For the last time...FELICITY LOVES OLIVER

Anonymous said: IMO, I don’t think Felicity is in love with Oliver at all. I think she obviously feels an attraction to him but they haven’t clarified her feelings towards him as they have with Oliver’s feelings towards her. Which makes sense with the direction they’re going in with season 3. She also feels an attraction to Barry. She is, most likely, going to feel an attraction towards Ray. Oliver isn’t any different in that list.

You’re not serious are you? You are. You are actually serious. 


Look, I am all for differing opinions and you are certainly entitled to yours but I gotta say…


Okay. I’ve tried to be patient about this. Really. Truly. But enough is enough. I am at my breaking point with the fandom questioning whether Felicity really loves Oliver or not.

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Off topic: There are literally millions of videos praising skinny women, and the few videos that praise fat women have comments like this:

"Ugh. What about skinny people?"
"I’m skinny, this video made me feel bad about myself because my body type wasn’t being talked about."

When I see these comments, this is what I think of:


The part of the story
when everything is soft,
and we are still trying
to reach the sun that scorches
the inside of our skin,
and we are still trying
to swallow the names
in our mouths
and hold them in our stomachs.

The part of the story
when my wrist is
between his teeth,
and my blood is
dripping from his mouth.
and oh God, oh God,
he hollows me,
and oh God, oh God,
I split his bones wide open,
and we scream love
like a prayer,
like a sentence,
like an apology.

The part of the story
when we become
something feral,
something hungry,
and he devours me whole
and picks my ribs from his teeth.
I wanted to be wanted,
to be touched, to be craved,
and now I’ll never escape him.

—  Emily Palermo, Are We Still Writing It All Down?