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4/50 B&W to not so accurate colour edits.

So thank you to all my amazing followers! 101 Followers, just wow. You all are amazing. So in return I shall do a contest! :)


  1. Reblog as much as you want but only 5 will count.
  2. Like’s count as 1.
  3. You don’t need to be following me but a follow would be nice.
  4. The contest will end July 28th
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  1. 1st place: A full drawing of an oc of your choice with a simple colored background (two winners).:

2. 2nd place: An icon of their choice (profile icon or navigation icon) with simple one color background (two winners).:

3. 3rd place: A simple colored picture of an oc of their choice (white background, 3 winners):

Again: The contest will end July 28th


50 days of General Hospital

You have our support 100%.
We are the Davis girls.
That’s what we do.

Pairing: Niall/Harry

W/C: 1,700

A/N: A silly drabble about a science competition

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Closed rp w/ ruzuki


A petite girl around the age of eighteen sprinted past people as a shop owner chased her and its a good thing she wasn’t wearing a dress. Only a few minutes earlier the girl, Avery was her name, was in the shop ‘looking to buy something’. When the shop owner wasn’t looking, she stuffed different fruits in her bag. The shop owner caught her right when she was about to grab another apple. Avery then bolted out of the shop which brings us to why she was sprinting away. Normally the demoness would teleport but she didn’t want to be seen. She just recently found out she was a third demon and wanted to keep it from everyone, not wanting to be on the run constantly from people who wanted to kill her. Though, it didn’t help she was a runaway. She’s been one ever since the age of ten. Her parents abused her so she left.

As she ran, the demoness wasn’t paying attention to where she was going, too busy laughing at the shop owner trying to keep up.

I know I have a good few followers who really are concerned when I post vent shit and I know I don’t always reply to them, generally, because it’s in the form of a reply and I don’t want to bring light to the subject again, or it’s personal, or whatever. But know I do see the replies you send and I am very thankful, I’m just sorry I don’t always get back to you umu;;

im so mad about how kaz and ocelot are going to be dressed holy shit

So I called one of my best friends, Carlos, a bitch as a joke and he called me a whore, this was about 2 weeks ago. And the day before Valentine’s Day, I got a flower, anonymously. And today he gave me this. It says, “Ariel, I gave you the flower, sorry I didn’t tell you, I know its too late, but I felt bad for calling you the w word. - Sorry CD”

hersojourner god I’m so sorry! i feel like its not taken seriously like haha it’s just that time of the month but it sucks so bad i want to die w no exaggeration lol. and it’s not even cramps or whatever like i don’t care about the cramps or blood but pms is ruining like 2 weeks of my life monthly 

anonymous asked:

I sent you a questionabout your gf because I wanted to know about her since Im too afraid to talk to her myself off anonymouse because shes so intimidating and I wanted you to tell me all about her as if I didnt even know what she looked like or how she acts and the like because I want to be friends with her but I dont know anything about her D-: like just explain how she is because I dont want to get on her bad side or anything :(( plus I think its cute when you go on about each other ^w^ pls?

Hehe of course annonymoose, id love to ^•^
Im sorry i didnt reply to this before, i dont remember ever getting this msg so if i ever dont reply just send me a msg again and i’ll reply then.
I make a point of replying to every msg i get, anon or not.

Umm where to start … I guess we’ll start with looks.

She’s quite small, only 4’8 - 4’9 (a whole foot shorter than me) she has half and half hair, left side black and right side red. She has gorgeous chocolatey brown eyes that change a lot depending on lighting and seasons.
She’s really pale and has adorable little freckles all over her nose and cheeks.
She doesnt always wear a lot of make up, normally just eyeliner that is literally always on point so they say.
She wears mostly black clothing, lots of band merchandise that im gonna steal when i go see her *^•^*
Although she is literally never wearing trousers when we skype, always strutting around in a massive hoodie or jumper with very sexy little panties on show just for me n.n
(Getting a little nsfw now)
She has a perfect little booty and her legs !!! Omg they’re fantastic … Her entire body is like a drug to me and im hooked.

Okay enough about her body /.\
She is probably one of the sweetest people i know, she’s so kind and friendly to everyone especially for someone who’s been through as much as she has.
She’s funny and has a great sense of humour that moulds well with mine.
She cares about others more than she cares about herself and it quite often causes herself harm, even with her unfortunate mix of low self esteem and depression she is still my perfect little angel and i fucking cherish her more than anyone in this world … She’s always been there for me even when i prefer to internalise all my pain and keep everything to myself i appreciate her being there even if i dont confide in her.

She’s my babygirl and my kitten, my little one and my princess and i love her with all my heart and soul and i hope that she knows this even when im being a moody asshole.