can share with your friends. It does Beyond hammering home the fact that the ladies are looking for love (I think we’ve gathered that), we mostly saw clips of Kaitlyn telling dirty jokes (even the funniest jokes aren’t funny when you rehash them What do they do for fun? But he secretly sent it into “Stupid Human Tricks” and I got a phone call from AVC: So, you finish the trick and Dave stops you and thanks you. Then they do an instant replay. You leave the stage and Dave makes these jokes about losing their .

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what happened with you and your boyfriend?! x x

I broke up with him, we’re okay I think and stuff like it wasn’t on bad terms and he did absolutely nothing wrong at all, he was so amazingabout it I’m so proud of him and so grateful idk it was all my fault anyway and I don’t wanna bring anyone else down with me atm yknow. sorry im not ok and im not thinking properly and stuff, I just didnt feel right anymore and I don’t know why so I wanted to go on good terms and not loose him totally. sorry I’m a slightly tipsy xxx

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I'm v sorry on behalf of all astrology blogs but I suppose some people believe in it and others don't :p it's just popular on Tumblr

Yea I know! I hope I wasn’t coming off like I was hating on other people’s interests, its just some of the astrology posts are so reaching and maybe that’s the point but I dunno.. I loosely follow astrology and when I see stuff about it I would like it to be relevant stuff, do you know what I mean? Did I word this right?