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Yes hello I am new to the thing called tumblr and I would just like to inform you that you are the whole reason for this account tank wu so much I wuv u P.S. I LOVE YOUR NAIL TUTORIAL P.S.S. I wuv u


and I’m responsible


I wuv u 2

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ohmygosh what kind of brushes did u use for the egg head? :v:

Sorry for the late reply! I composed the brush set I used for the Solas painting thing over here: clickity!

Also a quick explaination on which brush was used for what:


Also also, I uploaded the PSD if anyone are interested in layer setup and all that stuff: Click :)

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Hiya! Can you do a exo reaction when you (their gf) gets badly injured by an angry fan and they come to visit you in the hospital :)

Hi! Sorry for late reply, but I hope you will like it.

Chanyeol: “Who did it to you?! Give me names!”


Chen: *he walks from the other room where is lying thiis crazy fan who attacked you*
Chen: “You did well job. Kiss for you” *proud chenchen*


Kai: *to those crazy fans*
"What do you think you are doing? Go away!"

Tao: *on the outside*
"I’m really sorry. I had no idea that my fans could do such thing like that"


*in the inside*
"I have to use my wuschu skills…"

Luhan: *he sees your bruises and scratches*
'This bitch must die'


D.O: *when he sees you he is plannig how to use his super magical powers on your torturer*
'Avada kedavra'

Suho: *to the fan who attacked you*
"I will report it to the police. You are over!”


Xiumin: *takes a deep breathe before he enter your room*


Baekhyun: “I hope you won” *he tries to make you laugh*


Sehun: Him:”I hope you show her that moves I teach you”
You: “Yes”
Him: “That’s my girl”


Kris: “But you still love me jagi. Right?”


Lay: “Don’t worry I will heal you”


*but then he realizes that he has no healing powers*


I think someone once said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”.

((Sorry about the two late replies in a row, lately it’s just been hard to get out of bed in the morning. It’s just so damn comfortable…))

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What exactly is "stamina"? How does it affect the game? :0

Sorry for the late reply, Anon! I’ll try to word this right: stamina affects the game by— you know how you can get tired from running too long? Well the stamina in the game limit’s your dashing and tires Flora out when trying to escape crawlers. So you have to use stamina wisely, and if you want the gameplay to be a little hard? 

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Wow, that sounds really cool. What kind of tattoos do you have (is that too forward? I apologize if it is) And I think I might step up and get a piercing soon once my season ends. I play a lot of sports: basketball, volleyball, football, you name it. I'm a really big baseball and softball fan though. Do you play/watch any sports yourself? And Mel's edits are amazing. I really love them :)

DASHER! I have a funny story called “Emily got distracted/lazy/busy with other stuff so she unfortunately neglected important messages from lovely people like her secret santas”, which isn’t really funny and is basically just a story of my stupidity, so I’m rectifying that now by answering! Sorry for the late reply!

You know, one thing I actually super love about Tumblr fandoms is the gorgeous edits and gifs that people make. Most of what I learn comes from just messing around in Photoshop, but I know I definitely learn from and get inspired by the work of brilliant graphic artists such as badwolfrundoctorwhoedit, and mistlewho! I’m pretty thankful for such inspiration, honestly, and my dash would be so sad without their pretty things!

That’s not too forward at all! I love talking about tattoos. I have a Poe inspired quote on my right inner wrist, 1 Corinthians 10:13 on my left inner foot/ankle area, a black cat design on my left shoulder blade area, and Fæder behind my right ear! I have a few others planned, like one my bestie is designing for me. Oh, and my sister and I planned to have each other’s initials tattooed behind our ears (which I’ve been told is tacky, but I don’t care)

I was never really into sports, actually! The closest I come is basically running (or jogging, whatever you want to call it). I do enjoy watching football, but I don’t have a particular team I root for or anything. I like the Olympics, if that counts?? I can pretty much enjoy any sporting event, televised or in person, but it’s not something I’m super into, you know?

Thanks for the message! And sorry for the late reply! I was actually going to make a pretty edit or something as an apology, but my brain is kinda fried right now, so I’ll just do it later

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(((Sorry about the late reply, I’ve been really busy)))

Nightmare opened the door of the club and stepped inside. She was disguised of course, as to not frighten her subject. The alicorn had cast an illusion spell, making her unrecognizable. What others saw was a white unicorn with a lilac mane and tail, with golden streaks running through the curls. Bright, baby blue eyes gleamed mischievously from under the messy hair. The queen looked around, observing the ponies, whom where wildly dancing on the dance floor. The brilliant lights were a sharp contrast to the gloom of the darkening world outside, as was the booming music that played from the speakers.

The Golden Snake… This will be fun, thought the pony seating herself next to a brown unicorn. She took a deep breath, clearing her mind. Suddenly a thought came to her. The pony next to her…

"You smell nice" she said, turning to the brown unicorn.

because of this

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What are your favorite aomomo moments from the replace novels?

jeeesus anon there are too many reasons for the novels to be animated:

  • daiki steals satsuki’s indirect kiss with kuroko because he thinks the water bottle he took from her is, well, hers
  • daiki is the most tsundere knight ever (‘it’s not like i came here to get rid of these nasty guys hitting on you or anything’)
  • the ‘s/he’s not my girl/boyfriend!’ trope is abused to the point where pretty much everyone, their mother and dog think aomomo are dating (‘they’re quite a pair.*smirk*’ well yea)
  • every time satsuki ignores daiki because kuroko is right beside him, he flicks her forehead and tells her bitterly to stop ignoring him
  • at one point aho slides down a tree and satsuki runs to check his hands for injuries. as she’s fondling his palms, the intensity of her worry surprises him so much he actually asks her about it. when she says that she can’t have the teiko ace injured, aomine is… sad - like he expected a different answer from her
  • daiki pulls a scary prank on satsuki and she nearly trips in the dark -> he catches her -> HUGS HER -> RUBS HER BACK GENTLY to calm her down
  • 'sorry to disappoint, but i'm not tetsu' AOMINE TASTES OF BITTER BSBALL SWEAT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • aomomo go to a festival together in matching yukatas made for them by satsuki’s granny HNNNG
  • daiki wants satsuki to call him by his first name, just ‘daiki’
  • satsuki trolling daiki in the 3rd novel. pure gold, 11/10
  • daiki is apparently the only boy in the gom who can scare off satsuki’s numerous fanboys by merely walking beside her
  • 'aominecchi is your body guard? if you are with aominecchi, it’s quite hard to find the courage to flirt with you…’ <- kise ships it lmao
  • satsuki nearly misses her chance to spend the festival evening with gom boys because she has curfew but daiki saves her by offering to walk her home (in a very tsundere way obviously)
  • 'aomine, you know what you should do, i suppose? <- AKASHI ships it lmao

now you know why i pray daily for i.g. to make ovas based on the novels


as always sorry for my bad english oTL


,well I think what more can complicate is the angle of the heads, but just imagine that you are drawing the profiles of faces, I think that’s the easiest, if you like draw them


the same thing for the lips, if you are going to draw lips just do a curve and if you dont know how to, draw the profiles it gives you an idea for how you can makes them, I know is a bit hard but once you get used to imagine it you could draw it without having to make the profiles of each head


you can also draw people kissing form the back, what matters here is how to draw ears from the back, that makes the prospect of drawing is better, even so I still don’t know how to draw ears from the back orz.

But that’s all just make sure to draw the jaw and eyes in proper perspective because i think that’s what makes the drawing look better


you can also play with the positions of the head so you will not make them always in the same direction, so that makes it fun!

I hope I have been helpful and sorry for my grammar oTL