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I'm sorry about the 'Versailles' thing but some people in the US do not have access to enough of an education to teach them the correct pronunciation of French cities. I also doubt people in the US are the only people who may struggle but okay.

Unnecessarily long post ahead, so do feel free to press J to skip it.

Don’t make my comment into something classist when it clearly wasn’t. I’m sorry, but I absolutely won’t accept that. Saying that a lot of Americans pronounce Versailles as ‘ver-SAYLZES’ isn’t me being a classist dick; it comes from me having only ever heard Americans pronounce it that way. I’ve been to Versailles several times and the only time I ever heard it pronounced that way was by American tourists. So yes, I’m sure that a lot of people do struggle with the pronunciation of the word, but that particular mispronunciation seems - by my limited experience - to be an American one. I don’t know how many more ways I can phrase that one sentence for clarity.

I’m not suggesting that you learn the entire French language or the geography of all francophone nations, so don’t put words in my mouth to make it seem like I belittled your education. It’s literally one word, and it’s the name of one incredibly famous place. To be honest, I assumed that it was common knowledge, but then again, you have a very (kind of understandably) US-centric education system, so I was probably wrong on that front. 

I grew up with the French language thanks to my grandma being fairly fluent, so the pronunciation is obvious to me, which means that mispronunciations seem really alien and therefore kind of funny. It’s the same as when my English friends try and read Welsh place names; I can’t imagine not being able to read them because I inherently know the phonetics, but I don’t judge or belittle people who can’t, although I do find some of the alternate pronunciations that people come up with to be amusing. Not in a cruel way, though. Just in a ‘it’s so odd that I don’t even have to think about it, so thank you for reminding me that these words are actually really different to English’ kind of way. 

And going back to Versailles, French is hardly a phonetic language, so I’d be a bit of a dick to assume that everyone could pronounce it properly without having heard it before. Presumably, because your education is so US-centric, you don’t learn about European things very much. And hey, that’s fine and dandy; we have a Euro-centric education over here, and I couldn’t pronounce ‘Arkansas’ until I was 18 (I said it to rhyme with ‘Kansas’ until I saw it on TV and joined the dots!). Heck, I pronounced the ‘c’ in ‘Connecticut’ until I was about 12. And you know what? It’s kind of funny. Feel free to laugh at my British ignorance of American states and cities. I’m certainly not going to get offended by it.

Don’t turn things into classist issues when they’re not. I am perfectly willing to accept being called out when I have behaved inappropriately or crossed a line of privilege, but saying that ‘ver-SAYLZES’ is an American mispronunciation and that I personally find it an amusing way to read a word is not classist. If you were absolutely desperate to get offended by it, you could say that it was slightly anti-American of me, but then again, so is the fact that I really don’t understand the concept of spray cheese.

Just a tiny disclaimer: despite the appearance caused by my overly long response to this ask (I need to stop doing this) I really don’t care that much about the pronunciation of Versailles any more than the next person, so please don’t send me any more asks on this! I really don’t feel like answering any more questions on it at this point. Sorry to sound all stern and miserable!

((For some reason tumblr decided to double save and then delete the ask/prompt I was responding to, so this will have to do. jinxedinks asked for an exR Norse mythology AU! I, of course, am unable to resist Norse mythology, so have some Baldr!Enjolras, Hel!Grantaire, gratuitous epithets and references to mythological politics.))

Enjolras does not fear the high and heavy gates that close behind him, nor the mists that would cloud his sight, but he is dead, and there is little to impede him. He glows, faintly, in these halls, deity still, and the dead look on him as though he were radiant.

He wishes they wouldn’t, as he has grown weary enough of his brief flight of pride, of his thoughtless indulgence of arrogance. It was a death of trickery, yes, but not undeserved, he thinks, for his foolishness. What was he thinking, to allow his kin to batter him with weaponry without fear of harm? There is no perfect invulnerability.

It amazes him, what clarity death lends already. And here, the hall of the dead who have night died in battle - Enjolras supposes he belongs. He pushes open the door to the hall, and is washed in warmth as he enters.

"Greetings, Enjolras, lord of light and purity," greets a rough and craggy voice, free of irony or cruelty, "to my hall. A feast has been laid in welcome for you, if you would partake of my hospitality."

He comes closer, and knows that it is Grantaire, son of the trickster and giantess, brother to the world serpent and great wolf, ruler of the halls of the dead of the nine worlds save the chosen warriors, who speaks.

Grantaire is ugly and not, his presence weighty and dressed in wool and fur. His left side is pale as snow, his right side molted black and blue as though with frostbite, his eyes two chips of black ice watchful and knowing, his bone and iron crown heavy on his brow.  But he smiled, not dour, and his welcome was genuine.

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EVERYONE POSTS WHAT WHAT THEY WANT IN THE TAGS (unless it’s spam or is not inherent to the ships of course lol)


Damn I was so happy that ORAS would bring more people/more content to the fandoms but now it’s so bad that the tags looked better when they updated like once every two months.

Sorry I had to rant I’m so sick of this. 

This doesn't even make sense.

Man… I don’t think I will ever watch this movie again.

In the story, the kids lose their mother. And when the father and son her in to it about moving and stuff and what it really is, is about how the son reminds the father of the mother… It really gets to me.
This whole movie is a trigger for me…

I mean… My mum is still alive… But ever since she got her current boyfriend/common law husband, it’s pretty much felt like she’s been gone.

All through grade eight straight to college, I was depressed, I stopped eating a lot in grade 12 and in college, and I constantly thought of suicide, even tried it, but I was too afraid. But what really got me was I tried my hardest in school, I honestly did. But between mum and I not having a good relationship and in my grade 12 year depression and a bunch of pointless drama happening and me losing most of my friends I had had since grade 6, I had a really hard time even getting up out of bed and trying to get dressed let alone getting good grades. I mean, I spent a lot of time alone and crying at school… And I feel really pathetic just looking back on how I was.

I will admit… Sometimes I think back and I’m like… “Man, I really miss Kelso, Bev, Phil, Shelley, and Ellen.” But then I remember, people change. And I also realize, I have friends here and now who I love and would not trade for the entire world.

I remember one day a good friend of mine named Cory had said that I was the reason I had no friends… And the day he said that I was so hurt… But you know what, he was and is right. I was foolish. I did what people told me to do and that resulted in the termination of those friendships. I learned to not do what someone says is okay to do because they will just turn around and tell everyone they never said to do it.

I also remember these two male teachers I had.
These two men were more father like to me than my own father. Which is funny, because after leaving high school,
I found out that one just felt sorry for me because I cried to him one day about the flutist and her group of friends in band for making fun of me all of the time… And because my mum had a serious accident that year.
And the other… Well, he only liked students with a high IQ or who were good singers for the musicals. And really, I was neither. But again, it felt like at the end of the day, he was just being nice because of what happened to my mum… Maybe I am wrong though… I am just going off the vibes they gave me… But I loved these two teachers, a lot. They were there.. Always when I needed someone to talk to. And I would still talk to them today as if nothing was any different… Because that’s how I am.

Everyone felt bad because I could have lost my mum… And I didn’t need anyone’s pity. I really didn’t. But hey what can you do.

I remember one day, I was in music class and we were doing presentations… It was my old friends Nick’s turn and after he had finished I said “You did really well, Nick!” And he got mad at me because at the time he was a good friend with the flutist. That day I had the worst breakdown ever. I ran out of class because that was my last straw. That was my breaking point. I left and I called my best friend Sheri, I told her that I needed her. And we went where no one would see me break down and bawl my eyes out. And for a solid hour, I just cried. It was so insane…

Even now, I look back and think about all the times I was going through hardships, I would just stay silent at home and that pissed my mum off so much… But how can you talk to someone who, for seven years threatened to kick you out because her boyfriend didn’t like you. Like he said right in front of her that I was, “A useless piece of shit and there was no point in me even being there.” And I looked at her and told her that was it, I no longer had respect for him, that I was moving in with Dad or Nan… And she flipped out at me. Why would 14 year old me have respect for someone in their 50’s who says something like that?! Really…

And I think this is the end of my random rant that doesn’t make any sense. All of it comes back to mum getting mad at me for me not having friends but wanting them back, or wanting the approval of those two teachers or being nice to her man. What ever it was..

simplyazuma blackmetalluna1349 teatime-andtravels winchesterswaifu chronicles-of-a-nerd tankengine96 revengeofthespock princessbevry n3st and everyone else, I want to thank you for being such a big part in my life. You’re all great people and I love you all dearly. Even if we don’t talk anymore. But I wish you all the best in your lives. Maybe our paths will cross again someday. 💓

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About what you were saying yesterday in your tags about worrying that people think you're silly for writing NMTD fic when it's been over for a while now... (Sorry, I read tags. Always. It's a real problem actually.) Trust me, we're all ridiculously obsessed with NMTD, and the more fic, the better! And yours are awesome. I for one look forward to them a lot.

Hi Anon! So first of all, I feel like that tag rant was kind of a while ago? So if Tumblr is being weird and I’m answering this really late, I’m sorry, it’s just that I’m only getting it now for some reason? I wasn’t ignoring you or anything! It’s really sweet of you to say this, thank you so much for the encouragement haha. I’m so happy you like them! Thank you so much for reading them! And I think it’s sweet that you read my tags and took the time to respond! I always try to read tags too, they’re usually interesting. I have some word-vomit under the cut about my mindset on this, because I just needed to write it out, I think. I hope you don’t mind! I’m definitely still writing fic though. And I will always be right there on the ridiculously obsessed flamango train with you haha! :)

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tagged by teoami (a long time ago lol!) to write five things I like about myself:

1. I drink SO MUCH WATER lol it’s actually impressive.

2. someone pointed out to me recently that I do a lot for the sake of other people’s happiness? which I guess is cool. so I’m pretty selfless ahhaha.

3. EXCEPT FOR NOT because I take extra special care of me, too. so I’m also selfish. which I like because as a woman *begins feminist rant* I think it’s important to unlearn that you have to put everyone before yourself or whatever. not that I’ve ever particularly struggled with that ahhaha but I like how much I care about my own needs.

4. I am super witty. Like I enjoy how funny I am.

5. ok sorry to bring up my eyebrows again but they’re gotten some seriously great feedback lately and basically if you haven’t seen them it’s like two angels descended upon my face and took up permanent residence.

tagging anyone who needs some positivity!

sorry for this rant omg i feel like i need to share my feelings even though i’ve discussed this subject before
i’m still really yearning for an artistic community that is how deviantart and oekaki boards were 10+ years ago
if i was more into fursonas i’d probably join furaffinity because i have a lot of friends involved, but it’s just never been my thing. monster girls and certain body horror is probably as close as I get
i miss that kind of thing so much though, more feelings under the cut because this got long

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PLEASE never apologize for ranting your rants are important.

Thank u for saying so (and I hope you don’t mind my publishing this because I suddenly want to rant a lot more now xD).  I went back and deleted that tag on second thought, because it’s really more of a ‘sorry but really not sorry’ rant.  I really never did think too much about this until I started working at a bookstore and I started hearing nearly every day parents making these comments to their kids, and kids to each other and then kids self-policing or telling me a book looked ‘too girly’ or ‘too mushy/romantic’ when I recommended it.  It’s just as prevalent in teens as in younger kids.  And it’s just really sad, because when we love books or think they’re good we don’t (or shouldn’t) think ‘only a girl/boy would think this story/character is important’ or ‘if i was a girl/boy I wouldn’t be cheering this character/mourning this death/relating to this quote’. 

(Sometimes it even spills over the gender divide to other awful stereotypes; one of the most infuriating moments ever to come out of my job was a father who gave me his high-school son’s ‘potential books to choose’ list and asked me which one I thought a ‘heterosexual' teenage boy would be most willing to read.  There were no female authors/MCs on the list that I knew of ((more's the pity)), so I rebelled in the only tiny way I was able without getting in trouble with my bosses; I told him very seriously his son should definitely pick The Picture of Dorian Gray…by the gay/bisexual Oscar Wilde.)

But then you see this end up with adult men who I only ever seem to see reading/buying thrillers and books on war and business and sports and politics, and yet so few books written by or about women (or god forbid romance).  And of course it’s their right to read what they enjoy, but that’s considered such a normal and accepted thing, to be able to dismiss ‘girl books’ and ‘chick lit’ as having nothing whatsoever that they may be missing, or that might be valuable in understanding the women (and even other men *gasp*) in their lives.

Books (all fiction, really) have taught me to love and understand so many different kinds of people; male and female and nonbinary, gay and straight and everywhere in-between and outside, people of every race and faith and personality type, heroes and antiheroes and irredeemable villains, with a whole spectrum of motives and priorities, weaknesses and strengths.  And I relate to so many of them in one way or another, often in ways that have NOTHING to do with their gender or orientation or any label.  The idea that if I’d been born a boy I might have had a good chance at being shamed (not by my family, they would never, thank the gods) for being curious about ‘girl’ books, and then internalizing that, is just horrifying to me.  It’s not fair to boys or girls.  I think we ALL need fictional friends of every stripe to teach us how (and how not) to approach the world and other people in it, or at the very least help us decide how we want to.  

…Wow, my first Tumblr rant!  :’D  *iz amazed*

about 142 hours of overtime *wow* (How the f*** did that happen?!)

Up until now I have saved up a lot of overtime at my new workplace and now I’ve finally get to use it. At first I thought I only have the next week free, because my boss is making working shedule only for the next two weeks in advance, normally, but yesterday I’ve looked again, because there were new additions and it looks like I will have free until my planned vacation, which is around my birthday and therefore around March, the 15th. That means I will have free time at least until March, the 17th, hopefully not longer because I would like to have a few hours of my overtime left for when I really need it. Because this is on such short notice I can’t make any plans to go somewhere, because everything is now probably totally expensive. Maybe I can find something where I can go fo a few days that is not that expensive. Cross your fingers and press your thumbs for me. ^^