If the Victoria's Secret Models were in Sororities


Will Ferrell Suggests Getting Rid Of Fraternities - I Agree

Will Ferrell Suggests Getting Rid Of Fraternities – I Agree

When I was in college, there were three types of people: there were Greeks (people involved in fraternities and sororities), fringe Greeks, and those who couldn’t stand the Greeks. I was in the third category.

Back then, frat houses seemed to be a den of heavy drinking, heavy drugs, date rape, racism, and classism. Sororities had the added distinction of being beauty contests.

Fast forward…

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Didn’t want to continue the betta sorority thread on that post specifically (mostly because I didn’t want to subject OP to my opinions since I’m sure the hurt from the sorority loss is very raw right now).

I think that sororities probably ARE more susceptible to illness because:

  1. Any fin nipping could become infected, same with any fighting, and I’m wondering if one infection outbreak of a bacteria affecting a fish can affect others in the tank?
  2. The fish are more stressed, there’s NO WAY bettas AREN’T more stressed in a sorority, and when fish are at higher stress levels their immune systems are affected so it’d be easier for illness to slam through all of them quickly.

I think stress is probably the most likely answer, truth be told.

After a student death, West Virginia University becomes the latest school to suspend all Greek life

In the most recent incident, an 18-year-old student was in critical condition Thursday after collapsing at the Kappa Sigma house. According to NBC News, when emergency personnel arrived, the male student wasn’t breathing and did not have a pulse. NBC reported Friday afternoon that the student had died.

That wasn’t the only incident, though. 

Ten things I love about Alpha Omicron Pi

Here are just ten reasons why yours truly loves Alpha Omicron Pi as much as he does:

1.  Women in Alpha Omicron Pi exceed the expectation for their chapters, their colleges/universities, their colleges’/universities’ Greek communities, their communities & the world.

2.  Women in Alpha Omicron Pi inspire, achieve, live & seek greatness in all that they do.

3.  Women in Alpha Omicron Pi are many, many miles from “average”/”ordinary.”

4.  Women in Alpha Omicron Pi positively impact the lives of others through their support of arthritis research & education.

5.  Women in Alpha Omicron Pi make a genuine difference through philanthropy, service & their involvement/participation in other Greek-sponsored philanthropies.

6.  Women in Alpha Omicron Pi exceed the expectation as leaders, mentors, volunteers & role models for their chapters as well as through their involvement on campus & in the local community.

7.  Alpha Omicron Pi exceeds the expectation when it comes to who it’s recruiting for chapter membership:  quality women who are going to do more-than-amazing things for an already more-than-amazing Fraternity!!

8.  Women in Alpha Omicron Pi are classy, amazing, fun, intelligent, empowered, kind, caring, compassionate, generous, wonderful, driven, outgoing & genuine…To make a long story short, they’re all of the above!!

9.  Alpha Omicron Pi brightens my day - always has & always will :-)

10.  Last but not least, women in Alpha Omicron Pi continue to hold fast to the beautiful :-)

How Many Bobs Can Fit in One Photograph?

The ladies of Sigma Kappa yearned to find out. The sorority was founded in 1919 and dormant by 1958. This photo catches them sporting their finest ‘dos in 1933. Can you spot the gal with the Harry Potter specs?


For more information about UW-Madison campus history, contact uwarchiv@library.wisc.edu or visit archives.library.wisc.edu. On, Wisconsin!