4.) Can you tell me…Why the sky changes colors at sunset?

There is a place, far away, beyond the human eye; a place that is so indescribable and discreet that it would be a tragedy to try to find it. It is a place that only some may know and those that know it are at a great advantage. This place is filled with hues of all different sorts. There are dark shades, light shades, quiet shades, screaming shades, and shades that only the most beloved angels can distinguish. At dusk, a time when the sharks may feed, when children put their toys away, and beauty is beheld - this place becomes a canvas. Through moving motions and airy breathing, the wind throws its colors onto the blank sheet of invention. The emotions of the stronger, i.e. the ecstasy of the sun, the melancholy of the moon, and the temperature surrounding, provide reason enough for the colors to adjust. The seasons and Mother Nature speak in confidence to create the most precious of sunsets and to give the humans their adored changing sky. 

© Soraya E. Navia

writing in pure procrastination. i thought this was pretty. i need to stop writing more than is required. - my life.


what is sleep

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Kings of Leon - Revelry Cover by © Soraya E. Navia

what a night for a dance,
you know i’m a dancing machine
with the fire in my bones
and the sweet taste of kerosene

i get lost in the night,
so high, i don’t want to come down
to face the loss of the good thing that i had found

in the dark of the night
i can hear you calling my name
with the hardest of hearts
i still feel full of pain

so i drink and i smoke
and i ask you if you’re ever around
even though it was me
who drove us right in the ground

see, the time we shared
it was precious to me
but all the while i was dreaming of revelry

gonna run, baby, run
like a stream down a mountainside
with the wind at my back
i don’t ever even bat an eye
just know it was you all along
who had a hold of my heart
but the demon and you
were the best of friends from the start

so the time we shared
it was precious to me
all the while i was dreaming of revelry
dreaming of revelry

and i told myself
boy, away you go
it rained so hard
it felt like snow
everything came
tumbling down on me

in the back of the woods
in dark of the night
the paleness of the old moonlight
everything just felt incomplete

dreaming of revelry 

it must suck to have a tiny penis

it’s not like women. they have the option of getting breast implants.

penis implants just sound like blow-up balloons