that fourth panel, Houtarou is weighing the pros and cons of his next move. and while he’s not really a man of action, i can see him leaning towards his desire to stay warm (and ignoring the part of him that just likes having Eru close).

one day… one day i’ll make comics that didn’t happen accidentally as doodles in a lecture class.



I’m so sorry about the word play. 


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The first thing he registered was wet. His face was wet. Was it rain? Yes, but something else too. Rain wasn’t warm. He opened his eyes and sat up from where he had been lying on the cold concrete. A street lamp shone softly down on him as blood trickled down his face, mixing with the rain. Something was wrong, everything was incredibly blurry for one. For another the young man couldn’t remember how he’d ended up on the ground or where he’d been prior to ending up on the ground. Work maybe?

He blinked. Where did he work? Did he work? He looked down at his clothes. He couldn’t see them very clearly but they felt nice. So he probably wasn’t homeless. Who the hell was he, and the more troubling question, why couldn’t he remember? Perhaps he had a friend who could enlighten him. Maybe he was one of those people who could only remember a day at a time. Had he gotten out and his cycle reset? 

Did he have any friends? Could he remember any? Yes, one, sort of. He was momentarily relieved to be remembering anything but it was somewhat short-lived. His relationship with this man seemed to be very… complicated. But it was the only thing he had. So he stumbled along the dark road, heading for Moran’s flat. The third time he tripped he wondered vaguely if he was supposed to be wearing glasses.

By some miracle he managed to walk the six blocks without getting jumped. He squinted at the number plate on the door and, praying he was at the right flat and this ‘Seb Moran’ wasn’t some figment of his imagination, he knocked.


Profiles of The Ol’ Levihan Babies from my Family AU 

Samson (eldest by 1 year)

Samson is creatively and intellectually gifted, with a bottomless pit of curiosity and excitement for human achievement. He learned this through Hange who kept him entertained with stories and anecdotes before bedtime. He also developed a desensitized attitude towards anything and everything gross through Levi retelling gory war stories masquerading as lessons in morale. Levi did not intend this at all, and regrets everything. 

He loves to shit-stir, after years of taking great joy in witnessing Levi’s reactions to anything annoying. It is his life goal to make him laugh as often as possible and records his personal “dad laugh count” score in the research log Hange gave him. While he takes after Hange the most, Samson can turn into a stone cold (but taller) clone of Levi when he’s seriously pissed off. This usually happens when he sees animals or the disadvantaged being abused. He jokes a lot and likes to bait people but he is also incredibly compassionate and generous towards others, learning empathy from Hange and being haunted by stories of Levi’s impoverished childhood. 

Samson considers Hange his hero and enjoys creating mayhem with her and throwing back and forth ideas and theories, but he also loves talking with Levi, trying to provoke emotional reactions from him and taking notes on how to throw devastating amounts of shade at people. He finds Levi’s deadpan attitude hilarious and relishes having the privilege of being one of the few people who can bait him without fear of death. 

Samson doesn’t care about gender and essentially falls in love (or just straight up lust) with everyone at some point. He has had a crush on almost everyone in the 104th but has a particular raging crush on Bertholdt and Hange’s subordinate Nifa, whom he finds “offensively cute”. While he’s naturally intelligent, witty and gifted academically, he doesn’t enjoy being around people who beat him in these aspects (what a loser) and tends to gravitate towards grouchy or overly serious people because he finds breaking their icy exterior a hilarious challenge. 

Samson adopted Levi’s method of holding blades but chose to be trained primarily by Hange, largely because he excelled at strategy and wanted to focus on improving it. He’d likely graduate in the top three, being well-balanced in all areas of combat, particularly strategy and teamwork.  

Leigh (youngest by 1 year)

Leigh fluctuates between aggressive enthusiasm and disdain. She shares Levi’s contempt for many things but the few things she does love will provoke disturbing levels of Hange-like exuberance. This happens a lot when she argues with people as she finds verbal beat-downs highly stimulating. She picked up Levi’s thug vocabulary and finds swearing to be an art form she must perfect. She is emotionally intelligent but struggles with academics due to a lack of patience and general fucks to give for structure and methodology. However, she envies and values intellect in others which can account for her insane loser crush on Armin. He has tutored her in the past; these sessions she finds overwhelmingly erotic even if they’re just discussing geometry.

Leigh adores Levi and idolizes him but she desperately needs constant cuddles and guidance from Hange, though she has learned to never follow their advice on romance and considers their own success at it to be an “inexplicable anomaly”. She bonds with Levi over their shared impatience for pretense and stupidity, and enjoys organizing the house while he cleans. She seeks out Hange for emotional support and loves listening to her stories of weird romance in mythology and history. She argues frequently with Samson and secretly enjoys it. It’s only when he moves in on her romantic territory that she truly hates him, as she acknowledges his romantic skills are far more advanced. He once joked that he was going to hit on Armin and she tackled him down a staircase.  

Leigh is a skilled fighter in both hand-to-hand combat and 3DMG. She was trained primarily by Levi though she adopted Hange’s traditional style of holding the blades as she felt it suited her better. She’d probably rank 1st in the top ten with only strategy and teamwork letting her down.  


norman/norma + putting their faces close together

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After the Promised Day (Brotherhood AU)

One of the first things General Roy Mustang had to do after his sight was returned to him was to see that Ed was alright with his own eyes, no matter how many times his friends, subordinates, and nurses told him to stay in bed. Before Marco had healed him, he’d been asking whoever happened to wander into the small hospital room on the status of the Elric brothers. Of course, he cared what had happened to the rest of his injured comrades and wanted to be sure that they were alright, but most of them had at least been able to give him a brief visit. 

Ed, on the other hand, was probably still in his own hospital room with his brother. The others  had only been able to tell Roy bits and pieces about what had happened, and there was only so much that he could figure out by hearing and not seeing the events that had taken place on the Promised Day, so whether he wanted to admit it or not, he was worried about the Elric brothers. Ed in particular, though stood out as the person he wanted to check up on the most.

Still dressed in a hospital gown, Roy marched determinedly down the hall in search of the Elrics’ room. He’d finally gotten the number out of one of the female nurses after a little charming, and as soon as she’d left the room, he was on his way. It didn’t take long to find it - he’d visited this hospital more times than he cared to remember and knew the layout reasonably well. Finally, he stopped in front of the door labeled with the familiar names of the two patients inside, “Elric, Alphonse” and “Elric, Edward.”

Roy paused in the doorway to take a moment to survey the two. Though neither of the brothers could be said to have been left in the best shape, the two seemed reasonably happy. An emaciated Al sat on the edge of Ed’s bed (Roy could only assume that he had help getting there), talking animatedly about the things that they could do now that he had his body back and Ed didn’t have to be a part of the military. The general watched the two for a moment with a smile, almost reluctant to break up their conversation, but not enough to prevent him from knocking lightly on the door frame to get their attention.

Al blinked a few times, so caught up in talking to his brother that he was actually taken by surprise that someone else could be in the room. When he turned toward the door, the smile returned to his face. “Oh! General Mustang! It’s good to see you up. It looks like they found a way to help you, huh?”

"Only just recently, yes." He walked into the room and joined the brothers on the bed, sitting down near Ed’s feet across from Al. He gently put a hand on Al’s head, causing the boy to grin up at him in joy that accompanied being able to feel any sensation. "But you should still be in bed, you know. As nice as it is to see you in your real body, you still need to take it easy for a while."

Al just shrugged. “The nurse said it was ok. She helped me over here so that I could finally be with brother in my real body.”

Roy chuckled a bit. “Well, I’m glad for you. For both of you.” He finally turned to Ed, his typical smirk returning to his face as he looked over the Fullmetal Alchemist’s battered body. “And how have you been, Fullemetal? Tired of sitting in bed yet?”


6/ @Luhan

You are important to me. Never take your health for granted, okay? :c Thank you so much for giving us your best in every performance but what’s more important is you get to have enough time for yourself and rest for a while, we don’t want to see you sick :c And I’m so thankful for your family and friends for always being there for you, for fetching you at the airport and accompanying you. Sadly, these are the things us fans couldn’t do for you. Let them, your family and friends be your strength. And remember that you will always be our strength. Rest for as long as you want, true fans will understand that! Eat lots of healthy food and come back with that most precious smile!! I love you baby. I hope you’re doing fine ♡


Bamon AU: Romeo and Juliet
At the decades dance, the vampire and the witch promise each other that they’re in this together forever, no matter what.  Unfortunately, when they find that Klaus is possessing Alaric’s body, Bonnie has to fake her own death.  Damon, believing she’s really dead, decides he will take off his daylight ring and stand in the sun, preferring to not live at all rather than live without Bonnie.  The next morning, as the sun rises, Bonnie awakens alone in the Bennett family crypt and Damon fulfills the promise the star-crossed pair had made.

Inspired by obessingoverthisship’s post (x).


Shepley + Text Posts

anonymous said:

The first time you get hurt by someone you love, you react in the way that Zach reacted; with wet, hot, uncontrollable rage. But the second time… he reacted so coldly, he even told Caleb he didn’t think that Frankie loved him at all. It was so much sadder, because he hid all of his pain and let it freeze over, rather than burn him alive like before.

Exactly; Zach had the floor drop out from underneath him. His main ally wanted him out, the person his whole game depended on, the person he genuinely wanted to take to the final 2. He is a spontaneous, emotional player, and he didn’t hold back on the anger he felt, and he didn’t let Frankie off the hook for his betrayal very easily. 

I think Zach saw Frankie as his other half in the game, much like a Chilltown situation. Will and Boogie were crazy players and they backstabbed everybody left right and sideways, but it was an unspoken rule that they would never turn against each other. Zach truly believed that, no matter what either of them did or said to anyone else, Frankie and himself would stay completely loyal to each other. (going under the cut because I got carried away)

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Daniel Handler Has Not Abandoned Lemony Snicket
(a New York Times interview)

Six years after publishing the final book of “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” you’ve revived the Lemony Snicket character for a new series, which begins with the novel “Who Could That Be at This Hour?” Are you going back on any resolutions to abandon your characters forever? 
I always knew he’d come back. I mean, I was ready to abandon the Baudelaire orphans, but I wasn’t ready to abandon Lemony Snicket.

"A Series of Unfortunate Events” had to be pretty scary to a lot of children. What scared you as a kid? 
I was scared of a lot. I had an attic bedroom, and I was scared that there were tall trees that someone could climb up and from the tops of the trees leap onto the window.

Leaping on the windows, not through them? 
They were considerate demons. They didn’t want to make a mess of a perfectly good window. They just wanted to get me.

I remember being petrified that Ayatollah Khomeini would arrive outside my window on a scaffold. 
You have to wonder if dictators muse about how scary they are to certain young generations. Nowadays, with social networking, you could actually just name somebody. That would be terrifying if you were a dictator and you said, “There’s no one I hate more than such and such,” an 11-year-old in Lincoln, Neb.

You’ve been open about both your wealth and support of liberal causes. David Koch once suggested to me that he liked to contribute to specific things because it allowed him, and not the federal government, to decide where his money would go. Do you feel similarly? 
No. In fact a lot of the money I give away feels like amends for not having more of my income tax go to those kinds of things. When I support an arts organization or clinics for women, I think I’m making amends. What can I say? I’m grateful that my philosophy is not in line with one of the Koch brothers.

J. K. Rowling was the first writer to make the Forbes billionaire list. Does any part of you blame Brad Silberling, who directed the 2004 “Lemony Snicket” film, which wasn’t a big hit and spawned no sequels, for the fact you haven’t joined her? 
You imagine I have complaints about my financial status? Wow. I never thought I would be a writer who made any money. It honestly has never occurred to me that I should be mad at Brad Silberling. He’s a sweetheart of a man, so the idea that you would be mad at him really for anything feels like getting dressed up in a suit of armor and attacking a plate of whipped cream.

You were fired as the film’s screenwriter after writing eight drafts of a script. What was it like visiting the set after that? 
My clearest memory was visiting the set in a shutdown aircraft factory in Southern California, where they were building the lake. They said, “Here, you can help us make a decision.” They led me into this room where they had kind of giant casserole dishes of water and different squares of cement painted different shades of gray, and they said, “We’re trying to decide what shade of gray to paint the bottom of the lake.” It was the most boring thing I’d ever looked at in my life.

This is the best job they can offer the originator of the project? Picking the color of the lake bottom? 
Oh, they weren’t letting me pick the color, they were just continuing on with their day, and I got to watch.

Did it make you bitter, getting canned? 
No, not really. After I was fired, I bought a drink for everybody in the Burbank airport lounge. There weren’t very many people, so it wasn’t as generous a gesture as it might have been. But I said, “I just got fired from Paramount Pictures, drinks on me.” And one of the other people at the bar said, “I was fired by Paramount Pictures a few years ago.” So that felt good.

Any idea whom you might like to have adapt this new series into a film? 
I don’t know. The trouble is that I see so many more old movies than I do new movies. When I worked on the Snicket movie, they would say, “Who do you think would be good for Count Olaf?” And I would say, “James Mason.” And they would say: “James Mason is dead and dead a long time. That is not a helpful thing to say.