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So thank you to all my amazing followers! 101 Followers, just wow. You all are amazing. So in return I shall do a contest! :)


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Again: The contest will end July 28th

4/50 B&W to not so accurate colour edits.

50 days of General Hospital

You have our support 100%.
We are the Davis girls.
That’s what we do.

❝ the name’s joseph joestar. but call me jojo!


Algernon Cadwallader is nice

i got tagged in that thing where ur supposed to post favorite selfies of the year (by thevikingsduplex who is a hero and all around amazing human) but like

idk i post most of my fave selfies to tumblr anyway? and i am not really feeling the vibe of this meme this year bc of personal stuff. altho i fully encourage everyone else who feels like it to participate bc i think it’s a killer idea always!!! (you deserve to love and appreciate yourself now and always bc you are worthy of feeling good about urself. you are amazing. you are good.)

but there is one picture i took of myself this year that i have not shared with anyone bc it is not exactly sfw. but it’s literally one of my favorite pictures of any part of me ever??? and i’m feeling a little into myself and a little like i don’t give a shit what people think so yeah. i guess i;ll post it here under a cut. warning bc like i said it’s not really safe for work. i mean it’s not like?????? obscene?? pretty “tasteful” or whatever. but yeah warning for partial nudity and a visible tattoo.

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just a heads up that i probably won’t be around too much these next few days. i have a job interview at an accounting firm (literally only took the interview to make my parents happy fffhs i hate accounting SO much) then i’m going to be taking care of my grandparents with alzheimers which always ends horribly tbh. some relatives are also flying in this afternoon for a day or two while my mom goes back into surgery tomorrow morning — mostly just precautionary from her cancer earlier this year, but things keep coming back and zlfjsdkjfdl if you could keep her in your thoughts & prayers, that’d mean a lot to me. i’ll try to sign in later to finish those starters tho. 


     ooc: —— um, um, i’d…really like to write with some more people !!  although i don’t really consider myself good at writing spontaneous starters so um;;;;;;;  like this???  if you’re willing to plot with me or???  y EA H ????  also if you’d be willing to trade skypes, tell me because that’d make talking & plotting a lot easier sweats nervously„ ,

([/floats in] okay u h i’m so sorry..okay long story short i’ve been working on christmas fics for the last month for like 16 people and i’m not done but here is my writing blog for proof of this u h i plan on coming back legit right after christmas i don’t get off on break until the day before christmas eve omg i am so sorry but i am here i can’t reply to anything rn bc all my teachers planned quizzes and tests for tomorrow and i have hw to do but i apologize for my absence and i want you all to know that i’m coming back soon!! :D ) 

i have so many posts planned, so many posts swimming inside my head undergoing redrafting and editing and rewriting and analysis of each word and so few make it to my blog. the ones that do get maybe 2 notes at best. yall need to step up your game and acknowledge when a cool hip blogger like me puts effort into a hilarious relatable post specifically garnered to draw the attention of your specific humor and blog styles…i care more than you think, you know. you have no idea

tlouxjonghyo asked:

Forgive me~

„Jonghyo… Please.“ Taemin whimpered quietly, his hand holding so strong on the older’s wrist that it could brake underneath the touch. But he couldn’t help it. He knew he betrayed him. Tipping off his hideout without even wanting it. He would himself in a state of rage, not able to think clearly. He didn’t even knew what he had been saying. Now the older was in trouble and he knew it. But this wasn’t the problem Taemin had… The problem was Jonghyo was mad of him.

And he couldn’t. Taemin needed him. He was his drugs. In an unexplainable way he needed Jonghyo more than those drugs he sold. And it was in a sick and twisted way. In a obsession that no one could explain – not even himself. But he didn’t care. He just needed him close by him.

„Please Jonghyo… Forgive me.. I need you.“ He whimpered and by now his arms were curled around the older’s middle, holding him as close as he could from behind. Head placed on his shoulder. „I’m sorry… I make up for it. I don’t care how.“ He still saw the older’s frown on his face. Taemin’s grip around him got tighter – too tight.

„Jonghyo…“ He breathed, his voice suddenly a lot deeper than before, more husky. „Don’t leave me. Or I will find you. I will get you. I’ll always watch you, Jonghyo. You know what I’m capable of.“ He groaned into his ear with a quiet voice but clear enough to be understood. He saw the goosebumps on the older’s skin, a grin tugged on his lips.

„It’s alright, Taemin. I’ll find a way… I forgive you.“ He gulped and Taemin’s hold got slightly lighter again, his nose almost nuzzeling against the crook of the older’s neck. „Good boy. You can come with me, you know?“ His voice again a soothing soft zone and he batted his eyelashed in a weird cute way. Even twisted if someone knew the real face behind all the facade. 

thank u for the offer (and thanks!!! im glad u like my url). it actually really really really means a lot. i think part (or most) of my problem is just starting conversations bc im so intimidated by people?????? also my life irl is pretty shitty as a whole so i’ll take friendship online or in person tbh i dont care. i only have like one person i think of as a “friend” at the moment bc all my other friends are pretty much ignoring me so im really dependent on her and it’s not good at all. (and like ONE friend on here that i talk to on a regular basis and im also really dependent on them too wow)