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150129 Ontae fanacc

The following fanaccounts are from different persons of the same event

1) In the van, Ontae were chatting nonstop and i dont know what Taemin has said but Jinki showed his rabbit teeth smile(so warming)

Taemin was doing many little gestures, like rubbing his eyes, drinking water and scratching his neck. And Jinki was clapping for a long time for no reason hahaha(he was clapping before Taemin drank water and when he finished drinking Jinki was still clapping)

cred to 宇宙小丑蛋_雪

2) Ontae chatted in the car for a long time, they laughed and clapped their hands. They were also singing in the car

I held out my board for him to see and he did! Later they looked like they were counting fans

cred to 清蒸小蜗牛

3) Separated by a window! i called Taemin Taemin Taemin! I think Jinki peeked through the window, he saw us so he patted Taemin and he pointed to the window then Taemin looked at us and he was smiling and waving his hands

cred to 萌萌哒开泰

4) Today there were many Taemin’s banners, more than a half are from him. 

It is said that Taemin held eye contact with the fans, smiled and waved. Jinki was also happy and together with Taemin they were looking at the fans and waving too. This is what i heard from others, i envy them TT

cred to 星星星Q


I tried to tell myself that
it was your loss,
but I was the one
collapsed on the floor,
gasping for breath,
bleeding everywhere,
when you left.

I tried to tell myself that
it was your fault,
but I was the one
who drove you away.
I gripped you so goddamned tightly
that you bled
beneath my fingertips.

I try to tell myself that
I am okay
six months after we’ve ended,
but I am the one
reaching for the bottle,
tipping it at my lips,
and tasting your mouth.


Who am I kidding?

By thoseconstellations


AU: Aomine unable to cope with Kise’s Death 

[part 1] | [part 2] | [part 3] | [part 4] | [part 5]

"Kise, why does it always rain when I think of you?" 

Despite attending basketball practices, Aomine still avoids any attempt of contact directed towards him - including those from Momoi. Desperate, she seeks Kuroko’s help in hope of getting Aomine to open up his heart again. However, Aomine doesn’t allow his heart to be healed by others. He is afraid that, once the fragments of memories are forgotten, Kise’s existence will ceased to exist. 

Compilation of N's Part
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  • Voodoo
Compilation of N's part in Voodoo Album

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Until the stars don’t shine (9800 words) by Shigai

Chapters: 1/4
Fandom: X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier
Characters: Erik Lehnsherr, Charles Xavier, Raven | Mystique, Ororo Munroe, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Hank McCoy, Logan (X-Men), Emma Frost, Bobby Drake, Alex Summers, Sean Cassidy
Additional Tags: Erik is not a Happy Bunny, Charles Is a Big Dorkface, Erik has Feelings, Charles Xavier has a Ph.D in Adorable, Erik is Crushing Harder than a 12-year Old Girl, Smitten Erik, Erik has Issues, Charles has issues, Minor Hank / Raven, Alternate Universe - Human, Alternate Universe - Music, Classical Music, Alternate Universe - Rock Band, Rock Stars, Charles Being Concerned, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, kind of, First Meetings, First Time, Strangers to Lovers


Alternative rocker Erik Lehnsherr is worldwide famous for his controversial lyrics, his revolutionary attitude and his no-bullshit policy, nicknamed ‘L’Enfant Terrible’ of the rock scene.

But then he meets his perfect match in Charles Xavier, a young British musician who is not impressed or intimidated by the rock star, and who little by little will turn Erik’s world upside down.

After all, who says rock music and classical can’t complement each other?

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