sorry sorry and sorry again anon

anyway though, that kisses post from earlier is my point re: swan queen? because with one exception, none of those kisses were about a solitary moment but a vague time period, and all can still be so specific. and tbh i could have written a potential kiss per episode and nearly every one (especially post-s1) would have been unique because this is a relationship that constantly changes and is defined and redefined nearly every episode they interact (and some they don’t). it’s so exquisite I LOVE IT LOTS BYE

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Hey I'm that person who used to send you positive messages everyday. You probably don't remember haha. I was going through a kinda hard time and sending out positive messages really helped but then things got really bad and I had to stop. So I just wanted to say I'm sorry for dropping off the face of the earth. I wish I could've kept sending the messages but I hope the few that I did send helped. Keep on keepin on. And sorry again haha

It really did helped! I’m sorry I can’t respond to every message I get, but I read everything and appreciate everything that you sent me. If you want to talk about your problems, feel free to message me off anon because I would prefer to keep private conversations private. Hope you have a fanta-stick day!

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ur favorite blogs? :)

oh my god im the last person to ask this haha im so sorry! 

BUT there are a few blogs who are run by WONDERFUL and nice people & i highly recommend everyone to follow them (i talked to all of them at least 2-3 times, and trust me these people are pure gold)

dragon-jiyong, timetogetridofshit, yooneroos, jams-free, iryeri, bomqueen, 1-85cm, experiencingkpopmusic, seriousdarkmatter, jammyvan, memoirs-ofageisha, xiumaniac, jiyong-oppar, maybezino

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(Hiya, thought I'd throw a starter for my OC from her Blood Gulch AU, if that's alright. Or.. anything before chorus works XP) Amelia sighed, groaning as she sat up. She'd been lying on the roof of Blue Base for a quick nap, and woke up an hour later. Surprise surprise, nothing's changed. The Reds hadn't even attacked. Caboose was doing his thing, and Church was trying to make sure that it didn't involve the tank. Where the hell was Tucker? (agentxtennessee)

Tucker was bored. Totally bored. Which is why he was wandering around the canyon and the base, looking for something to do that didn’t involve talking to a bunch of idiots. He sighed when he ended up on the roof of the base and saw Amelia sitting there. “Hey. Are you bored too or?”

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Describe Fringe Fandom in three words! *and send this to your favorite Fringe bloggers (you're one of mine)*

omg i definitely missed this until today so SORRY I AM SO SORRY


anyways. enough sidetracking- three words to describe the fringe fandom(and I’m gonna use gifs cause its my bday and idgaf):


(not quite a word but you get it)

(these last two go together and describe the fandom imo because who else can take two food items and make them into EMOTIONS)

Ahem. Like this post if you like me~

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love your blog! just curious, what would you say are your top 10 mcu movies?

thank you so much anon! <33 ooh, okay let’s see:

  1. iron man: to me it’s THE marvel movie, you know? i love every single little thing about this movie and i’m never going to forget the feeling of watching tony fly for the first time or that scene where he steps up to the podium and says he’s iron man, i don’t think those scenes can ever be topped tbh. 
  2. guardians of the galaxy: i mean, three words: dancing baby groot.
  3. the avengers: so in my mind it’s kind of a toss up between avengers and cap2, i love them both equally. the only reason i would rank this a little higher is because there are so many more characters and so much more stuff happening and there’s clint being amazing even in those few scenes that he has. it’s just a little more… cooler i guess. :-p
  4. captain america: the winter soldier
  5. iron man 3: i mean the movie might have its plenty of faults but those scenes dealing with tony’s anxiety are so brutal and visceral and accurate and i mean, i love the movie for that reason alone. also rhodey gets a chance to shine which i love!
  6. thor: again, there’s hawkeye so….! but more importantly, i loved thor so much? especially the scene were he walks, powerless, to certain death and when he’s all dirty and covered in mud and screaming because he can’t lift mjolnir anymore, those are some beautiful scenes. 
  7. the incredible hulk: again say whatever you want about the movie, but edward norton’s performance was absolutely fantastic. 
  8. iron man 2: again, there are a bunch of not so great scenes, but i loved how they dealth with tony’s palladium posioning and his issues with his dad and i adore the scene where he (re)discovers vibranium
  9. thor: the dark world: it’s not a bad movie at all, i have no idea why it’s so far down the list haha. this was clearly loki’s movie to shine which is such a treat to watch!
  10. captain america: the first avenger: the thing is, i didn’t like the movie when i first saw it. i loved peggy and the bits with bucky but mostly i just didn’t like it. but after watching agent carter and cap2, it’s amazing to go back to this movie and rewatch it to pick out little bits of references etc that i had missed. so yeah i definitely like it more than i did before, but i guess i just love the others more! :)

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Fyi, g*psy is a slur. Stop using it.

I suppose you are saying this because of the Ravnos how to? Did you even read it?

It’s the term used in the books, it’s the term used by the authors, it’s the term used by the characters who are part of the group. Also, it’s one of the terms used by the international community (after all, I did quote the open society foundation).

I’ll use all the words and explain them, and if you see any “lack of respect” or any insult in my how to, well I suppose you should police all the words spoken regardless of reason then, don’t you?

Words in themselves aren’t inherently racist or disrespectful. It’s how you use them and the message you’re trying to give.

Jumping onto people because they try to explain such things properly because “no no forbidden word!” means you’re not hearing the message at all. 


YEEE, MORE ICONS! Requested by an anon

Referring to this post of icons.

Feel free to use these and any other icons!, please like/reblog if you do! And maybe check out my other icons?

P.S If you send me a request during the week, it may or may not be done til the weekend, possibly not done at all! So your best chance is on the weekend! At least until summer starts; then bring it on!

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how do you feel about the faith in 21p's music?

idk how i feel abt it exactly i just know that it doesnt affect how i connect with them bc i guess i replace God in that context with myself bc i know most of his songs are struggles w faith in Him and i struggle w faith in myself but i feel like the faith context is there for him and some people but to others its a whole different context like the kitchen sink thing bc they all mean something different to each one of us

basically i dont  really think about it too much bc its usually relating to something else to me

sorry that i rambled i didnt understand what exactly you were asking so i tried to cover all of what u could mean so

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Jess has a new boyfriend, she moved on quick?! sending cuddles x

I know this already anon. I don’t really care to be frank but thank you anyway?

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Anon again. You know what, I'm just going to say sorry. I'm sorry that I offended you. This is your blog. Regardless of what I believe to be true, this is yours. I'm sorry. I'm mean this sincerely. I shouldn't have said anything. Is still have my opinion but I will do a better job of respecting yours. I won't reblog anything from this blog. I'm sincerely sorry for phrasing my opinion so rudely and it is my fault entirely. I deserved what you said.

(note: we got your other messages, just so you know, that’s the reason i’m replying)

first thing i want to say is that mod s was not directing v’s anger at you specifically - we have like 3700 followers or something, the anger was directed at anyone with dodgy opinions. it wasn’t personally directed at you, just a kind of. general anger

and secondly - tbh from what you’ve said in just these few messages it does sound like you could be autistic? (and, note, part of my autism is struggling a lot with guilt and feeling like i’ve wronged people, which seems to be how you feel right now so just. know that i am not yelling at you, you’re not a bad person or anything, but thank you for apologising) 

but it also sounds like you might have some internalised ableism to work out, which we all do, really. you said in another message you had autistic traits but ‘not enough to be diagnosed’ - maybe explore this if you want to? we have a lot of resources on our ‘resources’ page. 

important: if you know you are allistic, don’t reblog posts that autistic people are meant to relate to. if you think you could be autistic, it’s okay to look further into this. even if you really think you’re allistic, sometimes it doesn’t harm to look at resources on self diagnosis. 

the point of this message is basically: 

a. you’re not a bad person, which possibly you don’t actually need me to say - i’m just going off the kind of things i feel when i send apologies - but i will say it anyway. you sent us a message that voiced a slightly dodgy opinion, but that opinion may just have been informed by ignorance and internalised ableism. we all have bad opinions at some point.

b. maybe look into whether you’re autistic? like i said, we have a lot of resources on our resources page [link]

i hope this reply is alright, anon

- mod a

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I just saw that lovely commentary you added onto the ATLA post, and I just wanted to say that the first time Zuko insulted Air Nomad culture was in The Southern Raiders when he told Aang that his lesson was “cute” but this wasn’t Air Nomad preschool or something. Sorry about bothering you, I just wanted to mention it to add to your argument about Zuko’s justification of murder and whatnot. c:

Thank you anon! You’re not bothering me… :)

And yeah, that comment was rather out of place. Aang wasn’t even addressing him in that scene, he was talking to Katara, out of genuine concern for her, and Zuko chose to answer in her place by mocking his conception of forgiveness?

Again out of context it’s not that bad (ideological clash?), but Zuko is the descendant and heir of the man who ordered the genocide of Aang’s people. He was himself a participant in the Fire Nation’s imperialistic effort not so long ago, and personally tried to end the last survivor of that genocide (Aang himself). With this background, I tend to think you should be more sensitive. And it’s kind of hypocritical, considering he had just benefited from said forgiveness. Heck, without Aang’s willingness to extend mercy even to his enemies Zuko would have died alone in the North Pole buried in snow. And the whole reason he’s offering Katara this revenge trip in the first place is because he wants her forgiveness for pursuing them and attacking them relentlessly for months, betraying her and the world, actively participating in the death of her best friend, and then sending an assassin after them when he thought he might have survived. If Ozai had asked for Katara’s mother instead of the Avatar, would Zuko have delivered her to him? And would he think then that the only way Katara could get closure is by killing him, that forgiveness is naive and as good as doing nothing? (but attempts on Aang’s life don’t count so it’s not the saaame) (I actually have some sort of rant about this somewhere in my drafts…)

I do honestly think what Zuko was doing in this episode was messed up. Even if he didn’t realize it, he was kind of using her feelings of immense pain and rage over her mother’s death to get what he wanted. He was offering her Yon Rha’s life as a sacrifice in exchange for her acceptation. I don’t doubt he truly did believe it would bring her closure, that he wasn’t ill-intentioned, but he was encouraging her to commit murder, and his motivations were so selfish for something that is so important to her and touch on a very personal and traumatizing subject… like you should never do that?? I don’t think he realized how destructive it was for her, because when you think about it, Zuko doesn’t really know Katara, or recently what she let him personally see was mostly her fiery overprotective side (the Katara who promised to end him if he ever did anything to Aang), but any way you look at it he was playing with fire and should have been more careful. (Also it’s weird because what gave him the idea in the first place was her challenging him to bring her mother back, and I guess ending the life of the man who killed her was the closest he could get to this request?)

To clarify, I don’t want to vilify Zuko here. He has been raised in horrible conditions with terrible ideologies and the important thing is that he is willing to learn better. And Zuko does that primarily by experiencing things? So he did recognize he was wrong about Katara at the end of the episode, and he’ll probably remember this lesson in the future.

(Sorry for not replying earlier anon, I just saw your message…)

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Hey.. Bipi here, are my asks unwanted\bothering you, or are you just extremley busy? I wouldn't want my words to fall on deaf ears

Hi Bipi ^^
Your asks are not unwanted and that goes to everybody else too!
I’ve got a few messages this past few days and I’ve just loggd in to queue a few things and I saw this and other messages and had to reply.
I will be away for a bit.. I guess untill the end of April 
so untill then I won’t be answering anything just because I will have no time.
I didn’t want to let anyone feel like they’re unwanted and feel like I’m ignoring them.
So I will be in a Semi-Hiatus in the meantime so I apologize to everyone who sent me messages.
I am really really sorry!

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Shut the fuck up and don't reblog someones art yelling about how you want it for someone else are you a fucking animal

I’m sorry? I didn’t mean it to come off like that. I just thought it would be cute to see Louis like that too. I apologize if it came off like that. It wasn’t my intent. Also I said I would love to see Louis one too not for the artist TO DO Louis too. Look at the wording and read my tags. There’s no need to call me an animal… That’s rather rude isn’t it?

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we can be sad together over the haikyuu/zankyou no terror fanart

yes i need a shoulder to cry on
I can’t believe Yamaguchi is Twelve and Kageyama is Nine, it breaks my heart

imagine an AU where they keep having flashbacks of their past lives during sleep and one day one of them talk about it casually (probably Yamaguchi) and the other one is like WAIT?? YOU DREAM OF THAT TOO??

(this is the fanart we’re talking about)