Mistress shows off castrated slave pet’s testicle amputation with a little CFNM.

My thanks to Sorenutz.

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July 14th, 2013 | Category: Sorenutz | One comment


Visit to the Castratrix’s Office

The castratrix allows him one final orgasm.

Her orgasms go on forever.

My thanks to Sorenutz for sending me the images.

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May 1st, 2013 | Category: Sorenutz | 8 comments

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Femdom Art Comments

  • Rick { Ohhh !!! That Smarts !!! } – Femdom Testicle Swing
  • spankedboi { please drop a line to submale1@hushmail.com. } – Sissy’s Hairbrush Spanking
  • bootlicker { Mistress directs this worm to reply that a slave is forbidden to have an opinion about what its Owner does or does not wear. This slave agrees with Her opinion, in fact. Mistress is always right. Anything and everything that… } – Sub Hubby’s Polishing Chores
  • Hinks { the humiliation,the sissifacation, exactly what I want,I need to find someone to do it to it. And be rough darling,gag me with dirty hose and stuff my mouth full before you tape it off } – Sissy V: SIssification & Humiliation
  • Johnny { What a lovely way to serve a woman! } – Femdom Anal Ashtray
  • Hinks { I too would love to experience it,being of course naked bound and gagged,blindfolded spread eagle to your bed or mine } – Sissy V: SIssification & Humiliation
  • Rick { Maybe his tongue is not all that “Active”? } – Bored Woman
  • { i can be ur sex slave ucan smother my face with ur ass } – His Face is Her Pillow
  • Frank { I,ve experienced similar to the nurse drawing.I only had to go for a for a quick medical,and was asked to get undressed.Ileft my underpants on and the nurse said pop them off to complete the examination,i noticed a slight smile… } – Barbara O’Toole Femdom Art 4
  • kofi { Certainly not how it was done to me! } – Castration & Penectomy
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