So a week ago I was minding my own business while all my frands watched the thrilling finale to LoK. Then the backlash began. So I took it on board– both the online comments as well as my friends, and began doodling some of the main characters.

So Korra, Asami, Bolin; the last was the most fun to draw– bless his nose– and everything was ok for the most part

But then because of all the negative comments thrown around about Mako I found my hand being unable to draw anything but this–

oooooooooooooh dear.

day 5 - formal wear

to no one’s surprise its the otp at a formal do

not pictured: rise and chie fighting yukiko to wear something not traditional for this very purpose at least a week before this thing was to be held

i know im forgetting more ff generals but whatever clearly these ones are the best. if dissidia was actually a sitcom about the two older generals being passive aggressive shitheads at each other while short ass celes tries and fails to mediate as well as get shit for being 18 years old and a general ‘clearly inexperienced lol’

katersgonnak8 remember this i finally drew a thing for u