Cold Harbor 12.5” Carbine with D3CR.

The Cold Harbor 12.5” Carbine is built by BCM and features the INFORCE HSP-WML, B5 SystemsSOPMOD Stock, EOTech EXPS 3-0, Laser Devices Inc. DBAL A2, Knight’s Armament Company rear 2-600 flip sight, Haley Strategic Partners Throntail Offset Light Mount, Centurion Arms C4 Carbine Cut Out Rail, Blue Force Gear, Inc. SOC-C Sling and BCM vertical grip, Gunfighter Pistol Grip and Gunfighter Charging Handle.

Also pictured are the Oakley Radar glasses, the Haley Strategic Disruptive Environments Chest Rig, Sordin Supreme Pro-X Commset and Outdoor Research Tactical Rockfall Sensor Gloves.


Getting ready for a Disruptive Science Handgun class? Here’s a run down of what we recommend bringing. 

Glock 17 (Timberwolf pictured)

G-Code mag carrier and OSH Holster

Troubleshooter Ballcap

HSP Gasket EyeWare with Hellfire Lens

HSP Klean Canteen and Carrier

Jones Tactical EDC Belt

Sordin Supreme Pro-X

So, my new ZTactical Headset arrived, and jnxenaisnwlnejxneis im in love

I shall take a pic with them on if I feel like it and actually find some time. Id love to listen to music with it..

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My birthday is next month, so who on here sells MSA Sordin Pro X’s with the LED, gel ear seals, etc? My Howard Leight Impact Sports are phenomenal for the money but mother of god they hurt like hell after a while and I’m sick of it. I want to keep my $ here with the community and am trying to drop hints to the fiancé so which one of you war profiteering capitalist dogs has some cans to sell? #igmilitia #msa #sordin #earpro

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Switched up my usual ear pro, the immensely popular Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic headsets for a pair of MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED equipped headsets. Hard to compare apples & oranges but I’ll do my best. If you shoot occasionally, you cannot beat the Howard Leight’s for the $60-$70 price tag; they’re awesome! Good battery life, great noise mitigation, reliable, lots of audio options and an external audio plug. Comfort level, for me at least, is horrible though. If you shoot a lot and are tired of the usual migraine that comes with the Howard Leight’s four hours in to an 8 hour class and know that it’s a two day class so you have another 8 hour migraine to look forward to tomorrow, then it’s time to spent more money and upgrade. The MSA’s are without a doubt the most comfortable headsets I have ever worn. Sound mitigation is perfect, all the audio options, external audio plug, water protected and warranteed (⬅️ is that a word?), optional communications kit, LED light, etc. Look for the full review coming out this weekend. #igmilitia #earpro #howardleight #msa #sordin