sorry it's just that people are really making me mad and all

A simple guide on how not to get punched in the face
  • Right:I am a heterosexual/cisgender/queer/genderqueer person and I can't imagine myself being any other way! I have never once felt the need to reconsider my sexuality and/or gender!
  • Wrong:I am a heterosexual/cisgender/queer/genderqueer person and if you're not doing it my way then you're wrong, because clearly if I can't imagine myself being any other way than neither can you!!!!111!1!!1!1!
  • Right:You're not my race/religion/sexuality/gender/level of physical ability? Cool, bro. Doesn't matter. Let's hang out sometime, yeah?
  • Wrong:You're not my race/religion/sexuality/gender/level of physical ability? OMG UR NOT LIKE ME LOL WE GUNNA SINGLE YOU OUT AND TREAT YOU LIKE SHIT LOLLOLOLOLO!lO!lOl!O!l!OL!Ol1Ll!L1!!!
  • Right:Pride events are open and welcoming to everyone!
  • Wrong:Pride events are open and welcoming to everyone *judgmental whisper* except bisexuals and nonbinary people.
  • Right:I'll totally use your preferred pronouns! No prob, yo!
  • Wrong:Hey you did something to annoy me so I'm going to completely invalidate your gender identity and ignore your preferred pronouns out of protest until you apologize.
  • Right:Dude, let's just respect that we have different skin colors and get over it. Just skin. You're my friend no matter what color you are. Same goes for everyone.
  • Wrong:Ferguson
  • Right:Oh, she's wearing a hijab. *goes up to her* I love that fabric! Do you like floral? Me too! That's so cool. You have amazing taste.
  • Wrong:Oh, she's wearing a hijab. *goes up to her* GET OUT OF HERE TERRORIST, YOU DON'T BELONG AWAY FROM THE MIDDLE EAST
  • Right:*sees a disabled person and treats them like a normal friend albeit offering help when they need it/ask for it*
  • Wrong:*sees a disabled person* Are you retarded/lame/stupid/etc.? Allow me to baby you and treat you like you can't do anything by yourself.
  • Right:*sees someone struggling with a particular mental disorder (e.g. having a panic attack) and politely asks if there's anything I can do to help*
  • Wrong:*sees someone struggling with a particular mental disorder and immediately assumes that I know everything about how to deal with this and that other people don't know shit*
  • Right:Peace/equality/happiness
  • Wrong:Judgment/discrimination/violence
  • Right:Tomorrow
  • Wrong:Today

Okay so in all honesty I don’t know much about Christianity and such but I have a question that is really bugging me and sorry if I offend you but:

Wouldn’t Satan technically be a /good/ guy since he punishes “bad people” because, I mean,
I just,
Religion confuses me and I don’t ask much because my grandma gets offended easily so I always talk to my Pagan mother who read the bible and such to argue with idiots who try and use it as the main reason for hating certain people.

But yeah.
Isn’t Satan technically a good guy?

I told my sister that it wasn’t cool to make fun of traditional African names and stuff and she was like “everyone is always going to be offended by something!! I guess I just can’t make fun of anything or have any fun at all!!” And now she is ranting about how stupid I am for calling her out on her racism??

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I know this isn't really sign related, but why do people like apologize for something that you dont think they need to apologize for but then their apology makes you mad because even tho its not necessary it was just a shitty apology?

  • If someone apologies for something that they don’t need to it usually because they feel like you were offended by it or that you do not like what they said or that it may relate to you, like if one of my non-poc friends they apologize after using the n word but it’s not sincere
  • If it’s shitty they just want you to think they’re sorry but obviously does not mean it because they don’t feel like putting in effort to make sure you aren’t offended 


shin-chan-loves-takao asked:

Yay yay it's open!! Well, I am really really short and I have light brown hair and kind of green-grey eyes. I'm a funny type, always ironic but I can easily get mad if people talks about me so that makes me touchy. I'm curious about everything and mm I can be really asshole if I want, even if I'm really loyal to friends. Oh I'm an honest type too ^o^ thanks! Love your blog!

Thank you! I’m really sorry about the funny format, I’m on mobile and it makes the asks/replies all funny. I’ll fix it tomorrow as soon as I can!

Your match is Imayoshi. He thinks that you’re hilarious, but probably not in the way that you’re thinking… You have a sense of humor yet you are touchy, which means you’re exactly his favorite type of person to tease. He really means no harm though, its just in his nature. Seriously speaking, if someone were to talk badly about you, he’d put them in their place real quick. *diabolical laughter* He doesn’t mind that you have asshole tendencies, you guys and be assholes together! (omg that sounded terrible) He thinks that your curiosity is adorable because it reminds him somewhat of a child. Your honesty may or may not be a good thing, because it just might get you in trouble with him!

Other matches include Hanamiya and Mayuzumi (hooray for you! you’re the first one to get him!)

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Have you learned to care about people yet or do I have make you feel like shit again for you to realize ?


im sorry youre so angry with me to the point that you have to hide and talk to me about your feelings, that you arent comfortable with me to just msg me normally so we can figure out why the heck ur so mad

youre probably an angry ex at me for not giving you attention, and i will not apologize, because with all my relationships, i let em know that i like my space, its just how i am, i cant really help it

if youre a friend thats angry at me bc i dont give u attention, look at the stuff stated above + its because i dont care enough about you to go out of my way and talk to you/see how youre doing

something you have to understand, its easy to pretend to care online, which i stopped doing (due to people getting this warped view of me), because irl, i only really care about 3 people, and thats pretty much it

im v inclusive, and v rarely will i make an effort to try and get to know about someone, sometimes it happens, which is great, because its like “oo a friend!” but even then, it barely happens

you just werent one of those rare moments

i dont know why u need to feel validated by me

im really boring and careless and stuff

there are better people that will make you feel nice, stop being so upset because me (out of all people) wont give an eye

whenever youre ready, take your mask off, and talk to me, ill apologize if youll be an adult about it.