This post will be a list of my SAO character sexuality headcanons and shipping chart, since some people seem to be interested in my opinions on that for some reason? While I don’t see why there is such an interest in it, I don’t see any problem in sharing mine. It’s just a reference to satiate anyone’s curiosity! It’s mostly something I made to set in the FAQ page.

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also austin mahogwarts claimed that “he was happy to finally be with someone who does the same thing as me, who understands what i do”…….last time i checked camila’s a recording artist who’s 1/5 of one of the top girl groups in the western world, with 3 certified gold singles, 2 top 100 singles on the charts rn, millions of total sales, 5 chart topping eps, 8 tours and hundreds of sold out shows, & multiple nominations and awards won including a vma and a teen choice award. not to mention she’s established a following of millions who she and her band’ve inspired on a daily basis.

if that’s not artistry enough to you then i apologize for the fact that you’re driving with that fucked up vision.

anderfeelsy asked:

so I don't know if you've answered this already, but how do you think Anders would react to finding out there was a cure for tranquility? And that he had the cure on hand?

I have vague memories of perhaps talking about this, but I don’t know when that was lmao, so I’m gonna do it again (if I even did before…).

I think his initial reaction to there being a cure, just generally, would be happiness and relief. This fate, this thing he’d feared for his entire life, this thing that was considered worse than death was curable. Every mage who had been unjustly made Tranquil (read: all of them) could be cured of this horrific fate. It would feel great, and I think he’d want to help spread and implement the use of the cure (something he is uniquely suited to do, of course, and Justice would be 100% into that; righting the greatest wrong ever perpetrated against a mage? Fuck yeah. And Anders could help them adjust after they’re cured as well, since we know that’s tough, and he would be excellent at that). He would also know that if the unthinkable happened to Hawke, if they were a mage, that he could fix it immediately. That would also be immensely comforting, for obvious reasons.

But then there would be a bitter part to it after the immediate relief. Because he would remember Karl, he would realize that he didn’t need to die, that Anders had had the cure inside of him the whole time. Karl could’ve been saved right then and there, but he didn’t know. If he had’ve, that would’ve been a significant thing in his life. I honestly do wonder if Anders would’ve even been interested in Hawke if he’d had Karl around. Karl’s loss had a huge impact on his life, and it would fucking hurt to know it could’ve been avoided all this time.

Of course, he would have Hawke to comfort him. It would help soothe the sting because it was over now, and you can never go back. There was no way he could’ve known. He’d definitely cry over it though, I think. Karl meant a lot to him (I don’t care what he says, he loved him), and the knowledge that he could’ve saved him would definitely cut deep.

But! Anders finding out about the cure for Tranquility, and that he’s uniquely suited to help with that may cause him to realize that he’s immune to it. Which would be… well, I think that would cause him to nearly collapse with relief. The thing he feared most can’t be done to him. The worst thing that could ever happen to him is confirmed to be impossible. And that would be another tearful moment, but those would be of joy rather than sadness, for once.